Wednesday What I Got

Post title has immediately precipitated singing Sublime’s “What I Got” 🙂

I got me some FO’s and some WIP’s and a whole lotta love for this Friday when Bestie and me are off to Needler’s Retreat 2016!

I am beyond grateful to have been sponsored to go on a scholarship this year – it’s been a difficult one and Retreat is one of those soul and sanity resets that I look forward to even at the end of a good year. I’ll have my camera handy as always to record slip slip knits and shenanigans.

So… what fell off my hooks and needles since the last post?

A slouchy hat with a whole lotta Vikkel going on. I winged this one to use up some gorgeous Malabrigo Rios – matches my Black Locust mitts – and to earn another achievement badge in Eat.Sleep.Knit’s Yarnathon 2016. Go Starsheep!

Next up was another stashbuster. Coppelia is a shawl / cowl hybrid and I finally knit up some of my Schaefer Marjaana. I fell in love with this 50/50 Silk Merino blend and bought a sweater or two’s worth sometime in the early 2000’s. Moving and organizing my guest room unearthed a lot of treasures. I love how the combination of yarn and pattern came together and this one will be coming with me to Retreat.

Yes. Yes, we do plan our outfits for the weekend!

On the needles I have an interesting bulky knit cowl. This is a bit of a challenge but it is for another achievement badge so worth powering through my dislike of 10.00mm needles that feel like telephone poles! I never buy “fat” yarn but this is another of Malabrigo’s – the Rasta base – in the same colourway as my BL mitts and the Vikkel Slouch hat and so, is a little less irritating to juggle knit.

Two stitches to 2.5cm!

Two stitches to 2.5cm!

The other WIP’s in waiting are all progressing very well. Atelier is almost finished, Ruisseaux still needs sleeves, Dulce de Leche is coming along slowly but… it’s cashmere and silk! I’m making this last as long as I can… like any luscious, sexy, sensual, tactile… err… knitting!

I’ll be casting on some socks – gasp! – to take as my personal knitting for when we have “free time”. I decide on the Haleakala socks from one of Cookie A’s sock clubs – the first year I think – I was a member for the first and second rounds and have yet to make one sock from all the patterns we received! I guess that’s the hazard of having started off designing socks almost exclusively myself. I got “socked out”. These will be cast on once we’re at Retreat so in the meantime here’s a little bit of yarn porn from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns – Addiction base in teal colourway:


This is ESK’s photo and my skeins from them are identical.

Still can’t believe that I went from knitting one full pair of adult socks in less than 24 hours (Twice! My team competed and won twice) to not having finished a single pair in several years! Not a problem if a third of my stash wasn’t single skeins of Indie sock yarn…

I have a tiny bit of homework to prepare in addition to figuring out what Cons go with what cowls and what mukluks go with what shawls so better get cracking here. Hope you all have a productive week with lots of time for crafting and I hope to have some photos to share of the beautiful spot I’ll be at and some of my favourite ladies.


Outta Here!

The Needler’s Retreat 2015 begins this afternoon at 5:00pm. We will be having our usual private soirée with the official troublemakers and lovers of non-dairy creamer (Bailey’s) an hour or two ahead of that. I love these gals and it’s a treat to spend time away from all other concerns and be immersed in the craft we all love. BFF and I have the ‘honeymoon suite’ again this year. Yes. We really do call it that. You need a ‘backstitch pass sl st over’ to get in with the punk rock purlers 😀

I’ll be back with stories and photos next week and until then happy knitting and don’t ‘ss any knits or p2togs’ that I wouldn’t do!

Sexy Knitters Club

Not your Grannie's Knittin'!

Not your Grannie’s Knittin’!

Cheers all! ~ kei
6 November 2015

Counting Down

… To Needler’s Retreat 2014 🙂

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Needler’s Retreat and I’m so glad to be able to be a part of it.

I'm ready 😊

More yarn or more cider? 😉

Once again, we’ll be meeting at The Glen House in Gananoque; a beautiful venue and so welcoming. Our classes this year are another good mix and I’m especially excited to be taking a class that my BFF, Francine Hebert of Fancy That will be teaching on the knitting with silk hankies technique. Our class materials will include hankies that have been dyed by my friend Yvie of YvieKnits, so this promises to be a real treat.

A trip back in time: Needler’s Retreat 2011 photos.

Our other workshops will include: JAZZ UP YOUR RAGLAN by adding Stitch Patterns with Deb Gemmell and KNITTING CONTINENTAL COMBINED with Anja Krebber. No homework required this year so I’m a very happy girl!

I’m hoping to be taking the “Tipsy Lizzy” (Elizabeth) shawl and my finished “Oliver Twist” shawl, provided I can get them blocked and dry before we head out Friday morning but I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying. I’ve learned this last year to take things a little easier.

I’ll post if able, the days are very full and there are some beautiful venues for walks and photo ops. If not, there’ll be an update next week.

Wishing you all a great week and weekend. Cheers!

Family, Fibre and Furnaces

Once again, an entire week has flown away from me!

With all the lead up to my nephew’s wedding, I thought I’d have a little more by the way of knitting and such to show but somehow, I’ve not managed a lot other than to keep up with the Oliver Twist MKAL. I did complete Clue 4 and it’s official… I love nupps!

Here’s the detail photo of Clue 4:

Clue 4 Completed ~ Detail

KarinB’s “Oliver” Clue 4

I’m still working away on “Blob”, which is beginning to look cuddly and wearable. I’ve a second skein to work with that’ll give a unique “dip dye” effect to the prototype, one that I hope will catch the interest of some knitters once it’s published. The Manos “Fino” is a gorgeous yarn, I’m already plotting ways to buy more.

A little excitement with my furnace this week, though it’s been so warm, there’s hardly a need. I did have a broken igniter but an efficient repair man and a service contract so all worked out beautifully and winter can begin whenever it chooses to get here.

The itinerary for this year’s version of The Needler’s Retreat was emailed out early this week and I am thrilled!

My BFF, the very talented Francine Hebert of “Fancy That” yarn jewellery, will be teaching a class in knitting with silk hankies. I fully expect that my efforts at class clown will be appreciated by all our teachers this year. Once again, the venue is the gorgeous Glen House in Gananoque on the St. Lawrence and we have our favourite room as per usual (party is at Frankie and Kar’s! 😉 ) I was really happy that we don’t have any homework to do before this year’s classes; I’m already doubting I’ll have much finished (ie: blocked) for Show ‘N Tell.

Throwback Thursday

There’s been a huge surge of visitors to Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl in the last couple of days and I want to thank you for stopping by! This is a shameless plug: if you’ve been enjoying what I share here, please consider voting for my blog (as mentioned in this post: Canadian Blog Awards)

When I find good tips, I like to share them – that’s the beauty of our crafting community! There are other tutorials here too with links back to the websites where they originate. I hope to make a video tutorial showing my favourite technique for creating nupps soon to add to the others 🙂

I don’t know if any of you are participating in “Throwback Thursdays”, a Facebook meme where you post old photos of yourself. I don’t often but it is fun to see those memories and bright, shiny faces!

I just like alliterative post titles – can’t help it – it’s the “writer” thing 🙂 My knitting “Throwback Thursday” which could also be a “WIP Wednesday”… if we’re getting all technical, is to a design that has been on paper forever but is finally seeing some love in the prototype stage.

I’m hoping to have this piece done to bring with me to Sheeps Ahoy’s 2014 Needler’s Retreat, along with it’s older sibling “The Bishop’s Sleeves” scarf. At the moment, this is called “The Aqua Blob Of Doom”, though I’ll come up with something more appealing before it goes live! The prototype is being worked in Fleece Artist and Manos yarns, both are silk blends and luscious to work with.

The Aqua Blob

The Aqua Blob

Retail Therapy Saturday

Busting out of the old routine here. Things have been very quiet here on the knitty blog, I’ve been super busy on my poetry blog as I participated in the month-long NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month. It was a great incentive to write something new everyday. There were many sites onWordPress and Facebook that provided prompts and encouragement for those who wanted or needed it. I just liked having a bit of a burr under my saddle as I find it easy to procrastinate (I know! Gasp!) about my writing as much as my knitting ;-). A little knitting was done in April (mostly fighting with that damnable Kauni) but the Tipsy Lizzy Shawl is flying along. I’ve begun Chart Five, the last chart and am looking forward to getting something off the needles.

I’m also looking forward to a friend coming for a visit in just a few short days and am flying around this place decluttering and trying to make things homey, though with that said, I went to an open house today to look at what I would dearly love to make my next home. It’s time to leave this part of my life behind and a clean start is looking like all kinds of wonderful! I’ve another open house to go to tomorrow and then some big decisions to make. This whole being a grownup is both cool and scary.

While I was out, I figured a tiny bit of retail therapy couldn’t hurt and seeing as these followed me all over Winners, I had to bring them home with me:

#rainboots #puddlejumpers #winnersscore #pointeshoespunkrockandpurl #rock&candyYay! I just loved them and had no idea what the brand was. It was a double score to find out these are Rock & Candy and usually 3 times what I paid 🙂

With that, I guess I can’t put off doing some more cleaning or organizing around here. I’ll be registering for the upcoming Needler’s Retreat 2014 Version, once again put on by the wonderful Debbie Wilson of Sheeps Ahoy and then… the dishes…


Needler’s Retreat 2013

Dawn breaking on the 5th of November on the St. Lawrence side of The Glen House.

Dawn breaking on the 5th of November on the St. Lawrence side of The Glen House.

The workshop lineup this year looks great. I’m really excited for some classroom time with Anna Dalvi, lace shawl designer extraordinaire and one of Ottawa’s  own. We’ll also have Natalie Servant and Mary Pat MacDonald to round out our talented teachers.

Needler’s is put on annually by Debbie Marshall of Sheeps Ahoy and is very much a unique and special event. The joke in these parts is that someone has to die and will you their spot on the attendees list. I am so grateful that no knitters were harmed in my having been added to the list!

Here is the lineup of classes for those interested and here are more photos of the 2011 get together, including our “Human Cable” demonstration with Fiona Ellis! Fiona Ellis *fangirls*

A visit to my doctor this afternoon for a day procedure – wish me luck – then Just two more sleeps before we leave. I think a river beach view, knitting, chat and a refreshing beverage or two will be the perfect restorative / recuperative 🙂

I took a workshop in Tunisian Crochet as

I took a workshop in Tunisian Crochet as part of the activities at the 2011 Needler’s Retreat that is put on by Sheeps Ahoy! I really loved it but didn’t find any projects that really captured my imagination.

Stumbled across a series of shawls by Aoibhe Ni and am smitten!

Teaching myself from her videos as we speak and totally in love with this technique 🙂

Pictures to follow soon!