Twisted Purl Cast On ~ My New Boyfriend

I am using this on my ‘Le ScarabĂ©e Bleu‘ cardigan and between it and German Short Rows, I’m not sure which technique I love more!

When I decided to do the TP cast on a few hours ago, I thought as I looked at the directions that it is the same as the way I’ve always added stitches – But! – purling them instead of knitting them ie: cabled cast on, makes for a much nicer edge to pick up and the first and last stitches between the front and back are much tidier. *Heart*

The German Short Rows… With a maiden name like ‘Tupper’ this should have always been in my crafty tool kit. I will never ‘wrap and turn’ again. Srsly… It is just that good.

Sharing the joy of the original posts just below here:

German Short Rows La Maison Rililie picture tutorial

German Short Rows Tin Can Knits picture tutorial

Mimi Kezer’s step-by-step tutorial on the German Short Row or “working the Double Stitch”

If you haven’t used these techniques before (and I have an ‘old knitter’ attitude about not broke, don’t fix) you may want to give them a whirl. My knitting happy quotient just jumped big time and that’s saying a lot from Miz Sticks Obsessed 😉

Provisional cast on: needle and hook method

One of the best tutorials I’ve seen for my favourite provisional cast ons.
This may be a little tricky to learn if you are less familiar with a crochet hook but it’s very worthwhile to learn, giving the most tidy and secure start to a piece IMHO. That says a LOT from this very OCD knitter / crocheter.

Tin Can Knits

There are LOTS of ways to work a provisional cast on, I find this method a little less fussy than the crochet chain method, although both work just fine. I find lefties are concerned this method won’t work for them, but I assure you it is a 2 handed process (just like knitting), you don’t need to work anything differently.


You will need: a crochet hook, your needle, waste yarn

Note: the size of the crochet hook doesn’t matter, the tension of your cast on is determined by your needle, not the hook.

Step 1: Using waste yarn wake a slip knot and place it over the hook

Step 2: place your needle to the left of your crochet hook with the yarn UNDER the needle

Step 3: move your hook OVER the needle, grab the yarn with your hook and pull it through the slip knot on the

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Double Pointed Needles ~ Cast On Tutorial

I learned to knit using double pointed needles and so I love this technique. If a flat pattern can be worked in the round, I modify it. I love circular needles too and the different ways they can be used to create seamless work.

With sock knitting becoming ever more popular, this double point technique seemed timely. Click the photo to take you to this wonderful tutorial and more pictures that illustrate the cast on and beginning rows. If you’ve not used dpn’s before or it’s been awhile, this is worth a peek!

Working in the round with double point needles.

Working in the round with double point needles.