I’ve been having a huge disagreement with my Kauni. One three quarters done knit shawl and three crochet false starts later… I’m trying again with just the most basic of granny square patterns from memory. I do know I’m going to let the colour runs do the work but still not sure if this will just be one huge grannie that becomes a lap quilt or if I’ll begin to like this yarn again and work a couple grannie motifs and then join.

The colour is wonderful, I still love it but the yarn base is rough and has sticks and bits in it, just like Noro yarns. Really not conducive to a pleasant knit or crochet experience. This has a lot to do with the lack of fibre photos just lately. I suppose I could get on with my Peter Pan, it’s so close to finished or my Tipsy Lizzy. They had become a little tedious but are looking so much more shiny after my brief flirtation with this fussy taskmaster Kauni!

Hoping you are all enjoying a lovely Ostara / Easter weekend with time for family, friends and a little knitting too!

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Crochet On An Amazing Scale

I’ve posted before some amazing and intricate articles and photos of knitting on a miniature scale. Here is an equally amazing peek at crochet done for faeries, nixies and gelflings.



You can see more of her work here at Hanna and The Lion. The site language is Swedish (Finnish, not Swedish – thank you Best Of Crochet <3) but many browsers can translate and we fibre artists will have no trouble appreciating her lovely projects and photography.

Design Process

Number three of Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy is off the needles. I’ll debut the FO once it’s been soaked and blocked. So gratifying to be finishing things.

What really has me chuffed is the scarf for my Beau. It’s almost done too – has practically crocheted itself! I can’t wait to see it on him – the advantage of family? Free knitwear models đŸ™‚

My only idea when I started, in terms of design, was stripes. I had intended to knit this one but when I picked it up, the yarn wanted crochet. I started with one band and let the colours decide what they wanted. I like symmetry, so once I had a combination I liked I went from there.

The Beau is a big man and tall so  dimensions of this are 6″ by 10″.

Main bands done

Main bands done

Granny Square stripes started

Granny Square stripes started

I’ve worked a granny square stripe variation to join the bands and will probably do a wandering vine slip stitch to join those. I really love how this has turned out and I can see potential for variations on this. Although I find the end result very masculine, a change in yarn could make this perfectly suited to a more feminine look.

I’m off to start the first of the joins – will have an FO to post shortly.