First Yarn Porn Of 2018

Mmmm… Yarn… 🙂



Project and Design Progress

I’ve no real FO’s at the moment, some hexipuffs in one of my favourite dyers, Yarntini. I’ve only to pick up the neck on my Julissa / That’s Not My Name but I just don’t feel like it at the moment. Very hot and humid and not surprisingly, a wool sweater on one’s lap isn’t very comfortable!

These in Yarntini, one of my favourite Indie dyers.

These in Yarntini, one of my favourite Indie dyers.

In going through my formidable stash, I came across some Cascade 220, four coordinated colours that I’d forgotten that I’d purchased. They have something of an Autumn feel to them and a little niggle of a design idea has been trying to gel for the last day. I caked the skeins this evening and will try and get a sketch or two done.

Chameleon is ready for piecing but it too is very warm to handle in this 40C and very humid week that we’re having. I do like the stained glass effect and it was fun to stretch beyond my colour comfort zone.

Ready to begin piecing.

Ready to begin piecing.

Parquet on the parquet it seems… 🙂 I’ve been having fun getting into Instagram, not sure that’ll I’ll use it much for knitting but with some very pretty spots in the neighbourhood, I’m finding lots of great scenery and floral inspiration. Even in the field behind a current construction project:

Beauty in the most unexpected places...

Beauty in the most unexpected places…