Happy 4th Of July Weekend

The Knitting Machine, 2005, acrylic felt knitted with excavators and aluminum utility poles

Gotta love 'Murrica - go big or go home!

Gotta love ‘Murrica – go big or go home!

Why yes I can say that! Although my branch came to Canada as Loyalists, during the American Revolution, some chose to stay. The Beau’s family has deep roots in Canada, so he puts up with my teasing :).

Ah yes, the knitting.

IMG_3089 IMG_3090

I’ve been working away on my  Tour de France KAL shawl, Natalie’s lovely Pere Lachaise and loving it. I expect I should have Chart D finished this evening.

And I leave you with a bird’s eye view of the really big “shew”.

See? Real men knit. They just like to use really BIG tools!

See? Real men knit. They just like to use really BIG tools!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wow! Middle of April already. Where does the time go? Seems just yesterday, I had made a commitment to resurrect this blog and my long-neglected shops and projects.

I can become a little too enthusiastic at times though and am suffering a dreadful dose of “Startitis”.

I’ve been dreaming of projects and waking in a tizzy to grab a hook or needles and some yarn. My home looks like an explosion in the Noro factory (colourful, messy and with lots of bits stuck in it, lol!).

I MUST finish something or my poor brain will spazz. There are times that I’m grateful to have ADD, other times I swear someone could find me in the textbook.

As all my projects are larger, I’m going to try to focus on just one part of one. The scarves really should have been done by now, along with the photos. My inner teenager has conspired against me on this last part of it though, the dreaded seventh scarf. Today I will finish.

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single

Colour change. Hand dyed skeins have much more personality than commercial.

I know now that I will run out of yarn for  Chameleon, so setting that aside until I can get my hands on more of the contrast / border colour. No hardship to go and browse at Jimmy Beans! When starting the Blackwood Shawl, I knew that I would either run out or need to make adjustments. I calculated a mod but the more I looked at the scale and what the finished size will be, I really wanted to make it to pattern. Fortunately for me The Yarn Company had a couple skeins of this very limited colourway left. Their customer service was great and being in NY, it won’t take long to get here. Yay Roxanne! Zen Yarn Garden from right here in Ontario (where I am today) has grown so much.

Now must be off. This turned into the longest post ever, when meant to be more of a disclosure for incentive! There are many chores to be done before any knitting. The Beau should be here soon and I’m certain he won’t want to see what a crazy yarn lady I can be when he’s away!

Yarn Pr0n photo, before I have to hide this away with the rest of the stash. My Wollmeise score from Loopy’s last update:

Wollmeise Pure

Petit Poison Dark

Petit Poison Dark

Slightly better representation of colour. Deepest, darkest, Merlot with almost no variegation.

I Got Nuthin’…

Well, not nuthin’ EXACTLY…

I have a scarf for myself almost done from the leftovers from my guy’s scarf and am halfway through SPNF #4. Just have lost a little steam as I’ve had to put on my Writer Hat for the last couple days.

To distract you from the lack of knitting, I give you – Valentine flowers!

Flowers from The Beau

Flowers from The Beau

Okay, also this slightly hastily taken snap of my scarf in progress. Seeing it like this should light a fire under my derriere to get it done and then get back on track with the other WIP-in-waiting.

My scarf - WIP

My scarf – WIP


Design Process

Number three of Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy is off the needles. I’ll debut the FO once it’s been soaked and blocked. So gratifying to be finishing things.

What really has me chuffed is the scarf for my Beau. It’s almost done too – has practically crocheted itself! I can’t wait to see it on him – the advantage of family? Free knitwear models 🙂

My only idea when I started, in terms of design, was stripes. I had intended to knit this one but when I picked it up, the yarn wanted crochet. I started with one band and let the colours decide what they wanted. I like symmetry, so once I had a combination I liked I went from there.

The Beau is a big man and tall so  dimensions of this are 6″ by 10″.

Main bands done

Main bands done

Granny Square stripes started

Granny Square stripes started

I’ve worked a granny square stripe variation to join the bands and will probably do a wandering vine slip stitch to join those. I really love how this has turned out and I can see potential for variations on this. Although I find the end result very masculine, a change in yarn could make this perfectly suited to a more feminine look.

I’m off to start the first of the joins – will have an FO to post shortly.