Random Thought…

I would love… like, crazy, stupid love if the industry standard for knit and crochet patterns was to include the  “Negative Ease” measurement.

I’m actually more inclined to buy or make a pattern that includes it. Knowing the modelled size is great too. I think there’d be a lot more happy endings for some projects if Knitters knew that one piece of information before casting on.

It’s in the Bag: Adding Emerald to Your Wardrobe

It’s in the Bag: Adding Emerald to Your Wardrobe.

Stumbled across this great blog today. What else are Saturday’s for besides knitting and surfing?

I adore green. It’s a great colour. Soothing, earthy and my yarn stash reflects my devotion. The colour of my eyes has nothing to do with my bias!

I’m inspired by the gorgeous bags in this post and thinking that a lacy, fichu or light shawl would be a perfect way to jump on this colour trend.

I’ll have to do some stash diving later today but…

Perhaps after checking on just… One. More. Blog. 😉

Cheers all, Have a great weekend! Kei