Project Updates

There has been some knitting happening here, in between the working, writing and all that other stuff that interferes with knitting!

SPNF #5 is off the needles and needed a good blocking before making its debut:

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy # 5 - Finished

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy # 5 – Finished

SPNF #6 (the “fancy” version of the Sky Blue pair) is coming along nicely. It is a lacey stitch but a subtle one, with the TTBL technique adding a tailored, classic look.



And here is a peek at my Concetta Cardigan. I’ve just reached the point where the armhole shaping will begin. The photo does not do justice to the deep blueberry colour and its very subtle flecks of berry. Enjoying this pattern very much and looking forward to wearing it.

Concetta Cardi - WIP

Concetta Cardi – WIP

Finished Object

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #5 makes its debut as an FO:

SPNF #5 Finished

SPNF #5 Finished

Very happy with this one and now ready to return refreshed to finish #4. Sometimes, I really need the almost instant gratification of a crochet project. As reward for finishing one item, I cast on for the Concetta Cardi. I love the pattern and the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine is very nice to work with – soft, subtle berry variegations in the dark blue and the alpaca with nylon lends a bit of drape. A progress picture will follow when I feel like that won’t jinx me!

Yarn Pr0n AND Book Pr0n

My Webs order:

Berocco Alpaca Fine and My Grandmother's Knitting

Can’t wait to start this project. The dark blueberry mix is for the vintage-style Concetta Cardigan by Ciriila Rose from the book, My Grandmother’s Knitting and the turquoise blend is for Norah Gaughan’s “Jubilee” scarf.

I’ll be casting these on just as soon as SPNF #’s 4 and 5 are complete… probably tomorrow now that I have this incentive.

I’ve recently become a fan of WestKnits – how did I miss these designs? – as much for the fact that he’s a guy who knits – and that is rather rare but also because he brings a more masculine aesthetic to his designs – they actually look like something a dude would wear! This sweater, “Drangey“, by Stephen West, really caught my eye for the texture and simple and attractive colourwork and the saddle shoulders – very wearable. I’m thinking a deep charcoal fleck with red stripes would look great in this pattern.

And-d-d… this is how my stash grows!

Can Matching Jackets Be Far Behind?

Finished my scarf from the leftovers of My Beau’s scarf:

My Berocco Vintage Scarf

My Berocco Vintage Scarf

Finding these last two projects have really fired my crochet passion. And goosed my recurrent “Startitis”. I’ve one skein left to work up to complete SPNF #4 but I had to set it down to begin #5, which will be crocheted. I’ve found a shell-based pattern, somewhat similar in overall feel to my “Warrick” and really enjoying it. The stitch is easy to remember, flows well and – because its crochet – is flying off the hook.

Number 5 in WIP

Number 5 in WIP

I spent some time tonight transferring my 2010 gallery over here to WordPress. A few of the projects that I completed and remembered to photograph! Slow but sure, things become more organized.

One more day to the weekend folks – hopefully, my most recent Jimmy Beans order will be here and I can share a little Yarn Pr0n. The week is always better with just a little new fibre goodness.