Did I Mention I Love To Knit?…

Vintage Sock Knitalong Done at last! Yes, I actually did complete these out of guilt – they were so close to finished, I figured “Just Do It”. I used Fearless Fibers sock yarn again. The colour varigations are really complex but still subtle enough to use in the really intricate Nancy Bush patterns – I love it! These are my first socks with Knitpicks new(ish) dpns and they are wonderful! They’ve sized them in metric – thank you! and they are slick and light. I’ve already ordered more…

Then it was on to the good stuff…

Sunshine Tank & KB Design

Chevron Scarf & Gansey
My “Sunshine Tank” is just past the second set of decreases, there is a little bit of increasing in stockingette and then the lace bodice – hopefully I’ll be on to that by this evening. I’m playing with my beautiful Merlin The Cat handspun in a new KB Design sock. I am so in love with this yarn! The pattern is OK too :)! My Scout Swag / Fleece Artist Chevron Scarf (Last Minute Knitted Gifts) is my new commute project and I’ve managed about 30cm in the last 2 days. Poor Gansey is a bit neglected, but I am OK with that, truly.

I have been feeling the itch to try my hand at what was my favourite craft when I was a teen, wait for it…. Yup! My name is Karin and I crochet. Not in a very long time, but I came across a crochet KAL for the “Pseudo Kimono” and I was a smitten kitten.

Your Fashionable MamaLook Away, Look Away!!
Yes, it’s a “not your Mama…” book – don’t scoff – I am the Mama, and there are some cute, useful and wearable items in here. You may scoff at my practice yarn – I skulked over to the craft section at Zeller’s on my lunch break and picked up something to play with until I get my gauge back. Yes, I am most definitely a yarn snob and only a little ashamed :)…

I was blessed by the yarn faeries this week (aka my postie). It seemed like all my August kits arrived at once and an extra-special packet from Pippi Kneesocks too.

Where To Start?Spruced Vox & Hester
Pippi Chevron

This was my contribution to the “Kick Ass Best Friends” group on Flickr (thanks Scout). Me and my BFF Sue. We met when we were 8 & 9 – and this is us at my wedding – I’m the one in the hat :)! I’ll try and post a “Now” picture soon – we haven’t changed a bit, ha-ha!



Back In The Saddle (Swing? Loop?…)

Gansey SockGentleman's Shooting Stocking
Thank you for all the good wishes, feeling much better this week and getting a little caught up. Here’s two of the too many KAL socks – Gansey done exactly to pattern in Fleece Artist and a very heavily-mod’d Shooting Stocking. I’m patiently waiting on the next installment of the Socktopia “Mystery Sock”, so nothing new there

The first of my August sock clubs arrived a couple days ago:

Autumn's On It's Way!
The Autumn installment from Loopy Ewe – the Claudia’s yarn is an exclusive for the kit and looks just like the leaves in my backyard will a couple months from now. Lot’s of other little goodies too :). Socks That Rock and Zen String clubs should be here soon –

And although I probably won’t get anything made with it (this month!) I do have some purple and brown yarn for my favourite Project Spectrum 2.0 triad as well as a little “Booty”:

Wooly Boully YARN Pirate Booty

And The Socks Go On…

At last, my first SOS ’07 socks are done. I really like these – the colour, the pattern, yummy! I am working away on the Miranda socks now – I likely won’t finish them by the end of July, but what the heck? Its summer :). I have spent all day today playing with my Dream In Colour Shrug – I do get sick of knitting socks (they’re just so damn quick and satisfying!) and the DIC worsted-weight is so scrummy, I just had to pick it up KAL’s or no KAL’s

I noticed that Anita has some updates on the afghans for Afghans project – please go and take a look, it’s so great to see this taking off :).

I wish I had more knitting done – especially after venturing into the wool superstore, craft room, and seeing just how much yarn I’ve managed to acquire in the last year. Holy crap! Maybe if it were in clear bins, I would notice more often what’s there! Anyway… here’s some Yarn Pr0n to distract (I know, I am a hypocrite, ha)!

Miranda Sock - Vintage Sock KALMonkey Toes Bag
Latest Yarn Pr0n

Keeping Up With The (Sock) Jones’

Victorian Lace Socks Well, the new projects for all my KAL’s have been picked – let the insanity begin :). My “Victorian Lace” for the Six Sox KAL is to the right. I’m hoping to get this done by the end of the weekend. It’s a lovely pattern – quick, with a lot of “Bang” for the simple stitches.

I need to raid stash for “Miranda” for the Vintage Sock KAL and “Hiiumaa” for the KOTR KAL. I think the sock clubs will sit again this month – at least they’re always there to pet and admire :)! I am feeling a little frustrated creatively – work takes up such a large part of the day (longer commute) now, but I have all these ideas for new patterns and such…. I need to win the lottery!

The Handmaiden tee continues to progress – no pics, I’ve tempted the fates enough :). It’ll be nice to have something other than socks to show….

My Project Spectrum pictures for June / July (red / black / metallics) are all non-knitting. Odd that, I have lots of black yarn, some reds – a colour I love – but all buried too deep! Here’s what I’ve got…

PS 2.0 Go Ottawa Senators!PS 2.0 JewelleryPS 2.0 Chinese Dragon
Have a great weekend everyone!

Life Goes On…

Knitting continues to be like chain-smoking for me… and throw in a little “startitis” to complicate the mix! This is my progress on “Waving Lace” in Sundara Yarns and this yarn just kept shouting for attention – it looked like it would work for “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?”, one of this month’s Socktopia themes. I’m knitting it in Scout’s “Fruit Salad” (from the wonderful Marisol). Michelle of The SweetSheep has started an informal “Monkey Along” over here, and my ZenString Bambewe seemed perfect for that. The start isn’t until the first of May, but I have no willpower at all, so – here’s the progress on Cookie A’s “Monkey”.

I did set this down on purpose, otherwise it would be done before the KAL starts! The yarn is phenomenal – hand, sheen, yardage, oops! A little drool on the keyboard…

And I have an FO – woot! For the Knitting Vintage Socks KAL, this is the April / May sock, “Little Child’s Sock”. Knit in Fearless Fibers “Hush”, these were a fun knit. To the pattern but for the toes – I shortened them up a little for my ballerina feet.

And it wouldn’t be KB post without Yarn Pr0n! I belong to a few yarn clubs, so I don’t really need to buy more – it just shows up at the door… Well, that’s my story!

L to R: Pick Up Sticks April kit, Zen Yarn Garden, Blue Moon April kit and Kim Hargreaves kit.

Think that’ll keep me busy? The Lavold sweater is waiting for Autumn, and the Fleece Artist sees some sporadic stitching (said the Queen of Alliteration). Now if I could just order the instructions for teenage boys, life would be perfect!

WIP Wednesday

Not a lot of knitting to show, unfortunately, things are incredibly busy in my “other” life. but here’s what I got…

Still trying to gather up the yarn for “Canada” for the Knitting On The Road knitalong. I’m leaning towards Louet Gems Pearl for that (Connie needs to get back from vacation!)

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter – we had a double celebration with my Dad’s 70th birthday celebration on the Saturday, talk about food overload!

Ever Have One of Those Days …Weeks…

A finished “Argosy” – with enough leftover Kureyon for a “Calorimetry” – I think. And, a finished pair of Gentlemen’s Plain Winter Socks, whew! These were definitely a little dull to knit. I was able to use up some rather old stash yarn for these, so that was good. You can click on either of the pictures for details if you’d like :).

It has been kind of a blah week, knitting and otherwise. The end of internship was rather anti-climactic and I was definitely not feeling the knitty love – I know – hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, getting these two mini-projects off the needles has helped and I’ve recovered my “cat loss” on the 2nd conwy sock and my muffatees to match Brooke’s scarf. It was good to hear from some of you who have cats with similar lunch preferences!

I did get some nice yarny goodies in the mail this week and that always inspires me to finish what I’ve started and then dive into the new stuff – nice thought when it works! One of the parcels was from Elann – that prize credit was burning a hole in my pocket, so I got rid of it almost as quickly as I got it :).

I think the blahs are kind of universal this time of year so when I saw this post over at Jessica’s, I could really identify. If you need some cheer, drop by and leave her a comment – it’s a really nice idea.

I still have some yarn orphans on DeStash – some pretty mohair that’s nice knit up on its own, or carried along with something else, some beautiful 100% alpaca and some really pretty cottons, so take a peek if you’d like.

And these are my precious-ss-ss-es

“Sknitches Syncopation” sock yarn from The SweetSheep, Sprightly Sylph Sock yarn, and I caught a VERY good sale on Silk Garden :).