Project and Design Progress

I’ve no real FO’s at the moment, some hexipuffs in one of my favourite dyers, Yarntini. I’ve only to pick up the neck on my Julissa / That’s Not My Name but I just don’t feel like it at the moment. Very hot and humid and not surprisingly, a wool sweater on one’s lap isn’t very comfortable!

These in Yarntini, one of my favourite Indie dyers.

These in Yarntini, one of my favourite Indie dyers.

In going through my formidable stash, I came across some Cascade 220, four coordinated colours that I’d forgotten that I’d purchased. They have something of an Autumn feel to them and a little niggle of a design idea has been trying to gel for the last day. I caked the skeins this evening and will try and get a sketch or two done.

Chameleon is ready for piecing but it too is very warm to handle in this 40C and very humid week that we’re having. I do like the stained glass effect and it was fun to stretch beyond my colour comfort zone.

Ready to begin piecing.

Ready to begin piecing.

Parquet on the parquet it seems… 🙂 I’ve been having fun getting into Instagram, not sure that’ll I’ll use it much for knitting but with some very pretty spots in the neighbourhood, I’m finding lots of great scenery and floral inspiration. Even in the field behind a current construction project:

Beauty in the most unexpected places...

Beauty in the most unexpected places…

Make It Monday

Got these done. Yay!

Just one more square to complete before I begin assembling my Chameleon Baby Blanket. It’ll be nice to have that finished, mostly because other colour combinations are calling me. Two more sets of hexipuffs finished for the shop too.

Knitting By Zen and Natural Dye Studio puffs, 7th and 8th squares.

Knitting By Zen and Natural Dye Studio puffs, 7th and 8th squares.

I did a little more updating from my old Blogger blog format to here and you can see my Counted Cross Stitch work under the “Vintage PSPRP” tab up above.

Oh my! This week has totally got away from me!

Work has been insanely busy. Our communities keep growing and the need is huge for the medical equipment, etc. that my department provides but there is just a handful of us. I do go home every day knowing that I have helped my people and that means so much in a desk job environment. The Beau has been a little under the weather and the last week of school for DSDitto – lots going on.

It does mean that I was too darn tired the last few nights to plan my posts for here and for my writing page. Well, as planned as Miss Flighty Pants can manage anyway 🙂

So. What I got? An update on my Jubilee scarf. I love it so much more in the Ultra Alpaca Fine. The Blue Sky Alpaca is sumputous, gorgeous and I know it would be lovely in a different project but, the cables and lace really pop now and the mileage with the Berocco yarn is fantastic!

Halfway through.

Halfway through.

I’ve even got some Yarn Pr0n! Yarn diet notwithstanding…

Lavold and Koigu

I got a fabulous deal on these Elsebeth Lavold books – half price! The Art of Yarn in BC had these (getting hard to find) books and a great selection of Koigu. I couldn’t resist this colourway.

My Mini Mochi to finish up the Chameleon Baby Blanket arrived from Simply Socks in Fort  Wayne – I love this store – so although it’s no longer Yarn Pr0n, I’m glad to be able to get back at my blanket. I hate stall outs when I’m actually inspired to be working on something…

And with that – I’m out for now!

WIP Progress

Concetta is coming along. I’m working the patterned yoke part now.

Jubilee is my “on the go” project, small and portable and I’m about a quarter of the way through on  the do over with a different yarn.

Chameleon Blanket was just needing some more of the darkest colourway of mini mochi to continue. I lucked in and found some at Simply Socks in Fort Wayne so I hope to get back at that soon.

Recuerdos de Infancia, I haven’t worked at much. Liking it a lot but there’s no real rush to get it finished. Yet! Have finished up the main body section and about to move into the more lacey mid-section.

So nice to have found the initiative to finally get these older projects finished up. I still have Startitis but have managed the discipline to come back to the old stuff too. Now just need to get cracking on a Cafepress overhaul – so much has changed there since I first opened my shop for PSPRP logo stuff! It’s a much nicer set up.

Crochet Hearts And I Heart Crochet

I seem to be on a bit of a crochet “jag” lately.

The two baby blankets, Chameleon and Requerdos, are coming along nicely. Group shot below.

Recuerdos de Infancia - WIP

Recuerdos de Infancia – WIP


Five down, sixth on the hook.

Five down, sixth on the hook.

Working with the Baruffa lace has been a joy. So soft and works up with a nice “squish”. As I’m still waiting on a proper sized needle to start the sleeves for my Concetta cardigan, I thought I’d revisit an aging WIP: my Blackwood Shawl.

I started this thinking I had a great combination of yarn, hook and colour. Unfortunately, the particular alpaca that I had on hand is a little on the fuzzy side and was obscuring the stitches. I really like the pattern and the yarn would be great for something else but… something else caught my eye just as the bloom was fading off my enthusiasm for this project and… Its been in the bin ever since.

With this new-found love for the hook, I went looking for a shawl pattern and realized this one still speaks to me. A little stash-diving later and I came up with a gorgeous Zen Yarn Garden 100% silk single, fingering weight. This is an exclusive colourway “G.I. Jane” from The Yarn Company. Finally out of its cello wrap and I am cautiously working my way through the first set up rounds as I type.

As always, holding my breath for having spoken of a WIP aloud. I’m hoping the reverse psychology of admitting to a project and perhaps having people wonder what becomes of it will be enough inspiration to finish it up.

Back from the WIP bin!

Beginning with a new yarn / hook combo.

So many lovely projects come across my screen, this one caught my eye, again for a baby blanket and this blog looks like it’ll be inspiring too!

heart square

Good Friday Fibre Progress

Its a beautiful, sunshine Friday here and the best part is having time to kick back and relax. I could almost enjoy that I’m getting housework done too!

I’m working on the 3rd square of my baby blanket. This one is in the “Feldspar” colourway with “Storm Cloud” as the contrast.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Progress.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Progress.

And here is how the 2nd one came out. I’m really liking the stitch pattern, so much that I’ve begun planning colours for the next blanket.

Second square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

Second square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

The afternoon will bring finishing, tucking in tails on one of the SPNF scarves. Looking forward to having those photographed and “out the door”.

Wishing you all a beautiful Ostara or Easter if you are observing. Cheers!

FO’s And Progress

Finished SPNF #10! Yay!!

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy #10

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #10

Umm… SPNF #7?

I’m working on it…

Finished the first square in my baby blanket – love it and am halfway through the second.

First square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

First square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

I love the fpdc – it adds such nice texture and really emphasizes the “Stained Glass” effect in the pattern. My first square is the “Storm Cloud” and “Rainbow Trout” colourways. The second one is “Storm Cloud” and “Bodega Bay”.

I am really looking forward to the coming long weekend. Two extra days to putter with yarn and hopefully get #7 finished and then the lot of them to Etsy. I have some editing to do on a sock pattern – an old club exclusive, never available to the general public. If I can accomplish all that, I’ll be very happy!


We Now Return You To The Knitting Content

I am diligently plodding along on those last two scarves:

SPNF #7 AND #10 - Progress

I got distracted by this little bit of shiny:

Chameleon Baby Blanket - StartChameleon Baby Blanket - Detail

This is my first square in the Chameleon Baby Blanket using the CPY Mini Mochi that I posted a while back. I had to learn the fpdc stitch and I’m convinced that I’m doing it wrong but it looks as all the other finished blankets I’ve seen, so I’m forging ahead. I love the colour shifts in the mini mochi, very pretty.

And a little yarn pr0n:

Manos Serena

I NEEDED  to buy a certain type circular from Jimmy Beans, this fell into the cart on the way out. Manos Serena, a pima and baby alpaca blend. I’m thinking perhaps the Dahlia Cardigan for this.

I had some time on my hands this weekend and so updated my galleries. 2008, 2009, 2013 and the Reader gallery have all been added to WordPress and links are given at the top of each page to the Flickr sets where you can find needle, yarn and project information.