Quick Update…

These are the FO’s for the last few weeks

And these are the sock clubs for September and October…


It’s Out!

Vogue Trellis Lace Stole

The new Knitters hit the stands and here it is: Yup, my stole in the Elann ad. I’m a little excited :).
The Secret Knitting is done – it’ll be winging it’s way to the recipient tomorrow – so will be able to show you some pictures soon. I am really happy with the project overall and found some fabulous buttons at a new (to me) shop here in Ottawa. Sewers be warned: this place has some amazing fabric and designer buttons.
I am going to finish off my Yarn Pirate Mad-tini’s this week, I was really enjoying the other project and spent every free minute working on it, but now everything else is shouting to be done.
My Loopy Ewe Sock Club arrived this week, with a skein of Wollmeise – don’t hate me ’cause it’s beautiful – I’ll add the picture later :).

Done :)

My “Rani” socks are finished – really happy with how the idea translated. I’ll need to finish drawing the charts, etc. and do a test pair, but I don’t think there’ll be any changes.
I knit these in Posh Yarns “Lei”, a wool / bamboo / silk blend. The colour is a little more subtle in person, shades of ruby, garnet and henna and it’s joy to knit with.
The pattern is based on the silverwork detail on a choli and dupatta that I own. Kinda flirting with the idea of “Rajah” – but have already started working on the second in my “Pirate” sock series (first one is available at Zen String). I feel like I can’t get all these ideas that have been on hold, out onto the needles fast enough :). Have been on a quest for some inexpensive yarn to indulge my crochet habit – I’m not very good but I am determined, and one of the gals at work (hi Deb!) is a very accomplished Hooker, I’m hoping she’ll help me out with this dress.
I came home yesterday to find the first of 2008’s Loopy Sock Club AND the first Seven Deadly Spins club packets had arrived – Holy Smokes! I totally L-O-V-E the sock clubs I’m in. Here’s a peek at the joy:

A Few Things On The Go

So, with the stole out of the way, I’ve been able to work on a few other things. I’ve got half a pair of my newest design finished – I know it’s really hard to see in the photo – but this has a very pretty Indian design worked into it – inspired by a gorgeous dupatta that I own. The Posh Yarns “Lei” – a silk / bamboo / wool, is really nice to work with, lots of body and sheen.

I’m in the home stretch with my Cozy V-Neck (from Stephanie Japel’s “Fitted Knits”), it’s worked up very pretty in Elann’s Uros Aran.

The Strawberry Cheesecake scarf is back on the bus for my commute project, but managing the two different skeins is kind of a pain – specially when the bus is packed!

Duets-Not Just For Socks!Alpaca Wool Uros Aran

I am over the moon to have found out that I made it into Round Three of Scout’s Swag Club – third times a charm :)! And also, into the Hello Kitty kit from Wool Girl – yay!

So, I still have not heard from HipKnits about my cashmere order. I really don’t know what to think about a Seller who thinks that it’s allright to completely ignore a customer. Rather like adding insult to injury don’t you think? And that would be $120.00 dollars of injury. I’m wondering too, what shop can afford to just blow someone off like that? Or perhaps I’m too “small potatoes” sale-wise to matter? I guess I’ve got used to the fabulous customer service at places like Wool Girl, Scout, The Loopy Ewe, Posh Yarns, Elann…. Of course, when I order something from them – they actually SEND it! I did make a formal complaint to Paypal, and received an acknowledgment, but I’m still more upset that, after being as patient and polite as I have been, that there has been zero communication from HipKnits – it’s shabby and rude. I guess at the moment, the only satisfaction I have is to know that there are other places to spend my hard earned yarn dollars, places where my business is valued.

Speaking of places you should buy yarn – I have been holding out on the Yarn Pr0n, so here are some of my goodies from the last few months:

From The Loopy Ewe Wool Girl Sock Yarns Scout's Swag

More Productively Speaking!

I’ve been working on another scarf, when the bus ride isn’t too bumpy :). I’m working this in two colours of Duets Original – really liking how it’s coming out.

Thank you for your suggestions about my “lack of yarn” dilemma. I have emailed from my “regular” email, but still no response in the last 10 hours. I guess what is really too bad, is that, this dyer does such lovely luxury yarn – I know other people do cashmere, but this was really beautiful. Damn!

I did get a lovely package from two of my most favourit-est Sellers today, my February Loopy Ewe sock club:

Yup! Yarntini! Think Spring!

And, from Spritely Goods, more yummy Milk & Honey soap and two limited edition colourways on Sidhe and Sylph. Now, if I could just find a little more time :)!