First Stitches 2016

Will be a Matinée Scarf in some Noro Silk Garden sock and some Manos del Uruguay silk blend. Some fiery colours to warm up a snowy winter.

Noro and Manos to start 2016 off right.

Noro and Manos to start 2016 off right.

I’ll be hitting the publish button on ‘Velloso‘, my first pattern release for 2016 in a few hours and hope that you’ll take a moment to peek and ‘<3’ on Ravelry. Velloso will be the next KeiB Design to be available at Yarn Forward, my LYS.

The last couple weeks were filled with family activities, lots of of knitting, a little crochet and liberal quantities of friends and wine! My first great-niece arrived and I gifted her with a wee pink crochet beanie (free pattern courtesy of Deja Jetmir). It was on and off my hook and then gifted so quickly, I don’t have a photo! The yarn was a very old Lucky Lurker ‘Duets’ in a semi-solid pink mix. I also had enough yarn left from each of the Velloso cowls that I mentioned in previous posts to make four more and to pop them up for sale in my Etsy shop.

Keeping me busy between finishing my Leventry-tini shawl this AM and beginning my first 2016 project tonight is ‘Cerys‘, a modular, hexi baby blanket that I’ve started in some leftover mini mochi. I suspect this will go on forever, like my ‘Mission Possible blanket – for which I’m still looking for yarn if you have any –  as I’ve enough stash and leftovers to open two shops!

Last and not least here is a link to my page ‘Finished Projects 2015‘. I’m super happy with what did get done, not gonna sweat the ton of WIP’s still lurking and toast to having stuck to my plan to ‘shop the stash’ as often as I could 🙂

Wishing you and yours all the health, happiness, peace and prosperity that 2016 holds. Tomorrow is a new day in a new year. Let’s make every single one count ❤

~ kei

Should You Choose To Accept…

Well hello Mission Possible Blanket.

I am loving this stashbusting project so much! It is fast, easy, portable (depending on size) and a nice diversion while waiting for each Friday release of the PP MKAL clues.

As I knew, I’d run out of the Mission Falls 1824. What I had on hand were several colours left over from the Interweave “Burma Rings” sweater. About .75 of each skein, too much to get rid of, not quite enough for a project using all of them. What I didn’t know until I update my project page, was that Mission Falls is out of business.  This is a shame on a couple different levels. MF was a well-loved company and their 1824 wool and cotton lines were a favourite with knitters. Not so terrible for a stashbuster project but I did want to keep any other yarns that I used as close as possible to the MF 1824 wool.

Voila! At the Thursday “Sit ‘N Knit” at my LYS, what caught my eye but some Luxury Collection “Fine Merino Superwash Aran“. It is a dead ringer for the MF and if I didn’t mention that it isn’t – no one would ever know. I love when a little stashbust includes just a smidge of stash enhance and this one couldn’t be better.

So here’s how it’s looking so far:

Mission Possible Blanket 1

Arty Detail Shot

Arty Detail Shot

Halfway through another week. Unreal how the time flies by. Hope you’ve had some dedicated crafting time this week. Cheers!

Startitis Strikes Again

At least this Startitis involves using stash!

A long time ago, I made a sweater using MissionFalls 1824 wool. I didn’t know it at the time, I was coming back to really active knitting after a long stretch of sewing and seamstressing but, this was a highly sought after wool. I kept the bits and bobs, which were significant because the colours were so pretty.

During a Ravelry cleanup yesterday (had to pare down my queue – it was pushing 500 items!) I came across a great little pattern for a mitred blanket that is stash friendly and so here is the start of my “Mission Possible Blanket”.

Mission Possible Blanket

Mission Possible Blanket

Between this, and the other WIP’s that I have lurking about, I should be well occupied until Clue Three of the Peter Pan Shawl Mystery KAL arrives on Friday.