Make It Monday!

Last one of 2013 and so I tried a little harder to have something to post. I’m so happy with the amount of knitting I got done this year. It’s true that the rhythm of the needles can provide music for the soul and mine certainly needed it. The last two years have been a little chaotic for me personally and knitting is an amazing stand in for a therapist at times!

And so, the knitting… I finished up the first Noro Bias Lace Scarf:

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Detail

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Detail

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Finished

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Finished

Although I love the pattern and the Noro Kureyon sock colours, it still feels like binder twine while being knit and that’s why this project kept getting pushed to the back burner for others.

I also finished another “Straggler” project, my Bellydance! Socks:

Pattern is a KB Design and worked in Turtlepurl's "Big Turtle" sock yarn

Pattern is a KB Design and worked in Turtlepurl’s “Big Turtle” sock yarn

Unblocked (of course! I wouldn’t block socks anyway unless gifting) and forgive the terrible lighting – I’ve just finished and it’s evening here as I do my update.

Make It Monday

Tandoori Tikka Turmeric (aka: Morlynn) Shawl is done and I’m super pleased with it.

Tandoori Tikka Tumeric Shawl ~ Full

Tandoori Tikka Turmeric Shawl ~ Full

Tandoori Tikka Tumeric Shawl ~ Finished

Tandoori Tikka Turmeric Shawl ~ Finished

It isn’t blocked yet – this IS me that’s saying finished 🙂 – with the body of both of these yarns and that they’re fingering weight, the border pattern is quite open and I might not even bother. If I could have one wish this Christmas, other than peace on earth of course, it would be to have a blocking faery come take all my FO’s and do that for me. I just have so little space of any kind!

I made one very small mod to pull the two highly contrasting colours together.  In the second garter stitch section, I worked the middle row in the CC. If I don another of these and it was so quick to do, I may; I think I’d duplicate that mod in the first garter section as well.

Cheers all, hope the count down days to Christmas are going smoothly for you all ~ kei

Make It Monday

For real this time 🙂

Pleased with both projects, sometimes you just need something fast and finishable (that’s a word). I’m still working on sock two of the pair in Turtlepurl’s lovely “Parliament Hill” and I may have accidentally cast on for the Dahlia Cardi. Oops! 🙂

Undulation Scarf I & II

The longest length in light to dark and the medium length in dark to light.

The Lang Mille Colori version

The Lang Mille Colori version

December already. This was a surprisingly (mercifully) short year. I think I’m officially finished with my gift knitting as of today. Woot!

Undulation Scarf ~ Finished

Trying something different – posting direct from my Flickr.
So here ’tis: Undulation Scarf, finished and not yet blocked.
Holy heck! This was a fast knit! Beginner worthy if you’re adventurous enough to try short rows. I love it!
It’s the perfect capper to a perfect day. I was invited to write for a position at work that I’ve had my eye on and had applied for in early October and last month’s medical tests came back negative.
Colour me very happy!

Mystery Solved

Have just finished up the i-cord cast off. I divided the number of stitches by three and used each of my colours. I’m very happy with it. The result is very subtle and a little unexpected.

These are unofficial photos as it’s just the knitting that’s done. I’ve yet to tuck the ends and maybe do a very light blocking. The body and drape of the Primo combined with garter stitch makes it look like blocking will be optional.

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013, sans toes.

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013 1

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013 1

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013 2 – sans toes


Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013 - unblocked detail

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013 – unblocked detail

Anymore will need to wait for tomorrow evening. My fingers and eyes need a wee rest after all that i-cord and tomorrow is another work day.

Goodnight all 🙂

Mayflower Shawlette Finished

Cast off yesterday. Debating the blocking method due to the ruched bands. I’m really chuffed with this project. Anything hand dye, hand spun is wonderful to work with and this laceweight was particularly nice. I like BFL and I’m having a love affair with all things lace right now. I was able to use all but 7 metres. Knowing that I was just going to work it until I couldn’t, I planned ahead to use some leftoer ZYG from my Blackwood Shawl to do the cast off. Although a different weight and fibre mix, it is still all natural and echoes the thick and thin strand. Tonally, it was very close with the khaki beige and deep rose flecks and the khaki green that showed up in the very last bit blends well enough to suit me. Overall, very happy with this one.



Detail 1
Detail 1

Detail of the gradient colour and the ZYG used for cast off.

Detail of the gradient colour and the ZYG used for cast off.


It’s done!

I have to say that as I struggled through those last few stitches, lace sticking like cobweb to my bamboo needles, that I’m sure were taking on water… sweat rolling down my back in Canada’s “Monsoon With No Rain” season… tired but pushing on to the finish line… I felt for one small moment, the thrill of victory that I might if I were actually doing something athletic!

Now if only knitting like an Olympian in sauna conditions burned more calories…

An FO!

Here is my Pax Shawl. First attempt at a true garment in Tunisian. I really love this technique and these patterns. The pattern support is free, professional and very easy to understand. I think even a beginner would find the video instruction straightforward.

Pax Shawl FinishedPax Shawl Finished - Detail

To make best use of my “orphan” skeins, I used the Fleece Artist “Pale Pink” for the main body and first three and a half motifs on each end of the lace border. The Natural Dye Studio “Pale Strawberry” for the second half of those motifs and the entire middle portion of the border. The Fleece Artist was used for the entire length of the picot edge.

I didn’t block this hard, just enough to open up the eyelets and emphasize the scallop and picot outer edge. The soak and pin really softened the hand of the Fleece Artist. It’s been quite a while since I knit with it and it is a yarn that truly benefits from a good soak.

I love it and my gorgeous Nanny, who has a 95th birthday coming at the end of this month owns a stunning creme suit that I think this will look perfect with.

Here’s a little progress photo of Concetta. Still plugging along, I do find the intense dark colour hard to work with at night so mostly this project only sees weekend hours. Rather limited those are! Daylight and a bit of flash helps to see that it’s really not just a big blob of yarn. The Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine is working up very open and light on the larger than usual pins (a design feature) and makes a really nice fabric. Anxious to see the end of it though. “Parsley” is calling me and I’m finding it VERY hard to resist the siren call of that gorgeous Manos Serena!

Last stretch. Working the yoke.

Last stretch. Working the yoke.