Double Pointed Needles ~ Cast On Tutorial

I learned to knit using double pointed needles and so I love this technique. If a flat pattern can be worked in the round, I modify it. I love circular needles too and the different ways they can be used to create seamless work.

With sock knitting becoming ever more popular, this double point technique seemed timely. Click the photo to take you to this wonderful tutorial and more pictures that illustrate the cast on and beginning rows. If you’ve not used dpn’s before or it’s been awhile, this is worth a peek!

Working in the round with double point needles.

Working in the round with double point needles.

Finished Projects Update

There’s nothing like a long weekend to get some extra knitting and crochet finished up. Despite being stuffed with turkey and the trimmings on Sunday, I managed to have a very productive Monday.

Son’s afghan is finally finished and ready for gifting at Christmas and the prototype for my next scarf pattern is done. I’ve got the notes for a slightly different finish and for the different yardages of suggested yarns and now it’s on to the pattern writing. I’m hoping the New Year will bring some new and improved software for writing and charting, it’s always nice to be able to offer options.

A Saturday visit to my LYS and my BFF – The Evil Yarn Temptress – resulted in one pair of very sexy Knitter’s Pride Karbonz and some Noro Kureyon Sock falling into my basket. Because… of course I need more sock yarn… Ahem. This will be my personal project for the upcoming Needler’s Retreat. Eighteen more sleeps!

I am excited to try the Karbonz. Reviews have been good and they feel good in the hands. Proof is in the stitching though, so I’m looking through patterns this afternoon. I may work up my own “Inuksuk Socks“, it’s a subtle pattern, not boring and won’t fight with all the “noroness” of Noro.

A wee gallery of the weekend fibre goodness:


The Bishop’s Sleeves – Prototype knit


Noro Kureyon Sock

Kureyon Sock 252 and Knitter's Pride Karbonz

Kureyon Sock 252 and Knitter’s Pride Karbonz

Bee Man's afghan

Bee Man’s afghan


This Is My Kind Of Happy Hour

From The Needle Nerd:


And definitely MY kind of olive!

Nerd has some neat and nerdy crochet patterns here, at her Etsy shop.

I am still working away on the last scarf to finish but have been a little sidetracked by my Concetta Cardi. It is looking good so far, I’m just finishing up the body decreases and should have a photo soon. The deep, blueberry shade doesn’t photograph well unfortunately but it is gorgeous in person.

I’m using the Addi Natura bamboo circualar to work this. I’m trying to find the “perfect” bamboo needle and this one is lovely. As I was knitting away last night – huge snowstorm, so a good time to cozy up with yarn – I found myself paying more attention to the needle. I knew I would like the cord, Addi has had that down pat for years, the joins are smooth – not a single snag or drag. I like the tips – they taper in a similar way to Addi’s Lace tips, a little less sharp of course. What I do find, is that the finish on these makes them very slick. They are more like an aluminium needle in action than a bamboo needle. This isn’t a bad thing per se but when I choose bamboo, I’m looking for a little of that integral “drag” for stitch control and better uniformity of stitches. I’m declaring these as keepers – Addis are always worth the cost (the shop wouldn’t take my firstborn, so save up if you can) but I think that my favourite are the Crystal Palace bamboo. The cord is a little stiffer but they make up for that with the ball-bearing join – best knitting needle enhancement ever – the tips are strong, sharp and smooth and the finish is more natural, a nice “hug” to the stitch but no drag, warm and lightweight in the hands.

Now, to find a “Lllama Daddy”