Coming Up For Air

No knitting ūüôā

The house is still pending though today is a big one for making conditions of sale happen, I have fingers and toes crossed to get over that hurdle and on to next steps.

It would seem that Boyo and I have excercised the daemons out of all the corners of the apartment and done a little exploring in the neighbourhood. A huge sushi fest yesterday was a wonderful treat – I could eat sushi every day! We’ll christen the kitchen with his good cooking tonight, so off to the market a little later this morning. Lazy days until the weekend, when we’ll do the “proper” tourist things: The Byward Market, Museum of History and hit some of the dessert and art shops there.

Wishing you all a wonderful Victoria Day long weekend!

Cider and Guinness ;-)

Once Upon A Knit

I should really take up knitting or crochet, I hear it’s good for mending frayed nerves…

Ha! ūüôā

So, I will be keeping my day job but I am a ball of nerves the last few days and the next few as well as Life counts me down into some exciting stuff. The mad dash to clean and prepare this small, jerry-rigged and always-meant-to-be-temporary space has gone okay. There’s only so much one can do with those limitations and with having to go to work everyday. Throw in the appointments, chores and other preparations that are required when you’re welcoming a friend for a stay… I am ridiculously excited and nervous. I’ve a dear friend (boy) coming to stay and… Yes. I’m a bundle of nerves that daren’t touch a project lest I wind up with a three-armed sweater or a poodle cozy!

The other big event is a potential change in my living space. I wasn’t looking per se, simply saw a little place and it called me. One Open House on a whim and I felt that I should at least ask a few pertinent questions of the Real Estate folk involved and, it would seem that I’m now learning the ropes of being a potential home owner!

Many things in my real life don’t make it to this blog and one of those things is my separation and divorce. It was a particularly difficult process, not due to my former Husband but to the subsequent “boyfriend” that destroyed what little life I had left. My life in the last two years has been more than a little surreal at times, I’ve alluded to it in one or two posts. ¬†It’s fair to say though, things have turned around and with that blight removed from my life new opportunities for life, love and living are far more visible.

And so…

This week brings a lovely new human and the potential for a lovely new home into my life!

I’m beyond excited about these beginnings and all the new things to learn. Getting involved in the home buying process is as much about learning some grownup things on my on as it is about (maybe) completing the purchase. All of this to say, “I got nuthin'”, as far as the knitting goes but I have ever so much more going on everywhere else. One of those is continuing to mend my family. This weekend past, Mother’s Day weekend saw much of that starting with Saturday spent with my fabulous daughter. We bussed downtown and spent a day shopping, talking, laughing, shopping, sitting on a sunny patio with some pints (Innis & Dunn, yum!) and talking.


Cady ‚̧

Next up was the evening spent with my Mum. She invited me out to see a band called the Groove Junkies – I come by my Rock ‘N Roll nature honestly between both my parents – We had a fantastic time at a popular local pub and it’s lovely to have a connection to the music scene here. I’m fortunate to count several musicians among my friends. The GJ’s were doing a fundraising event for their former keyboard player, taken too soon by cancer. The turnout was great, they packed the pub and the music was wonderful.¬†My Mum can still party like a rockstar!


The Groove Junkies At Greenfields 10 May 2014

As to me… I had a great day because my hair turned out. Pray that it looks decent this Wednesday when I go to pick up my friend at the airport and some of you will totally relate to just how much a small thing like that can influence your day for the better. Another small thing¬†made posting this really fun for me, was noticing as I posted to Facebook yesterday, that my daughter and I both do the palm-to-chin in our photos from the 10th. Guess there’s no denying she’s mine. Between that and our shared Gothy aesthetic and fiery temperament, there’s no getting around it. My beautiful boychild rounded things out with his sweet Mum’s Day message to me (he was working – this is epic).


Me ūüôā

So, the yarny, knitty goodness is taking a temporary backs seat as all these other life events catch me up and take me for a ride but it is a delightfully good ride and I couldn’t be happier to be on it and not standing on the banks watching it pass me by.

I’ll be knitting as I can, posting as I can – what’s a Saturday without a Fibre Funny? – and wishing this same¬†happiness, whatever it is in your life that might be.

Cheers All! ūüôā

Retail Therapy Saturday

Busting out of the old routine here. Things have been very quiet here on the knitty blog, I’ve been super busy on my poetry blog as I participated in the month-long NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month. It was a great incentive to write something new everyday. There were many sites onWordPress and Facebook that provided prompts and encouragement for those who wanted or needed it. I just liked having a bit of a burr under my saddle as I find it easy to procrastinate (I know! Gasp!) about my writing as much as my knitting ;-). A little knitting was done in April (mostly fighting with that damnable Kauni) but the Tipsy Lizzy Shawl is flying along. I’ve begun Chart Five, the last chart and am looking forward to getting something off the needles.

I’m also looking forward to a friend coming for a visit in just a few short days and am flying around this place decluttering and trying to make things homey, though with that said, I went to an open house today to look at what I would dearly love to make my next home. It’s time to leave this part of my life behind and a clean start is looking like all kinds of wonderful! I’ve another open house to go to tomorrow and then some big decisions to make. This whole being a grownup is both cool and scary.

While I was out, I figured a tiny bit of retail therapy couldn’t hurt and seeing as these followed me all over Winners, I had to bring them home with me:

#rainboots #puddlejumpers #winnersscore #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl #rock&candyYay! I just loved them and had no idea what the brand was. It was a double score to find out these are Rock & Candy and usually 3 times what I paid ūüôā

With that, I guess I can’t put off doing some more cleaning or organizing around here. I’ll be registering for the upcoming Needler’s Retreat 2014 Version, once again put on by the wonderful Debbie Wilson of Sheeps Ahoy and then… the dishes…



I need a tiny vent…

I have a lot of stash.
I have so much lot of stash that I have some for sale on Ravelry and Etsy.

I need the real estate and I need to not have to move all this again. Something that will be happening sooner than later.

So when someone wants to buy a skein or two, I’m really happy.

What makes me unhappy is the (many) times that I will get an inquiry, all enthusiastic-like, be asked for a postage quote (find box and packing, weigh, measure, or walk to post office), send the quote, only to have the person email back with ” Oh, I didn’t expect to pay that much!” (referring to either the cost of the yarn – which is clearly indicated in each stash post or the postage – I don’t make these up, that’s what it costs).

Most of my yarn for sale are one offs, ooaks, limited editions or discontinued, highly sought after skeins or colourways.

I’m not having a garage sale. I’m selling gorgeous yarn.



Uhh… WordPress?

I don’t like the new dashboard format. Thanks for the warning.

I don’t like that I pay for this .com and you still put ads on my posts. Just found out.

Yes. Yes, I AM grumpy this morning. Between stupid boys and stupid software… how’s a girl to knit?

Working On It Wednesday

Just beginning to see the colour shift

Just beginning to see the colour shift

I love this project so much… It would be fair to say that I may have the worst case of Startitis ever but if this is the symptom, I’m okay with that!

The lace varies from cobweb weight to 4-ply over the length and the resulting fabric is light and airy, a great match for the colourway I think. This reminded me of Nova Scotia’s provincial flower, epigaea repens (trailing arbutus), one of my favourites, so you’ll find it in my projects as Mayflower Shawlette. As there is a lot of yardage, I may just do the math and keep adding repeats to use it all up.

Ahh, Wednesday. Beginning the attitude shift and to address the “To do” list for the weekend. There will be my famous chili and cornmeal jalapeno muffins to be made and a blackberry raspberry cheesecake too. I think it’s an essential to have at least one photograph of food in one’s Instagram collection, yes? Now that I’ve gone over to the darkside and all ūüôā

St. Valentine’s Day

Knitfun valentine


From Wikipedia:

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as¬†Valentine’s Day,[1][2][3]¬†or the¬†Feast of Saint Valentine,[4]¬†is observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a working day in most of them.[3]

St. Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named¬†Valentinus. The most popular¬†martyrology¬†associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing¬†weddings¬†for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were¬†persecuted under the Roman Empire; during his imprisonment, he is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend states that before his execution he wrote “from your Valentine” as a farewell to her.[5][6]¬†Today, Saint Valentine’s Day is an official¬†feast day¬†in the¬†Anglican Communion,[7]¬†as well as in the¬†Lutheran Church.[8]¬†The¬†Eastern Orthodox Church¬†also celebrates Saint Valentine’s Day, albeit on¬†July 6th¬†and¬†July 30th, the former date in honor of the Roman¬†presbyter¬†Saint Valentine, and the latter date in honor of Hieromartyr Valentine, the Bishop of Interamna (modern Terni).[9]

The day was first associated with¬†romantic love¬†in the circle of¬†Geoffrey Chaucer¬†in the¬†High Middle Ages, when the tradition of¬†courtly love¬†flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which¬†lovers¬†expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering¬†confectionery, and sending¬†greeting cards¬†(known as “valentines“).[1][3]¬†Valentine’s Day symbols that are used today include the¬†heart-shaped¬†outline, doves, and the figure of the winged¬†Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced¬†greeting cards.[11]”

Please Pardon My Tails

First post from the new home for Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl ūüôā

Having just committed to and actually following through on my move from the Blogger platform to WordPress; I am delighted with the virtually seamless transfer. So many years of posts, projects and effort – I dreaded what might happen if I made the attempt. Fortunately, even in this short space of time, much has improved and here I am settling PSPRP into a new home.

My blogs and blogging have evolved – I like to think! – since the humble beginnings of my pretty, pink and very naif first attempts back in early 2006. No Facebook or Ravelry at that time, the knitting world seemed very small and cozy and my early posts certainly reflect that. I’ve loved seeing the evolution of knitting, the advent of Ravelry, Etsy and even Facebook for furthering the cause of Knitters everywhere!

It was important to me to keep my own little record of those times intact but felt limited by the old technology and formatting on the former PSPRP. This move to WordPress, where I have maintained a separate blog for my poetry for almost a year now, has been perfect in every sense. All the old flavour has come and there is only a very little “housekeeping” to do.

Hence the title of this post. You have to be a knitter to get it.

If you’ve just happened by, don’t be shy. I can talk forever about fibre arts and if you’re one of my old Blogger followers, please let me know. I apologize for my lengthy absences there, having everything together in this very user friendly platform should end those gaps.

Not So Much A Post…

… As thoughts on a thread that has been running through several of the blogs that I’ve read the last few weeks. Stephanie, Wendy, Cara and Kimberly have all recently done posts about comments. I started blogging about a year ago (I guess I should go and check – do an anniversary post, or something). I started in spite of being a very shy person, because in my short exposure to the knit blog world, I could see the cameraderie and caring about a common interest that I can’t share with my friends and family. I started off very cautiously – I wanted this to be only about the craft, not about me and to have a permanent journal of my projects, something that is very handy. I’ve pretty much stuck with that. With a small core of readers who I “know”, I’ve become more open to posting family pictures, personal opinions and stuff, it still takes some getting used to, to be so out there. I do really love when people comment, I think all bloggers do and I try to get around and encourage and laugh with as many fellow bloggers as I can,

it’s fun. Sometimes, it can feel a bit like a popularity contest, and I’m sure some people get turned off by certain blogs and chat sites for that reason, and sometimes, as in Stephanie’s case, people seem to feel that, because they aren’t seen, they can say whatever they wish, with impunity. I rarely comment on some of the most popular blogs, mostly because I think it’ll get lost but I love to read them, and I don’t feel excluded by the regular commenters. I do like to comment on “small” blogs, and being one of the “smalls”, I appreciate when someone takes the time for me. I just like to know I’m not boring :)! It’s too bad there isn’t an etiquette book for bloggers, lurkers and such. (For instance, I’m still not sure if I should answer each and every comment, and where would I do that, on each post)? I’m quite sure though, that twitting people on their spelling, choice of yarn or post subjects is not appropriate, and we all have freedom of choice, right? If you don’t like the content, don’t read it. If you do, maybe consider giving some positive feedback. That encouragement and caring is what drew me here, I hope it’s always the prevailing theme for bloggers and readers alike.

On a cheerier note…Yarn Pr0n! My March Pick Up Sticks kit arrived this week, and look at the yarn! Yarn Pirate – so scrummy! I have enough YP to qualify as a Yarn ‘Ho ;).
Far left – I love The Loopy Ewe. Look at this adorable project tote and Opal skein and yes, those are chocolates.
And I had to have more Natural Dye Studio merino/alpaca, it is such lovely stuff. But, Canada Post destroyed the packet and it showed up at my door minus a skein of the pale strawberry!! (Oh, which is now sold out) You have to work pretty hard to pull a skein of yarn out of a 10cm slit in a bubble plastic envelope and of course, there’s no recompense. Canada Post, you suck!