Every Bit Counts

And so, here is the little bit that I’ve got completed on Jacaranda / Jose. Fronts cast on and almost to the first decrease row.  In fairness, I’ve been working mostly on the Spiral Pram blanket, it’s just so easy to pick up and put down. It is looking much larger since I posted the last photo but is currently squished onto a 100cm circular – the longest I have – and so I didn’t bother with a photo. Hopefully, there’ll be some longer cords at Yarn Forward, in Kanata when I visit the ole stompin’ grounds for a hair cut there later today.

Jacaranda / Jose Cardi ~ Progress 4

Canada Day long weekend was lovely and relaxing. It’s a pleasure having The Boy here. The weather has been gorgeous and I’m feeling more than a little spoiled! We’ve done a few outings and a trip to Michael’s – meant to purchase painting supplies for The Boy – was the expected temptation that it always is for me:

#crafty #cantbealoneatmichaels #thisisrestraint #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl #karinb

I’m going to do a little bit of very simple jewellery making and the buttons were a pleasant surprise to find; some nice quality wood that should look well on a sweater.

Back to work today and the residual soon-to-occur moving day things are still happening. Hopefully, that will be fully settle and ready for a smooth execution on the day. Not much to post these days but in the intense heat and humidity, that’s just fine. Hopefully, your days are filled with sunshine, activities you love and a whole lot less computer time!

Cheers all 🙂


Kwe Wikewiku ~ Hello October

It’s Treaty Day in Nova Scotia! Many, many celebrations going on in Halifax and I would love to be there.

Here is a link to the website that has a wealth of information about all the events taking place throughout the month of October: Mik’maq History Month, lead by the Mi’kmaq Association of Cultural Studies.

Treaty Day is the anniversary of the day in 1752 when the English arrived in Mi’kma’ki (the Mi’kmaq homeland that includes present-day Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, central and eastern New Brunswick, the Gaspe Peninsula and Newfoundland) the Mi’kmaq and the Crown signed treaties of peace and friendship so they could live in harmony and peace.

One of the other crafts that I enjoy very much is making jewellery that reflects this heritage. I don’t do nearly as much as when my kidlets were younger but here are a couple examples of pieces I’ve created in the past.

Enjoy this beautiful day and… three more sleeps until Clue Four in Westknits colour Craving Mystery Shawl MKAL!



Going through the many boxes of yarn. I don’t exaggerate to say I could open a small shop. Some nice surprises. It’s amazing how that out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing works. I’m taking the time to put them on Ravelry and try to make sure that the projects I purchased them for are noted. Quite the job! Time to admit that bulky and chunky will never be my first choice and so the destash tab is getting a healthy boost and I hope to gain a little real estate to better organize my craft room. Working away on my various WIP’s and some other crafty projects. Really enjoying getting the hang of Instagram. I have a few photos under that icon here on the page. I updated “Vintage PSPRP” to include a jewellery page as well. Slow but sure, getting it all organized. 🙂