Make It Monday

… Dawns with no sign of an FO.

True, the weekend was very busy and some time was spent in fibre-y pursuits but it was of the “OMG, if I don’t organize this stash, it’ll take on a life of its own” nature. I have a ridiculous amount of yarn. Most of it is now binned, labelled and most important, Ravel’d. Half the battle with this bunch of yummy goodness is remembering what I have. Inevitably, when a new project catches my eye, I wind up buying more yarn to make it. Only to discover later, I had something suitable already!

Hieroglyph is completed and just awaiting photos. I’ll be so happy to finally have this written up and available. It’s just a bonus that my “Queen of Procrastination” title remains intact and unchallenged!

Have a painless Monday 🙂

Make It Monday

They are not quite made ~ I’m finding my weekends very full lately ~ but well on the way to it.

Jubilee scarf, my commute and work project is almost ready to cast off and one that is back from the vault, a KarinB cable scarf design that I am determined to finish. I set this one aside and forgot about it, but a recent stash sale inquiry unburied it and I’m inspired to get it knit and published.

Raw silk and visions of foreign lands...

Raw silk and visions of foreign lands…

I am doing final edits on another long neglected design for a crochet scarf and hope to have that completed, in PDF format and uploaded within a day or two. The publishing in general is going well. My fourth book of short stories is now available on and at Smashwords. com. The Barnes & Noble and iTunes versions should be online by the end of week *crosses fingers*.

Cozy, soft  alpaca to wrap up in.

Cozy, soft alpaca to wrap up in.

Cheers and hope your Monday is mostly painless!

New Pattern Release

Some of you may be thinking “Its about time.”

For “Flameco! Socks”, its true. The saga of what is actually the first in the Dance Socks has been long and tumultuous.


Flamenco! was designed as a sock club exclusive, to be kitted up for members only. As sometimes happens with smaller Indie Dyers though – there have been a few well known debacles on Ravelry – the dyer got in over her head and the brand, website and club were abandoned.

There was some hope initially that things would recover but promises made never came true and it left the couple of designers with a bit of a bad taste. I shelved the pattern, even though the second in series, Bellydance! Sock had been released to the general public.

I’m happy to say that Flamenco! is, at long last available for purchase.

There are links here on my KeiB Designs tab up above and it can be found in my Craftsy store and in my Ravelry store. Those links are on the right hand side of this page.

I hope you’ll like it. This is a top down style and all the Dance Series feature similar construction details, interesting patterns or cast ons that are somewhat unique. This looks best in a smooth surface yarn, one that won’t compete with the stitch pattern used. The sample was knit in a merino / tencel blend but a merino / silk, merino / bamboo would all work equally well.

Here is a detail of the "Little Flames" cast on edge.

Here is a detail of the “Little Flames” cast on edge.


I think this may be one of the best new innovations for knitters ever.

Just like with crochet diagrams, the kind that you more often see in Japanese pattern books, it’s so easy to “read” the stitches. Browsing the website, you can get a much better feel for the way the finished fabric will look, much more so than with a grid-style diagram.

I love this and hope to try it out very soon.

Hello Julissa

I love a productive weekend almost as much as the lazy ones.

Here is a photo of Julissa. I’ll be starting waist increases this evening.

Julissa BodiceI love this for many reasons, not the least of which is that its using up stash. The top-down construction is one of my favourites and there is a lot going on with the shaping, cables and lace all happening at the same time. I need to stay engaged to see progress and I like that!

I fell off the yarn diet wagon big time because I’m crushing on the Manos Fino and so added these to my collection. I do have a gradient shawl in mind, perhaps two. The mileage is great for this yarn.

Why can I never leave Yarn Forward without something?

Why can I never leave Yarn Forward without something?

Amy Herzog’s book has been on my radar since I first heard about it. There have been lots of really positive reviews and I’m thinking this will be a great addition to my designing tool kit.