I Went To Pow-Wow Last Weekend…

And couldn’t leave without “Corn Woman”. She’s carved out of moose antler and makes me happy every time I look at her :).
Only one FO this week – my Japanese Lantern socks. Can’t believe they’re done, and I’m loving how the handspun looks with the stitch pattern.
The FO in waiting, Jewel Box Scarf, was sans jewels for a long time but they have been found and should be done by next week.
I’m doing some secret knitting that will keep me busy for a while – and most likely posting about shoes, of which I have many :).
My second installment in the Seven Deadly Spins arrived – Wrath – and is again, just outstanding. Jen does for sock clubs what Santa does for Christmas. And the May Booty Club – also gorgeous, I may need to cast this one on right away.

A Few Yarny Things

Making a little progress here and there. Here’s my “Weekend Jacket” from Interweave Crochet. I splurged and bought the Rowan Cashcotton called for, and am in love. I rarely knit with cottons anymore – hurts my hands – but have had good luck with blends. This one is particularly nice, cotton / angora / cashmere, very luxe:)!

So if I mess up this jacket, I will cry…. So far, so good, hoping to have all three pieces finished by tonight – it’s just the armhole shaping that needs doing.

I finished up the variation on “Porthole Rib” and am counting it for May’s SAM5 KAL. Can’t believe I was finished this early in the month – of course now, I’m jinxed! I’m finally getting the third and final version of Graphic Designer Scarf up for sale on Ravelry. Really happy to have this done – had a bit of a “stall out” with the writing bit – well, misplacing my notes didn’t help either :)!

My 2nd installment of the Wool Girl club arrived and it is beautiful – the yarn is so gorgeous, think I’ll buy more for a sweater. My first Scout’s Swag arrived too – very cool colours in this skein – it may need a unique pattern.

That’s it for now, have a good rest of your weekend!

Another One Off The Needles

So, test knit is finished – I think they’re a “Go”. These were a joy to knit, Claudia Handpaints from The Loopy Ewe, is such squishy, bouncy wool – love it!

The crochet scarf is finished, and I’m eyeing another Interweave pattern for my next crochet scarf, now that I’m feeling more confident.

Got some luscious yarn this week but will need to do an “ETA” with the pictures. One of my packages went to visit Canada Customs – Canada Customs, you suck! Can I just ask – what kind of an ar*ehole uses an exacto knife to open a squishy packet labelled “Yarn”! You’ll have to see the photos to appreciate the heart attack I had.

And I broke down and bought a swift, I’m going to try it out tonight. Can’t believe I’ve gone this long without one!

Tomorrow night’s The Def Leppard / Styx / REO Speedwagon concert was postponed – there may be anarchy in the streets of Ottawa!

Just Under The Wire!

“Simply Love” for Sockamania and SAM5 February – thank goodness it’s a Leap Year :)!

These are done in Lanas Puras Melosa fingering – “Passion” colourway – just a fluke – passion, simply love, February – I’m just trying to knit up stash.

I should be casting off “The Stole of Doom” in the next day or two – work has been INSANE the last couple weeks – I’m so stressed & tired, you might find me nodding off over the needles by 7:30 :).
I have been VERY spoiled this week with Yarn Pr0n. My Wool Girl sock club for February arrived – I can’t believe how each one seems better than the one before! And my silky merino fingering – this month’s selection for the Sundara Seasons club arrived yesterday. It is beyond gorgeous :).

Robin's Egg

Just Sittin’ and Knittin’

DS New Scarf Yet another scarf finished (I do live in Ottawa, Canada, after all). This is DS in his “Fundy Waves” scarf. Can’t believe I got a picture – he’s always out with friends :).

Charade sock is coming along nicely, thank goodness for the long commute. Alas, I don’t think I’ll make it for the SAM5 this month. Don’t faint anyone – I really have been devoting my time to the “Stole of Doom”.

My Miss Babs Ribby Pulli is coming along – I have to give my hands a break from the itty bitty shawl needles now and then. I’m just about to start the sleeves.

Charade sock in merino/bamboo Ribby Pulli

I have very little Yarn Pr0n lately. No really, don’t faint :). I have bought some lovely yarns for sweaters, nothing too thrilling. Haven’t received any of my January yarn clubs as yet, looking forward to the latest Booty Club – it’s supposed to be gorgeous. Cheers!

Tickled Pink Moonlight

Halfway There…

… and counting (every painful, tiny stitch)! So, here is the never-ending Vogue Trellis Stole (of Doom). This is why I don’t usually post progress pictures of these kind of projects – doesn’t look much different does it? BUT, it’s half done, and these panels actually stretch out to (guessing) 75cm or so. I love the pattern (very easy) and the yarn is wonderful to work with (Elann baby lace merino), but it seems like I can knit like a maniac on this and still have not much to show *Sigh*.

And, as I can’t knit lace on the bus, here is my commute project progress so far on “Charade”.

I’m using a really nice bamboo blend sock yarn from Sereknity, and my KnitPicks Harmony dpns for the first time. I really like these, smooth and light, and just the right amount of “grip” for what can sometimes be a slippery yarn.