How ‘Bout We Title This Post?

This is another of those “where did the time go?” posts. It’s true, this year has flown by and tomorrow is the last day of September. Autumn has been glorious so far, warm and sunshiny but they don’t last long in this neck of the woods. I’ve been knitting like a fiend as usual and trying to get a few things done around the house and garden. This girl is already in the slide to full hibernation. To bed early, harder to get up when the alarm goes and there’s only a hint of the dawn.

On the fibre front, I finished up my Rheinlust Shawl and glad to have it off the needles. It kept getting set aside for other projects but the end result is pretty.


For more stashbusting and a few stars for my Eat.Sleep.Knit team, the Starsheep, I knit up this nifty crescent shawl, Olilia. Short rows shape it and it’s worked in two coordinating Sweet Georgia yarns.

Olilia shawl:


A couple mini projects followed, Black Locust fingerless gloves and my Relativity cowl:

I did finish my nameless (Frozen Lake) shawl but it’s not blocked just yet 🙂 My favourite WIP of the moment is my Warren Cardigan. I should be joining to begin working the body at some point tonight.

WIP Wednesday


It’s all about the WIP’s this week I’m afraid. I’ve done it to myself with this damn “startitis” and lack of sufficient pairs of arms. I finished the prototype for “James Harris” and am currently working the test knit from my draft pattern. Savannah is my “selfish knitter” and “Reign” accompaniment, so not a lot done but progressing. I keep on staring at the yarn for the test knit of MatinĂ©e II (the Mrs. Crosby) but I’ve psyched myself out with the technique I want to use v. practical application / joy of the knitting / fear of buggering up the most gorgeous yarn evah! I suppose a dip in the frog pond wouldn’t be the end of the world if things… unravel…

Progesses and lilacs from my walk to the Marché:


Keeping You In Stitches Saturday


Y’all know I love a good pun or double entendre… it’s the writing thing :p

So. This is one of my favourite actors, favourite movies and dare I say…? Favourite yarns, though as of this posting, I’ve only squeezed, sniffed and… well, I may have fondled a little too. If I’m being totally honest.

I HAD to see what the hype’s about, yarn diet or no and so; under the guise of test knitting, I ordered this Mrs. Crosby’s Hat Box and Carpet Bag in – wait for it – Wild Huckleberry!

Mrs. Crosby Hat Box and Carpet Bag <3

Mrs. Crosby Hat Box and Carpet Bag ❤

I LOVE it and can’t wait to finish up “Carnelian” so that I can get my hands all over “Amethyst”. Once test knits are complete, the tech editing math-fest of doom will begin with an eye to have all versions of “MatinĂ©e” published next week.

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