Make It Monday

Silky Cables is off the needles. Yay!

Shown here with the original in all it’s matted mohair / acrylic glory, just for good measure.

There’s been a wealth of sales and new yarn temptations come up in my email and I’m finding it VERY hard to resist buying a set of Addi Clicks from Webs – I have mostly very old Addis, the ones with the gold cords and they’re losing their plating :(. The Unique Sheep is running another mystery KAL, another design by Janine La Cras and I desperately want to fit this into my time and budget. The theme is King Arthur and his court, a favourite subject of mine and one of the inspiration photos from TUS “Camelot” Pinterest board is this gorgeous photo of the Glastonbury Tor:



If it’s Welsh or Wales, I’m all over it and I’m hearing that Marici silk lace calling me!

Annnddd… One more time with the “A” word: the link for my e-book “The Arcadian Collection”, containing all three patterns is >here< 🙂

WIP Wednesday

Silky Cables, coming along nicely. Just finishing the short rows on the back shoulders, then to pick up the collar and sleeves. This is so loose-fitting, it’s like knitting a lap quilt! Super soft and cuddly though, I almost won’t mind these last few weeks of winter :p

Silky Cables - Progress 1

Silky Cables Progress

A little update on my latest sweater:

This is a pleasure to knit for many reasons. I almost never repeat a pattern but this one’s worth it. It’s great to be using up stash – as some of you may know, I’m not kidding about the shop’s worth of yarn – this silk / wool blend is great to work with, the colour is soothing and the knitting is almost mindless. A big boxy knit, drop shoulders – so, no shaping save the neck and version one is still a “weekend round the house favourite”.

Silky csbles ~ Start


The antique blue shade didn’t show up well under evening living room light, hopefully next picture will be a little more accurate. This project is speeding along, should be dividing for the armholes today. My other projects are scowling from the basket but I still maintain that “Circuit Knitting” nets me far more Fo’s than staying with one project from start to finish 🙂