Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

Personally, I like to think that I look like this when I’m knitting:

A little wine, a little cashmere... let's P2tog Handsome!

A little wine, a little cashmere… let’s P2tog Handsome!

Do you know what your knitting face is? Find out here at Love Knitting – So worth the giggles 😀 :

In the interest of full disclosure; I am often a tongue-out knitter and sometimes its variation: “the lipless smile”. Thank god I live alone as that face bears an unfortunate resemblance to my kiddos’ “poop face”!

"The Lipless Smile" knitting face. Or... err... "The Poop Face", in other circles ;-)

“The Lipless Smile” knitting face. Or… err… “The Poop Face”, in other circles 😉