Oh my! This week has totally got away from me!

Work has been insanely busy. Our communities keep growing and the need is huge for the medical equipment, etc. that my department provides but there is just a handful of us. I do go home every day knowing that I have helped my people and that means so much in a desk job environment. The Beau has been a little under the weather and the last week of school for DSDitto – lots going on.

It does mean that I was too darn tired the last few nights to plan my posts for here and for my writing page. Well, as planned as Miss Flighty Pants can manage anyway 🙂

So. What I got? An update on my Jubilee scarf. I love it so much more in the Ultra Alpaca Fine. The Blue Sky Alpaca is sumputous, gorgeous and I know it would be lovely in a different project but, the cables and lace really pop now and the mileage with the Berocco yarn is fantastic!

Halfway through.

Halfway through.

I’ve even got some Yarn Pr0n! Yarn diet notwithstanding…

Lavold and Koigu

I got a fabulous deal on these Elsebeth Lavold books – half price! The Art of Yarn in BC had these (getting hard to find) books and a great selection of Koigu. I couldn’t resist this colourway.

My Mini Mochi to finish up the Chameleon Baby Blanket arrived from Simply Socks in Fort  Wayne – I love this store – so although it’s no longer Yarn Pr0n, I’m glad to be able to get back at my blanket. I hate stall outs when I’m actually inspired to be working on something…

And with that – I’m out for now!

Concetta Cardiagan Progress

With the shawls off the hook, as it were. I’ve picked up Concetta again. I only just was able to put my hands on 4.00mm bamboo dpn’s for the sleeves this Saturday past. Last night I worked the body / sleeve joining row and we are back in business.

I don’t have a decent photo of mine, the dark colour is very hard to photograph for my little Instamatic camera, below is the stock photo from the book My Grandmother’s Knitting:

© Michael CrouserI’m also doing a reset of my Jubilee scarf by Norah Gaughan. There just wasn’t enough of the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk to make a decent length and I had no luck finding additional quantities. The pattern calls for the Same Cascade Ultra Alpaca Fine as Concetta does, so I ordered 2 skeins of that in a similar colour to the Blue Skies and have managed to recoup the four repeats that I’d completed before ADD and another project kicked in! This is how it is looking. So nice to be getting some of these ancient projects finished finally.