WIP Wednesday

Not a lot of knitting to show, unfortunately, things are incredibly busy in my “other” life. but here’s what I got…

Still trying to gather up the yarn for “Canada” for the Knitting On The Road knitalong. I’m leaning towards Louet Gems Pearl for that (Connie needs to get back from vacation!)

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter – we had a double celebration with my Dad’s 70th birthday celebration on the Saturday, talk about food overload!

Put Up Or Shut Up…

I’m putting up a picture of my progress on Shut Up (and knit your Cabin Cove). This is a 50/50 silk/merino and it is heaven to knit with. One could almost consider frogging just to knit it again. Kidding! Making it up as I go, and more progress since the photo was taken. This may be waiting awhile as the new month has brought a slew of new projects for the KAL’s that I’m in. I belong to a ridiculous amount of knitalongs, but I do find it helps motivate me to finish things. Being a process knitter does really handicap my finishing sometimes.

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on comments (from my last post). I feel very lucky to have the circle of acquaintances that I do have online, we all seem to share a similar view, very cool…

I forgot to post this picture of some new wool and patterns – must be slipping! All from Loopy Ewe (honest – no affiliation). Two skeins of Cider Moon yarn, this just looked like Spring to me, I couldn’t resist. And reinforcing my belief that Canada will take over the world by yarn – Sweet Georgia in “blue fig”. I may just keep this to stare at until Felicia comes back (I hope she’s back soon) from hiatus.

Spring Is In The Air!

Not a lot of knitting this week – work and flu, the usual saboteurs of knitting… There are “Things That Make Me Happy” though! Sock Madness round 2 kicked off Thursday, with my pattern for the challenge. Many have already finished their socks and move on to the next round, and I have been amazed at the variations that the creative competitors have come up with. As my own knitting was pretty spotty this week, piccy is of my socks, “Mad-tini”. Each name had to have the word mad in it and these are knit in Yarntini’s fabulous wool.
I am going to be brave and participate in a knit-off for Socktopia today – hah! Between cold meds and inhalers, I should be in fine form :)! I had one of those medicated moments already this week, while checking up on the “Shut Up & Knit Your Cabin Cove” KAL that I am in. Well sort of in. I bookmarked the January entry – the kick off post, instead of the homepage post. So, never seeing any updates for a few weeks, I assumed it was a quieter KAL – there are those – but finally, randomly hit the “main” button and voila! People are posting and knitting, imagine that. Did I feel stupid or what? Not to mention, I’ve totally slacked on my Cabin Cove socks. Oh well… Lot’s of blog housekeeping and tidying to do today – before Socktopia. Hopefully there will be some gallery and pattern updates before the end of the weekend. For you shawl and lace knitters, Joan has started a KAL for the Moonlight Sonata Shawl by Shui Kuen Kozinski. The pattern is absolutely lovely and free at Elann (no affiliation). So if you’re looking for a new project, go and check it out.