Never, Never…

Thought I’d get this finished! Not blocked ~ still don’t have all my stuff unpacked but I kept a couple of things handy one being the languishing Peter Pan Mystery Shawl. I had started the final clue, Clue 7 on the second side when something else yarny demanded attention. I even completed a couple of those projects. With this being one of the few projects that I could readily find, I couldn’t let it languish any longer.

Here ’tis, worked in The Unique Sheep’s Pashmi Gradient colourway, “Big Sur” with amethyst beads:

Peter Pan MKAL. Off the needles (at last!) and pre-blocking.There are a million ends to be woven in after blocking and I’m dreading that but this patter was a great use of the Gradient effect of the yarn. Having started another MKAL last Friday, was another push to wrap this project up, especially seeing some of the same faces participating! Nothing like a good shaming to provide inspiration :p

I’m sitting here with my second coffee of the day, waiting patiently for Clue Two of the Addewid MKAL to hit my inbox and then hopefully, knocking together a chest of drawers. It’s time to buckle down and do some of the more “mundane” house things, including unpacking a few more boxes. Still no clue and so off I go, shelf liner calls!


Make It Mon… Oh Hell, I Give Up…

I got nuthin’ but WIP’s. I am whipping them good!

Finally getting some quality time with the PP MKAL Clue 7, the border and it goes quickly when I actually knit and not over on my sister blog, writing. Progress when I took the photo:

IMG_3475When I’m not all about Peter Pan, I am all about Elizabeth. My “Tipsy Lizzy” is coming along nicely.

You’ll have to take my word as the photo still looks like a red blob:

Tipsy Lizzy progress

Tipsy Lizzy progress

Make It Monday

And what a weekend it was!

Clue Six of the Peter Pan Mystey KAL arrived bright and early Friday morning. I had time to work the colour transition on one side of the shawl before heading off to work. This next-to-last clue had us cast off each side and so, It looks like the seventh and final clue will have us pick up the outer edges for a border and then the finishing. Have loved this KAL and in particular, the Unique Sheep’s gradience colours.

Here’s last week’s progress (there are more photos on my Flickr):

(No idea why this photo is rotated – it’s correct in my media files and defies my two correction attempts! Clicking the photo will take you to its home on Flickr and spare your neck a crink)

PP MKAL Clue 6 - Finished

PP MKAL Clue 6 – Finished

I finished up my Snow Day mitts (that match the hat mentioned in a previous post) and a crochet scarf for the Ravelry Rallenics:

My "Mitten Moguls" entry

My “Mitten Moguls” entry

My entry for the Scarf Super-G in Ravelry Ravellenics

My entry for the Scarf Super-G in Ravelry Ravellenics

And… Last not least, I cast off my Hanging Garden Stole. It qualified for the “WIP Dancing” event of Ravellenics, having started before the official cast on date. Finished up Friday evening:

#hanginggardenstole #siviaharding #silkmerino #castoff #beads #happygirl #shawl #laceAll of this and the massive cooking spree Sunday to make meals for the next several weeks, made for a super-productive weekend. Happy Girl.

Hope yours was great too. Cheers!

Mixed Bag Monday

I can’t believe we’re at the end of another weekend already…

This one was a mixed bag for me, as the post title suggests. Friday was St. Valentine’s Day and I’m not a supporter of the commerce and greed that seems so prevalent on 14 February, but genuine affection and all those things are lovely. I was pleasantly surprised by these, delivered to my office around the lunch hour:

Valentine's Day 2014

Well… Gobsmacked is probably closer to my actual reaction! On what was a blowy, cold and snowy day – these were welcome in so many ways. On Saturday, I was with family at my Father-In-Law’s funeral service. An occasion both sad in the goodbye and in gratefulness for his release from the terrible toll of Dementia. Seeing so many of the extended family was wonderful and a great support particularly in my new roll, as my former Husband and I find a new way forward.

Friday morning had brought the release of Clue five in my mystery KAL and so, as knitting has been both solace and valium for the last year and a half, I knit in ernest all Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I completed the clue early Sunday morning and here is the stole progress and detail:

Clue five finished

Clue five finished

Clue five detail

Clue five detail

Sunday afternoon, tucked into my sunny, warm living room with my BFF, our knitting, our tea and lots to talk about rounded out the weekend. Friends and Family make all our lives moments that much richer.


The Clue In The Inbox

Friday was all kinds of exciting, until I had to go to work.

I was all set up ready for cast on for the Ravellenics and I knew I’d have to wait to do that, it was very hard to not call in knit after waking up to Clue 4 of The Peter Pan Mystery Shawl KAL in my inbox though. Fortunately for my landlord, I went to work. I did scurry home directly afterwards, didn’t even stop for groceries and by Saturday afternoon had this:

Clue 4 complete. Daylight photo.

Clue 4 complete. Daylight photo.

Probably the best photo of the colour shifts so far. This is much more representative of the gradient shift between the first four skeins. I’m using a 2-2-2-2-2-2 mix for each colour change, it seems to give the most subtle effect. The more I work with the Pashmi gradient, the more I can’t wait to cast on my Eos. It’s a merino silk laceweight (the Pashmi is merino/cashmere/nylon fingering). The entire gradient concept has me captured.

I finished the first of the fingerless mitts that will match my Ravellenics hat, late Saturday evening and hope to have a pair by Tuesday. It’s a small dent in the pile of stash that needs busting but a dent nonetheless!

Go Away Monday…

… Nobody likes you. Not here anyway! So many things not finished this weekend. I don’t mind that I have to work but a three day weekend would make a lot more sense. I did make updates to my “Finished Projects 2014” page (tab up above) ie: there is an update now! I hope to be adding something soon. One small goal is to have at least one project per month completed.

Friday morning brought Clue Three of the Peter Pan Mystery KAL to my inbox. I had time to divide the work to begin working a rectangle before I headed in to work. I finished up both sides Saturday evening and here’s how it’s looking so far:

Clue 3 Complete

Clue 3 Complete

The transition from skein 2 to 3 happened quickly, even with a 2-2-2-2-2-2 sequence of gradation, likely because we’re working back and forth over 65 stitches instead of around on nearly 300. Personally, I wish it was more subtle but I’m optomistic that with three more skeins to use, it’ll all blend well in the end.

Here’s a detail photo:

Detail of 2 to 3 transition

Detail of 2 to 3 transition

And… with that, I am out the door for another week of mayhem at my workplace. We will be moving our unit from it’s current location, further into the city as of 21 March. I admit to being somewhat tickled that we’re moving to the Sir Charles Tupper building (a far back relative of my Dad’s) but the requirement to pack and sift through all the paperwork and still run a health program is daunting. No to mention, this will mean needing to examine where I live too.

Life, these last two years seems to be just jumping from one ice floe to the next and praying for sure footing and no polar bears!

Hope your Monday treats your well, cheers!

Ahhh… Sweet Mystery

Clue two of the MKAL is done. I’m pouting a little as it’ll be another long wait to this coming Friday and Clue Three.  The first gradient colour shift was worked in Clue two and I’m loving how these flow. This is my first project with Unique Sheep’s gradients and I can see another wee obsession starting.

Take a peek at some of the other shawls in progress on the Ravelry group page. There are some stunning colourways.

I’ve taken a picture with this on two needles to give an idea of how it’s working up. It’s hard to see the subtle hint of lilac in those grey areas but they’re there and they echo the silver-lined amethyst beads nicely in person.

Detail of Clue Two

Detail of Clue Two

And so I’ll get back to my Hanging Garden Stole. It’s progressing well, I’m just finishing the seventh repeat of the total twelve and really enjoying the Zephyr lace.

Hope y’all found some time for needles or hook this weekend. Cheers!

Without Revealing Too Much…

PP MKAL Clue 1 ~ Finished.

I don’t think this will be a spoiler for anyone who happens by 🙂

Via Flickr:
The Unique Sheep’s Peter Pan Mystery KAL
Just wrapped clue one and I can’t believe I have to wait now for the next one!
I’m liking the combination of yarn to bead and the construction technique is interesting.

And now the mundane calls. Housework, groceries and then a mini Stitch ‘N Bitch with my BFF and Family tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I have my first FO of 2014 and no camera 😦

It would be anticlimactic to post and so I’ll wait.

I am getting excited about starting my first KAL of 2014 – the Unique Sheeps Mystery Lace Shawl. The theme is Peter Pan and I’ll be using one of the gradient collourways that Unique Sheep is known for. I’m trying their Pashimi base, a merino, cashmere, nylon that I hope will feel as luxurious as a similar base from The Plucky Knitter. The combination of fibres is such a joy to work with.

Here’s my colours and beads from Earthfaire:

Unique Sheep Pashimi in "Big Sur"

Unique Sheep Pashimi in “Big Sur”

When I chose this, it suggested the traditional Peter Pan and Wendy clothing colours but softer, as though they were flying across an evening sky. That and I just really liked it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Cheers!

Allrighty Then

Okay. So. I think I’m done with being grumpy. Pretty much. Mostly. Damn it! I hate when my environment gets messed with. My OCD goes a little wonky. A LOT wonky!

So, having pulled up my attitudinal socks… 😉

I was cheered considerably to get home from work and find this bit of lovliness in my mailbox:

Unique Sheep Pashimi in "Big Sur"

Unique Sheep Pashimi in “Big Sur”

I preordered this a while ago for the Unique Sheep’s Mystery Peter Pan KAL over on Ravelry. I love this line of gradients and the purple beads are perfect, picked by Ellen at Earthfaire.

Between this, some heap good progress on Dahlia and that I have today booked off (I don’t even know how I managed that but I’ll take it!) I do think there is a lot of potential for a great day. Knitting, the last of my Christmas shopping, a stop at David’s Tea and a visit to my hairstylist to get this mop dealt with should use up all those hours perfectly!