WIP’s And Progress

I was beginning to despair of having anything fibre-related to post before the end of the week! Here at last though, the finished Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy (thank god I won’t have to type that again!) #7.

Ugly flamingo guts no more!

Ugly flamingo guts no more!

Now is lovely corded lace rib guts, lol!
Now is lovely corded lace rib guts, lol!

So happy to finally have this finished. There’s always a project that just hangs around like last nigh’s garlic :p

And that meant I can start something new! I’ve three projects on hold but they are all legit, I’m either out of the yarn or out of the right size pins. All of those have been ordered and should be here by the end of the coming week. I am trying to clear out my monstrous WIP bin of guilt though, so have pulled out a shawl started a couple years ago. I’ve long since lost my pattern notes so, I frogged and recaked it and am now working “Anaea Butterfly Shawl“.

These are the first few rounds:

Anaea (for the Peruvian purple butterfly). Purple of all shades and tints, is my favourite colour.

Anaea (for the Peruvian purple butterfly). Purple of all shades and tints, is my favourite colour.

I’ve since completed the core twelve rounds and on the 2nd repeat of the three-round main body pattern. Its working up very quickly in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport and in its currently still-slightly-rumpled-up state (I didn’t bother to soak it, just rewound) it looks like a happy, purple pansy sitting on the coffee table.

We Now Return You To The Knitting Content

I am diligently plodding along on those last two scarves:

SPNF #7 AND #10 - Progress

I got distracted by this little bit of shiny:

Chameleon Baby Blanket - StartChameleon Baby Blanket - Detail

This is my first square in the Chameleon Baby Blanket using the CPY Mini Mochi that I posted a while back. I had to learn the fpdc stitch and I’m convinced that I’m doing it wrong but it looks as all the other finished blankets I’ve seen, so I’m forging ahead. I love the colour shifts in the mini mochi, very pretty.

And a little yarn pr0n:

Manos Serena

I NEEDED  to buy a certain type circular from Jimmy Beans, this fell into the cart on the way out. Manos Serena, a pima and baby alpaca blend. I’m thinking perhaps the Dahlia Cardigan for this.

I had some time on my hands this weekend and so updated my galleries. 2008, 2009, 2013 and the Reader gallery have all been added to WordPress and links are given at the top of each page to the Flickr sets where you can find needle, yarn and project information.

Housekeeping and Progress

I’ve added another gallery to the “My Galleries” tab. Slow but sure, things are being transferred and updated. With spring in the air in both my homes, that inclination to renovate, renew and reinvent is definitely on the brain!

A new home, with new decorating possibilities… The mind boggles at all the options out there and of course, as an artist, I find I am brimming over with new ideas for patterns, art and a new book.

Breakfast Nook Home Office

I think its time that I have a “proper ” home office, one that isn’t the top of every piece of furniture in  my living room! If I can arrange for the floor to ceiling, wall to wall window, I shall. My breakfast nook “thing” started when I was really little. My Grandma had one and I’ve many fond memories or meals, reading and art projects done there. That and a walk-in pantry. Every good cook needs one of those…

Oh! Knitting… Forgot about that, smiles.

SPNF #8 flew off the hook. Here’s the finished photo:

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy #8

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #8

SPNF #7 is still in the works. Being as this is a “plain” I find it a little less exciting to work on but its coming along nicely:

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy #7 - WIP

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #7 – WIP

And a peek at the progress for SPNF #9:

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy #9 - WIP

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy #9 – WIP

This and the 10th (and final!) are crochet so I’m expecting to have both done very soon. So pleased with this project / challenge that I set for myself. Its official, I have more FO’s in three months than I did all year last year. The writing irons in the fire took time and precedence but I’m finding the balance between both these particular vices.

The best part of this project?

One now empty box of yarn means no guilt about adding that skein of Sundara for a shawl at the end of this month – Crochet Month.

Pretty In Pink

I can’t believe how productive I can be when I stay focused. Number eight is flying off the hook a little faster than number seven. In fairness, I’ve only been working on seven during breaks at work… Breaks being the operative word.

They are already further along than these pictures and I’ve got the patterns picked for the last two scarves. Hoping to be starting those by the weekend. Poor Concetta… I was flying along on that but when I was about to start the sleeves, I realized I had no bamboo dpns in the correct size. I. Know. This is very difficult to believe considering how many sizes and types of needles I have but ’tis true. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of a parcel from Jimmy Beans to rectify that situation and to see the Manos del Uruguay “Serena”alpaca cotton blend that fell into my basket on the way to checkout.


SPNF #6 Finished


ETA: Totally forgot to post the finished photo of SPNF #6!