Crochet Pattern Freebie

I found this pretty pram blanket pattern on ‘Crochet Ever After’.
If you missed it, here is a link to the description that includes pattern download and a YouTube video tutorial for working the stitch. I’m so happy to have a baby to knit for again!

Source: Waffle Weave Stitch Baby Blanket Workshop – Crochet Ever After

©Deja Detmir

Waffle weave pram blanket by Deja Detmir

FO Friday :)

I just realized how badly misinterpreted that post title could be by knitting muggles…

Alas, they shall have to remain uninitiated :p

I wrapped up the prototype for “Filigree” today and am mostly happy with it. I’m going to tweak a thing or two for the testknit. I reclaimed some Handmaiden Camelspin in the rose garden colourway for the that. I’m looking forward to knitting it all over again!

My Lazy Ripple is done too, so lazy that I’m not going to block it. It’s lazy because there weren’t formal row counts. This was meant totally for stashbusting and so I used every bit of all the skeins. I like how it came out and I hope there’ll be some babies show up in my circle to gift it to 🙂

Photos of both:


Man! This catchy title thing is hard!

No FO’s today. I’m squirrelling away at a prototype for a new pattern and working a stashbusting pram blanket. My fingers have been giving me hell, so the blanket is crochet, just to break up the repetitive motion.

Just a wee peek at both and then I’m back at it:

Spiral Stashbusting Madness

And… Might as well make this latest round of rabid spammers work to find a place to dump their crap!

Holy crap! They come in waves like a Tsunami of Stupidity – get a life!


Two progress shots of my Spiral Pram Blanket follow, it’s growing so quickly in this early stage that I’m already onto my 80cm cord and soon to move again! From a stashbusting standpoint, this is going great. I’ve worked all the half balls, the bits and bobs and the next join will be to that poor, old sweater that just didn’t make the cut. As a blanket though, I think this project will be a win 🙂


Spiral Pram Blanket ~ Progess 2Wishing you all a perfect weekend.



WIP Wednesday

And happy 600th post to me!

Who’d have thought? There are days this blog feels far more chore than hobby; for the most part though, I enjoy sharing here. I know the sharing certainly keeps me motivated to keep knitting, crocheting and learning more about my fibre crafting.

There are WIP’s – there are always WIP’s – with me, it’s just a matter of which ones are active and which ones are hibernating. I’ve managed to get a fair bit of work done on the Jacaranda / Jose Cardi; a miracle what with work and packing and the paperwork for the move! The back is just about ready for the armhole shaping:

Jacaranda Cardigan Progress 2

And because this is ADD Me, I must have a “Quick ‘N Dirty” project (especially because even the highest quality cottons hurt my hands!) I’ve cast on the “Spiral Pram Blanket” mentioned in a previous post. I’m working this in leftover Noro Silk Garden – the neverending stash of SG – and am loving it so far:

Spiral Pram Blanket Start

Spiral Pram Blanket ~ Take Two

When I post from work all kinds of things go awry! Starting with, the entry screen is blank – there’s no way of knowing what you’ve type! One can’t add photos and adding video is a spotty proposition. In moments of artistic brilliance (heavy irony) I’ve taken the chance on my poetry blog. My feeling being I have to get the words out or lose them, a definite possibility with ADD and so, I throw them in there, save, post and figure I can return from home to fancy up , grammatify or add photos as needs be. Being a pretty exceptional speller-er, I figure I can get away with it.

What I didn’t know is that I can’t get away with “reblogs”, as seen last week when I tried to reblog this wonderful pattern. It defaulted to my poetry blog and though not a disaster, was not going to reach the people who’d truly appreciate and likely just make my poetry people scratch their heads. Note to self: you can reblog only once. Check where it’s going carefully!

Here are the photos that caught my eye from the original post on Monster Yarns and another link to get you there:

Kinda like singing the chorus… with more cowbell. 😉

Merry Midweek All!

Spiral pram blanket 2

Centre of Pram Blanket