Before Another Month Slips By…


Have an FO I can show finally (still waiting for news about the “Secrect Knitting” finished earlier this summer). So, here is my “Curvy”. I’ve already decided to do a slight mod to the collar, so won’t show a modeled photo yet, although I can say it fits really well and I love it even without the mod.


My Christmas knitting is progressing well, that commute really is good for some things. The first scarf is a row or two from done after a week.

Above are some of the goodies that came to visit this week. My next project “Chrysalis” by Jean Moss in Artesano “Hummingbird”, my August installment of the Wool Girl Sock Club and my goodies from an irresistible sale at Wool Girl…

Did I mention that I HATE!! the new version of Facebook? If you do too and want a choice, here’s a link to an online petition to keep the clean, easy-to-use “old” Facebook:

I Have A New Love…

Yarn Botanika - yummy! I can hardly wait to get home to work on this – the yarn is so nice to work with – I could be knitting potholders, it wouldn’t matter :). My “Sunshine Tank“, I hope there’ll be a few more really warm days to enjoy this in.

No socks. Gentleman’s Shooting might be done by the weekend, but I’ve only worked on it during my commute – and sometimes the “cheek by jowl” seating doesn’t lend itself to KIP.

I’m a little disenchanted with socks, sock KAL’s and sock clubs lately. They’ve been feeling more like a stress than fun, and my own designing and “real” knitting falls behind as the KAL guilt mounts. Some of the clubs haven’t lived up to the hype, some of the KAL’s are just not fun – I sometimes feel like I’m just talking to myself, and some are just too large and regimented to give me that warm, encouraging S’nB feel that I want. I am going to try to put aside that “rule-follower” part of my personality (yes, the punk rock rebel does have a little of that) and knit what I want – when I want and I’ll drop the not fun stuff.

The third part of Socktopia’s “Mystery Sock” was released yesterday – now this one, I love. I will be working on that a bit more this week. I liberated some old Sweet Georgia from stash for this, and do I ever hope that Felicia will come back from sabbatical refreshed and still wanting to dye yarn!

And what would a post be without some Yarn Pr0n?

Wooly Wonka Fibers Loopy Goodness The “Bee Fields” shawl kit from from Knitspot (am waiting on some Addi lace needles to start) and Fleece Artist (destined for a Chevron Scarf) and Yarn Love from The Loopy Ewe.

Speaking of buying yarn…. I just had one of the most positive shopping experiences and I have to share it. I often shop online at LittleKnits. I stumbled on this shop while searching for some obscure yarn and after experiencing Sue’s great service, prices (AND they offer Paypal), I’ve been a regular shopper since. A recent order incurred significant charges from UPS – and although I was surprised, and yes, disappointed, I decided to just pay and be done with it. Sue, however, had been made aware of the charges through the UPS email tracking and, unbeknownst to me, went ahead and made phone calls and sent emails and was able to have all the extra charges removed. I then received an email from UPS to let me know about the changes, and my duty-free yarn should be here today :). Is that not just the coolest? I’m so darned chuffed, I’m heading over there tomorrow and buy more yarn! Do go and visit – there is a fab selection of all sorts and kinds of yarns, needles and stuff and her sales on bag lots are unbeatable 🙂 – just leave some for me!