Oliver After One Month

As if the weeks didn’t fly by quickly enough!

When you have something to look forward to, they fly faster and often better.

Here’s my “Ollie” after completing Clue 5:

Clue 5 Finished

Transitions up to and including Clue 5.

Clue 5 Finished ~ Detail

Clue 5 Detail

Loving the “cameo” effect created by the nupps in the stocking stitch diamonds. This may be one of my favourite Unique Sheep colourways so far. I’m scheming already about how I can incorporate the various bases and colours into some sort of stashbuster blanket!

Hell Froze Over

I’m not sure if I’m proud or horrified.

This may mean I need to turn in my punk rock rebel knitter card but…

It’s true.

I swatched.

The evidence:

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I’ve got the correct tension on the recommended 3.75mm with Unique Sheep’s Luxe. I’ll be using my Addi Lace circulars for this project. I used skein 6 from the Gradience set for the swatch and it is a really nice yarn base. All the body and “sproing” of merino and a smooth feel of silk, without the slippery.

I can’t wait for the start date!

Ahhh… Sweet Mystery

Clue two of the MKAL is done. I’m pouting a little as it’ll be another long wait to this coming Friday and Clue Three. ┬áThe first gradient colour shift was worked in Clue two and I’m loving how these flow. This is my first project with Unique Sheep’s gradients and I can see another wee obsession starting.

Take a peek at some of the other shawls in progress on the Ravelry group page. There are some stunning colourways.

I’ve taken a picture with this on two needles to give an idea of how it’s working up. It’s hard to see the subtle hint of lilac in those grey areas but they’re there and they echo the silver-lined amethyst beads nicely in person.

Detail of Clue Two

Detail of Clue Two

And so I’ll get back to my Hanging Garden Stole. It’s progressing well, I’m just finishing the seventh repeat of the total twelve and really enjoying the Zephyr lace.

Hope y’all found some time for needles or hook this weekend. Cheers!