Make It Monday

This may be my last “Make It” before the year end. That crazy, wonderful slide into the Yule / Christmas season has begun.

I’m particularly pleased with this FO. It’s the prototype for my next pattern design and is a variation of my pattern “The Bishop’s Sleeves”. The working title for this one is “Narwhal’s Pearls” and I love it! It’s soft warm, squishy and I really enjoyed the knitting process as much as the design part. That doesn’t always happen.

Both patterns should be available in my shop KB Designs & Knits very soon.

KB Design - finished

Narwhal’s Pearls by Karin Bole Tupper


Small Shop Update

From So Many Vices, So Little Time:

“I’ve added a few things to my Etsy shop, most notably there is a sale on OOAK and prototype scarves going on. A little bit of handspun that I’ve been hoarding and a few tools and bits.

You can find KB Designs here: KB Designs And Knits
You can find a wider selection of my downloadable knitting patterns here: PSPRP Patterns
The full range is on Ravelry and Craftsy.
Enjoy your week 🙂

Where To Find KB Designs Patterns

Weekends mean my Hanging Garden Stole gets lots of undivided attention. I finished up the third repeat and am still in love. Now halfway through Dahlia’s first sleeve but not rushing this lighter, summer-weight cardigan and really enjoying its unusual construction.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time on my newest design, a knitted scarf that is a joy to work in Posh Yarn’s “Miranda Sock” and that lead to this post. There are several links to follow that will take you to my Designer profile, a shop or pattern description – I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to look.

I try not to inundate this space with advertising but I’ll do one of those posts today for anyone who may have missed or doesn’t like to click through to other sites. I’m Karin Bole Tupper of KB Designs and I sell knit and crochet patterns in my Esty shop, my Ravelry shop and on Craftsy. I’ve made a few the Ravelry connected patterns available on a tab at the top of this page. I’ll be expanding the selection as time permits and you can make a purchase with a click.

Some of my better known patterns are: Two Weeknights With Warrick (scarf) and the Mad-tini sock (designed for the very first “Sock Madness” KAL). There is a complete list of all my designs on this page: KB Designs Ravelry List.

I also have acquired a vast amount of lovely yarns, often in the name of design; that I sometimes put up on Ravelry to destash. If you’re looking for something, please check out my sales on this Ravelry page. Or you can click on the lovely Ryan Gosling below (who is not only a handsome Canadian actor but also a knitter!) and he will escort you to my stash sales and my wishlist for trades. Who could ask for more? 🙂

Thank you Ryan!

Thank you Ryan!

A quick note about shipping:

People are sometimes set back by the cost of P&P. Just wanted to clarify that I ship based on the size and weight from my door to yours. I get a quote from Canada Post based on that and I am always glad to share their website and my Post Code. I don’t charge for the brand new boxes, envelopes or tissue (and try to recycle as often as possible) and I consider the half hour walk to the PO as aerobics :). It often costs more to ship within Canada than to some points in the USA – a shocked response from a fellow Canadian prompted me to include this information. I hope that getting a great deal on some beautiful and sometimes discontinued yarn offsets that. For the most part, the cost is not unlike P&P costs in the UK.

If you have any questions about my patterns (design process, suggestions, etc.), yarns for sale please feel free to message me at the newly added “Message Me” tab at the top of this page. You are welcome to find me on Ravelry as well. My group there is: Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl and we welcome knitters and crocheters.

Make It Monday!

Last one of 2013 and so I tried a little harder to have something to post. I’m so happy with the amount of knitting I got done this year. It’s true that the rhythm of the needles can provide music for the soul and mine certainly needed it. The last two years have been a little chaotic for me personally and knitting is an amazing stand in for a therapist at times!

And so, the knitting… I finished up the first Noro Bias Lace Scarf:

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Detail

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Detail

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Finished

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Finished

Although I love the pattern and the Noro Kureyon sock colours, it still feels like binder twine while being knit and that’s why this project kept getting pushed to the back burner for others.

I also finished another “Straggler” project, my Bellydance! Socks:

Pattern is a KB Design and worked in Turtlepurl's "Big Turtle" sock yarn

Pattern is a KB Design and worked in Turtlepurl’s “Big Turtle” sock yarn

Unblocked (of course! I wouldn’t block socks anyway unless gifting) and forgive the terrible lighting – I’ve just finished and it’s evening here as I do my update.

New Pattern Release

For my fellow crochet enthusiasts: Carré Glace is now live on Ravelry!

This warm and lofty scarf is a quick crochet in 12 ply bulky weight. Perfect to have done well in time for all the various gift-giving celebrations that will be here before we know it.

Perfect too for my neck of the woods where the two seasons are Hot (barbecue, bellinis and bikinis) or Hockey (icicles affixed to most body parts).

Come join the Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl Ravelry group to ask questions , share photos and to let me know if you find any errata. The threads are developing as required 🙂

Carré Glace will also be available on Craftsy and in my Etsy shop very soon.


Cheers and have a lovely weekend!

It’s Friday, Friday… Err…

Nothing messes up your Friday post as badly as getting to the end of it and realizing… Dang! It’s Thursday.

So… Here’s a vicuña 🙂

You want to do what with my wool?

You want to do what with my wool?

Vicuña wool is the most expensive fibre in the world. $300.00 for 25g give or take.

Dear Santa…

AND… 🙂

Happy to let you know that the Ravelry group for KB Designs is now live. I hope to see some of you there.

Feeling a little better today. Finally slept last night. A long walk after work to change up the routine and finishing up the chest of drawers – swinging a hammer is surprisingly physical work – seemed to do the trick. I am still “considerably rumpled up in spirit” but I suppose that’ll settle out in time.

Here is the big beast, finished and ready for duty. It’s nearly as tall as I am!

An FO of a different type

An FO of a different type

My Plucky Knitter Primo, for the Westknits KAL was in my mailbox when I got home last night. That was another nice boost. Three lovely coordinates: The first clue was released on Friday the 13th, Internationals like me weren’t to expect our yarn right on the dot but I expect catching up won’t be that difficult. I really must finish up Bee’s afghan first though. I’m trying to be a little more disciplined with my projects.

Here are my Colour Craving skeins:

For Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Color Craving

For Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Color Craving

Really excited about this too – I finally have an updated banner for my Etsy shop, KB Designs & Knits!

I had opened my Etsy in the early days of blogging and hadn’t established myself just yet as a “brand”. With many thanks to my friend and Cynthia Frenette for her talent with creating my caricature once again. Next project is to update my Cafepress shop, get the Ravelry group growing – I hope some of you who have knit /crocheted my designs will want to join there. Still really tempted to add “and plume” onto that tagline to get in my writing… 😉

The Knitting Content

Ugghh! It’s a wonder that I can type to create a post today… Who’s brilliant idea was it to have not one but TWO projects in cotton?!

Oh yeah…

I’ll save my “That’s Not My Name / Julissa” update for tomorrow, to be all official-like on Make It Monday. You can peek by clicking the link if curiosity is killing the cat, smiles.

The cotton – and ALL cotton, regardless of manufacturer or price point, pima or egyptian- begins to feel like #9 binder twine after a few hours. I made the executive decision to put up with that for my “Jose” by Jane Ellison because it’s cute and purple. I have NO idea what made me think that a crochet stash-buster out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece would be a good alternate project. I am happy that it is getting used up but holy lipton! It is just killer on the hands.

No photo of “Jose” – it’s just ten centimetres now instead of two but here is the beginning of a leftovers lap quilt in the Brown Sheep:

Orphans and leftovers of Cotton Fleece

Working these in a neat wave stitch variation.

A wee break is in order today. I have a shawl design that I’d like to sketch, a mosaic tea tray that I finally have all the items to get finished up and a pot of chili that needs to be simmering for company that should be here tonight. Any knitting or crocheting will be of the more fuzzy variety as I’m working on more hexipuff pairs for the shop.

These are a few that are ready to go:


Natural Dye Studios 100% British Blue Faced Leicester “Linden”


Yarntini: 100% wool superwash “Grape Fizz”