Meet Morisot

I’m not sure what I’m doing right. Oh yeah! Staying off the computer and knitting 😉

I finished up my Morisot Sweater this weekend:

Morisot Finished 2

I love it and there are more photos of it here KarinB on my Ravelry profile.

I also managed to block another shawl. I did. I know! My Père Lachaise Shawl, the 2013 Tour de France project designed by my friend Natalie Servant, is finally wearable.

I wouldn’t normally pair a variegated yarn with a lace pattern but there was so much stocking stitch in this design, I thought I’d use up a little bit of stash.

Père Lachaise Shawl ~ Finished

Père Lachaise Shawl ~ Finished 2


I also made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and cooked up a ton of gluten-free fettucine to make my lunches for the week, as well as cheese omelettes for my breakfast. That and an evening out with a friend Saturday night to a local pub to see two really talented and entertaining bands made for one very good weekend. This in spite of a cold that kept trying to spoil my fun. Ha! Take THAT (swallows more Advil Cold & Sinus) evil cold germs.

I’ll spare you pictures of the food – that’s what Instagram is for!

Fake It Monday

Ha! My wit is not exactly well honed in the waning hours of a lazy Sunday.

No finished projects but much good progress on “Jingle In My Jeans” and the fingerless mitts to match the Lang Mille Colori version of the bias lace scarf.

Startitis did strike. The Cascade 220 that I’d bought to make a crochet scarf, refused to be crocheted. I left it in my WIP basket, in plain view; hoping that it would be more agreeable after a time out but no. Fortunately, my friend Natalie posted about a new KAL that she is running for her pattern “Undulation”. It grabbed my attention and that of the naughty Cascade. Voila! It’s almost off the needles and I have busted a little more stash. I’m not “officially” KAL’ing, just inspired. The yardage in the Cascade is nearly double what the pattern callse for and so, I hope to get both the longest version and the shortest – worked in colourway oposition – out of the skeins I have. Here is the progress photo from earlier Sunday. There is now only the last stripe to work before casting off.

Halfway point

Halfway point

This and a very successful first run at the Christmas shopping on Saturday has made for a wonderful weekend. Hoping everyone’s was equally so. Cheers!

Needler’s Retreat 2013

Dawn breaking on the 5th of November on the St. Lawrence side of The Glen House.

Dawn breaking on the 5th of November on the St. Lawrence side of The Glen House.

The workshop lineup this year looks great. I’m really excited for some classroom time with Anna Dalvi, lace shawl designer extraordinaire and one of Ottawa’s  own. We’ll also have Natalie Servant and Mary Pat MacDonald to round out our talented teachers.

Needler’s is put on annually by Debbie Marshall of Sheeps Ahoy and is very much a unique and special event. The joke in these parts is that someone has to die and will you their spot on the attendees list. I am so grateful that no knitters were harmed in my having been added to the list!

Here is the lineup of classes for those interested and here are more photos of the 2011 get together, including our “Human Cable” demonstration with Fiona Ellis! Fiona Ellis *fangirls*

A visit to my doctor this afternoon for a day procedure – wish me luck – then Just two more sleeps before we leave. I think a river beach view, knitting, chat and a refreshing beverage or two will be the perfect restorative / recuperative 🙂