So I Had This Weird Dream…

… that I was running an adoption agency for tribbles… ­čśë

The novelty – and the silk mohair – is running its course. Not before I have a limited production run of two each of four unique yarn / colour combos of ‘Velloso’ cowls.

These are available for purchase now in my Etsy shop. Please take a peek and feel free to share.

'Velloso' Cowl ~ limited edition ready-to-wear from KeiB Designs

‘Velloso’ Cowl ~ limited edition ready-to-wear from KeiB Designs


ADD / OCD Knitter Problems…

I really am not joking when I use these acronyms and so… Here are the next bunch of fuzzy. This will be the cover work for “Velloso” when it’s back from tech editing ­čÖé

Luna Saturniinae ~ More Fuzzy

And the best score evah! Jordana Paige bags at almost 70% off. What’s a girl to do?
Well obviously, get two! ­čÖé

Knit / Crochet bags by Jordana Paige. The 'Cora' in Lavender and Dove Grey.

Knit / Crochet bags by Jordana Paige. The ‘Cora’ in Lavender and Dove Grey.

WIP It Good

There are so many projects I’d like to finish before the end of the year. My perpetual Startitis really makes that difficult at times. I’ve been making a concerted effort to get through some of these older projects and if I do break down and start something new – and who can resist casting on a new yarn purchase right away? – I’m finishing it. Pipe down inner teenager…

Here are a couple that are now in the home stretch:

Noro Bias Lace Scarf

KB Design Bellydance! Sock

KB Design Bellydance! Sock

And this is what’s really inspiring me to get them done quick :):


Moorland Cardigan

I started this cardigan quite some time ago and it wound up tucked away during my move. The recent unpacking, tidy and following Ravelry update unearthed a few almost forgotten projects and I think I’ve fallen in love again.┬áFeeling very inspired to wrap up the scarf and socks and then tackle the rest of Moorland. Crossing my fingers that I can duplicate the tension!

Have a wonderful Wednesday All!