Monday MKal

Go away Monday. Nobody likes… Wait. It’s a holiday Monday. Yay! Civic Holiday here in Ontario, most things are closed and it’s lovely and quiet here in the neighbourhood. As yet, my ferret-y visitor hasn’t shown up to say good morning. I hope he found his way back to his own back garden. I am having my second coffee of the day and a toasted tomato sandwich for my breakfast. Reward for finishing the first clue of the Addewid MKAL.

I am loving the Ella Rae Lace Merino. It’s soft with a lot of “sproing”, particularly good for stitch definition and it shows already in the proliferation of Star Stitch that is used in this first bit. This is the first time that I’ve used my Addi Rockets and I like them. The lace tip of the Addi Lace needle and the slick finish of the traditional Addi Stumpos is a great pairing. I loved the lace needles but the finish just didn’t stand up to the chemistry of my skin.

Addewid MKAL


I was off to a slow start with this, most of my knitting and craft items made it to the appropriate room but I’ve not unpacked much, so many other things to do first.┬áSure feels good to have needles back in my hands though! This will be a good time to get back to finishing up my last MKAL piece, the Peter Pan Shawl. That one last side, with its numerous colour blends and changes – the ends! omg all the ends! – just seemed too tedious in the face of the Elizabeth Shawl and the rest.

Had a lovely day downtown with the daughter yesterday for “piercings and pints” (the boy child was working and couldn’t make it out this time). Some good sales, glorious weather and a lovely Italian supper at The Grande in The Byward Market.

At the Byward Market Mother Daughter Day in the Byward Market

Alas, today I’ve no excuse for avoiding unpacking and sorting and so… off I go!

It’s Mine!

Yay! Happy Dance! All that good stuff!

Panic! Mayhem ensues!

There was some last-minute back and forth with the Sellers and their agent yesterday, all completed by noon. From the bus on my way home / to the PO (mailing a yarn sale – thank you, thank you!) I saw the “SOLD” sign on my teeny tiny house. The call from my agent came just a moment later and it was hard to not start one of those impromptu flash mob dance things right on the bus!

There may be a little more blog absenteeism as things begin that “top of the water slide” teeter into the closing date. I am so excited (scared, happy, nervous, thrilled) to finally have a place that will comfortably hold all my shoes and yarn and children! Yay! A home base for the kidlets, for Yule Trees and barbeques will be wonderful.

Cheers all, wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and at least one dream come true.

Happy Birthday!

My “baby” is sixteen today…

From Oshkosh and curls to ice-fishing and cards with Dad – where did the time go?

And… Because this is a knitting blog (but sometimes a bragging Mum blog) here is a little Yarn Pr0n to distract you from the lack of knitting content. I’ve just started a new job today after all my educatin’, and it is cutting into my knitting Big Time already!

Jaggerspun “Zephyr” (I’ve gone lace-mad) and two skeins of merino sock yarn from Fearless Fibres – dig the awesome button :)!