WIP Wednesday

My WIP’s doth runneth over! Already… 2015 knitting is off to a blistering start despite the constant interference of that Time Vampire “Work”.

One the needles, in my typical “Circuit Knitting” style are:

Phoenix Rising: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KarinB/phoenix-rising

Goth-stonian Leg Warmers: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KarinB/goth-stonian-legwarmers

Cairo Scarf Test Knit: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KarinB/cairo-scarf

I’m cheating and just linking the Ravelry project pages so that I can save my fingers.

The first full week back, post flu and the passing of my beautiful Nanny, has been brutal! Temperatures are what they are during January in my neck of the woods: cold with cold, bitter freezing and cold :p and my unit was tasked with completing several Finance courses that are mandatory and had to be completed by days’ end yesterday. No mean feat in a unit where timelines for completing your actual work are near impossible due to demand and our tiny staff. I am happy to say though that all three courses are complete and my marks may even have been pretty good! Nice to add to the old resume.

I have some wonderful news about Les Cloches Cannelées, it is going to be carried in printed format at my local LYS, Yarn Forward! I’m over the moon as every little bit helps. It’s hard to shine among the many pattern choices and talented designers on Ravelry, or even Etsy and so I’m super happy to have this opportunity. A store sample is underway and I’m crossing my fingers.

And with that, I’m off to work, <grumbles>

Cheers All!

Yarn Pr0n

I had to step out on my stash. This beauty showed up in an email and there were so many reasons to buy it. Exclusive colourway, 100% spun silk, laceweight…

#yarnp0rn #marici #silk #uniquesheep

TUS Marici Lace

And the planned project is “Phoenix Rising” Shawl by Sivia Harding:

#nextproject #uniquesheep #silk #lace #shawl #beads #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl #siviaharding

Next project

The beads are silver-lined crystal A/B and pick up the almost imperceptible pinks and aquas that are part of this gorgeous colourway. All from Earthfaire and with thanks to the wonderful Ellen, who always knows the exact bead to go with her yarns.

My life has been a little off-kilter the last two years but I am finding signs of hope and healing here and there. “Phoenix Rising” just seems appropriate to work those good thoughts into as I knit.