My Brain Is Exploding…

So many ideas, so many WIP’s… notes, graph paper, yarn, MATH.

If I'd known that knitting was math...  Uugghh

If I’d known that knitting was math… Uugghh

My ADD goes through stages that are like manic and depressive. For me though, its stages of: pretty okay and don’t run out of sticky notes or… who let loose the my inner 4-year old and why did you give her apple juice? It looks like a bomb went off in a yarn store here…

So what I do have done is the concept for a new pattern collection and I’ve started the prototype knit. This will be a series of Men-friendly / unisex / non gender stereotyped accessories. The names are from my Great Granddads and I’m taking creative license from their lives and hobbies. James Harris is the first, worked in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity DK (from stash). I’m also working the Savannah cardigan from Dolce Handknits in some luscious ECO alpaca (more stashbusting), it’s gorgeous to work with and the pattern is very simple – great to work out brain kinks.

Hope your weekend will be wonderful and I’m off to… make more messes! 🙂

Make It Monday

And… I’m in! 🙂

I’m also deeking out on the true Make It Monday concept but I did make a house and it’s almost there for being a home. Friday past dawned sunny and warm, it’s been a gorgeous summer here and I did manage my usual coffee and computer morning routine. What a nice – and auspicious – beginning to the day, I had a pattern sale on Ravelry. I navigated the rabbit’s warren that I’d made with all the boxes, to get out the door to work and had a productive day. My new keys were couriered to work by 1:00pm.

New Beginnings

How cute is that?! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as decorative keys 🙂

Saturday was moving day and though the inevitable last-minute packing had to happen, all else went smoothly. I’m certain I hold a world’s record for most boxes crammed into an apartment, the bulk of which were yarn and craft related with a fair smattering of unicorn and faery collectibles (I know… skeet shooting targets. Just can’t bear to get rid of them). From 9:00am to 4:30-ish was pack, travel to new address, and unpack. Another very auspicious event was arriving at my new place to unlock for the movers and finding a wee box between the doors. A delivery from Knit Picks! It seemed like the best of beginnings 🙂 My kids showed up in the latter part of the afternoon for their Ten Cent Tour, pizza and beer to christen my new back garden and to make this be “Home”.

Sunday, was leisurely unpacking and a little shopping for a few new household items. I’m in no rush and having found the important things: coffee / tea, mugs, current yarny project; I am pretty much “Good To Go”.

1035-meadowlands KIT 1

A gift from the previous owners. Such good-hearted ladies <3

A gift from the previous owners. Such good-hearted ladies ❤

A sweet and thoughtful welcome from a dear friend.

A sweet and thoughtful welcome from a dear friend.

A gentle summer rain fell in between sunny periods yesterday and like a little rain on a bride’s bouquet, I consider that to be great good luck.

20 July 2014 Impatiens

20 July 2014 Impatiens

And now, off to work!  Cheers All, hope your weekend was wonderful.

Make It Monday

For this week’s Make It Monday I made… A BIG MESS!!

Moving Day looming...

Moving Day looming…

Who made this big mess?!

Who made this big mess?!

I sort of made a better mess with the Spiral Pram Blanket. The last bits and bobs are now unknit and about to be reclaimed in the last rounds. Unfortunately, I don’t have a longer cord to pop the blob on to for a photo. It is looking pretty in person and will make a cozy lap-sized blanket when complete. My last project at my old place and somewhat symbolic.


I’ve come full circle.

Truly blessed.

Countdown Days

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly the days fly by.

A scant two months ago, I began looking a for a place to call home. The immediate flurry of activity as rental and sales agents became involved has made much of the time a blur. The last three weeks of sale negotiations and the nail-biting stress of doing this on my own are fading quickly with the realization that it’s just over two weeks before I’ll be settled in my new digs. A good place, free of any hint of the ugliness that shadowed much of the last two years.

This realization put a burr under my saddle as of Friday past and I am now in full on packing and organizing mode. The Boy is coming back for a visit in three days too, note to self: men need more than snack foods! I’ve much still packed thankfully. It became apparent almost immediately upon moving here that it would be temporary, so only the things I’ve been using to be dealt with. An order of boxes arrived yesterday and I’ve working at getting the least used things packed, labelled and stacked. Next up this week is to find a small, private mover – beer, pizza and friends being all well and good but probably the same cost and to begin tying up all the account type things.


In between, there is a little knitting to keep me on an even keel. Jacaranda / Jose got a lot of love this past week, the back is now done and the fronts have been cast on:


Despite my – ahem – better judgement, I’ve decided to participate in the Sweet Georgia “Summer Of Socks” KAL. I love SG’s yarns and have some kicking around that really needs to be knit. A couple bordering on ancient skeins of “Boheme” colourway should do for this project. The Superwash Sock is thick, bordering on a Sportweight and I’m thinking my own “Japanese Lanterns” pattern would be pretty in this or maybe my original “Mad-tini” socks.

SweetGeorgia YarnsAnd with that, another work day calls – loud and grumpy, like an angry fish wife! – it would seem that again, I bought lotto tickets that aren’t jackpot winners. I’ll need to speak sharply to the sales clerk when I buy my next one!

Hope your Monday is gentle and if not that, productive.



It’s Mine!

Yay! Happy Dance! All that good stuff!

Panic! Mayhem ensues!

There was some last-minute back and forth with the Sellers and their agent yesterday, all completed by noon. From the bus on my way home / to the PO (mailing a yarn sale – thank you, thank you!) I saw the “SOLD” sign on my teeny tiny house. The call from my agent came just a moment later and it was hard to not start one of those impromptu flash mob dance things right on the bus!

There may be a little more blog absenteeism as things begin that “top of the water slide” teeter into the closing date. I am so excited (scared, happy, nervous, thrilled) to finally have a place that will comfortably hold all my shoes and yarn and children! Yay! A home base for the kidlets, for Yule Trees and barbeques will be wonderful.

Cheers all, wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and at least one dream come true.


Or in my case, Alpaca!

In desperation, I went seeking my standard lack of knitting alpaca smart arse post fodder…

So, “alpaca ballet” (you need to know me to get it, even the squirrel reference 🙂 ) yielded this search result:

Tu tu cute!

Tu tu cute!

I think I may have outpaca’d myself this time 😉

So the thing is, boys are distracting and so are house sales/purchases. The Tipsy Lizzy is still progressing but slowly and I still have a shit ton (official Canadian unit of measure) of yarn for sale on Ravelry that I would rather not move. If you can, help a girl’s back (yarn is heavy!) or feel free to pass this link to my sale page:

KarinB’s Stash for Sale

Coming Up For Air

No knitting 🙂

The house is still pending though today is a big one for making conditions of sale happen, I have fingers and toes crossed to get over that hurdle and on to next steps.

It would seem that Boyo and I have excercised the daemons out of all the corners of the apartment and done a little exploring in the neighbourhood. A huge sushi fest yesterday was a wonderful treat – I could eat sushi every day! We’ll christen the kitchen with his good cooking tonight, so off to the market a little later this morning. Lazy days until the weekend, when we’ll do the “proper” tourist things: The Byward Market, Museum of History and hit some of the dessert and art shops there.

Wishing you all a wonderful Victoria Day long weekend!

Cider and Guinness ;-)