One Row Buttonholes

One Row Buttonholes

This is a great photo tutorial for creating buttonholes from Tin Can Knits.

Tin Can Knits

MB-playdate-04a Buttons on our Playdate cardigan from Max and Bodhi’s Wardrobe

There are many techniques for creating buttonholes. This tutorial shows you how to make a one-row buttonhole. For information on spacing your buttonholes and creating a button band check out our button band tutorial here.

1-stitch buttonhole: This is my preferred method, it is simple and creates a small, tidy hole. To work a 1 stitch buttonhole simply work (yo, k2tog)

A 1-stitch buttonhole works perfectly for Lush! A 1-stitch buttonhole works perfectly for Lush, especially if you are using smallish buttons.

2, 3, and 4-stitch buttonholes : For larger buttons, or in lighter weight sweaters (fingering / sock weight for example) a 1 st buttonhole would be too small, so you will have to go with something bigger. For 2, 3, and 4 stitch buttonhole you will work as follows:

1. slip the next 2 sts

2. pass the first over…

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WIP Wednesday

A very late WIP Wednesday as I’m just not feelin’ the blogging this week and because work is insane, a bit of seasonal blues and because what’s saving my sanity is this WIP.

I can hardly stand to put it down!

I figure if I’m going to be calling myself “ambicraftstrous” and “bicraftual”, I should probably post a single stick project once in a while and so… I’m teaching myself Tunisian Crochet. I’ve done a wee bit before, a small dishcloth worked during a class at a Needler’s Retreat a couple of years ago. When “The New Tunisian Crochet” came out, I grabbed it right away and knew it was a good excuse to get my hands on some scrummy Madeline Tosh dk. I’ve loved Tosh since before it was so posh and this dk in the “Heuchera” colourway is a new favourite. I’m working the “Marisol” Cardigan.

The fronts and back are worked in one piece and this is my progress so far:

Marisol Cardigan

I’m about to work the 2nd set of decreases and then on to the sleeves. The photo isn’t sharp but shows the variegation and how this yarn literally glows, really well.

I figured seeing as I was trying new things… and how do you keep the interest going in a long-term thing? Try new things, be adventurous, be daring and I figured a little foreign technique would really spice things up and so I give you:

My first fling with the Russian!

Keep It Fresh, Shake Things Up

I’m happy to say that the outcome was satisfactory for all, with all the bits winding up where they should be for maximum bondage, no knots, no kinks and best of all? Not a single stray end poking where it shouldn’t! 🙂

Well isn't that knaughty!
I can’t believe I waited so long to try something that is so brilliant and satisfactory. Amazing how changing things up a little in the old repertoire can make things so enjoyable! I can’t see any could reason to do joins any other way, especially for crochet which can be so unforgiving of knots, joins and carries.

Anyway, Marisol calls. Hope you’re finding something wonderful to run through your fingers too 😉

Just Zip it – Zipper Install For Knits Tutorial

I found this tutorial while browsing knit blogs and wanted to  repost so that its handy. I have a lovely, fitted crochet jacket that is languishing in the UFO bin because I am too lazy and too chicken to just go for it with the final detail, putting in the zipper.

Never mind that I’ve been a seamstress, I’ve hand-picked zippers into peau de soie wedding gowns. Something about sewing a zip into a handknit seems so… fraught with danger. I am one of those who will avoid a beautiful pattern if it has a zipper.

All that to say, this tutorial makes it look like something I can tackle competently and with confidence and so here is a share for any of you who may be experiencing a similar “separating zipper” anxiety. Bad pun intended.

Caro (Splityarn’s) uber easy zipper install