Saturday Synopsis

The week brought a little of this, a little of that, much knitting and pencil chewing over a new design. I planned a little for my first vending event and did a tiny bit of shopping and finished two books.

Here’s a little gathering of “the things”:

Hoping your week was happy and productive and wishing you a great weekend 🙂

Cheers all!

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The 80’s…

But you’ll never get the 80’s out of the girl! 😉

Goth-Stonians Legwarmers have gone live on Ravelry!

Please download and get creative – it’s free for the remaining month of August – a little kick-start to the beginning of the knitting season.

Fast, fun, affordable. One skein of Cascade 220 or any worsted, some imagination and these become totally unique.

Huge loves to my amazingly beautiful and talented daughter for supplying photos for me Hell no! You wouldn’t catch me on heels that high anymore – unless a palanquin and two studly dudes come with purchase!

Pattern page 1:

Goth-Stonian Legwarmers ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

Goth-Stonian Legwarmers ©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

I Could Show You…

Knitfun favorite obsession

My black and white obsession, that is:

My knitting jags resemble a two-year old’s food jags 🙂 Come to that, my eating habits resemble same!

Skulls And Spring

Skully” was well received and so I’ve begun a test knit. Remind me to take notes the next time I decide to hook “off the cuff”! The skull motif is a fairly well-known one, for those of us who like that stuff and my favourite was Spider Mambo’s single crochet guy. I popped her skull into an Arcade wheel style “granny” to make “Skully”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what I did. I started yesterday with hook, needles, yarn, notebook and camera (!) in my lap and set to.

Yorick” is close to halfway done, I’ve notes and photos for a possible tutorial if this becomes a pattern and thankfully, DID remember what I’d done to create the “Slipped Stitch Open Patella Cable”. Yes. That. 8=. I’m using the KnitPicks wool of Andes sportweight again, had tons leftover and it’s super economical for proto’s and tests. I’ve promised my Girlie a #ucg version that she’ll be able to wear at work (sidebar: since when do companies hire Graphic Designers, ie: Artists, and then subject them to corporate drone dress codes?) I have some KnitPicks Shine Sport in black for multi-seasonal wear. I’m testknitting an idea that’s languished for a while. Still bearing the unfortunate name of “Green Blob” in my head but now in blue. I think if I can stop setting this down for other yarny projects, it could be pretty.

Speaking of seasons… I’m not sure who is responsible for this but you go to Mama Nature right now and apologize!! I woke to this beautiful but chilly back garden view this AM.

Did I Mention It Keeps Me Out Of The Pub?

I’m in full-on manic mode with the fibre crafts…

This is great but in the past, has come with a dreadful and incurable side effect – Startitis. Starting is all well and good and when my brain’s on fire, can be productive. There is my own little twist (no pun) on it though… ADD is such a great thing in many ways but when all synapses start firing at once, I can get so overwhelmed that I want to chuck it all and just read books!

In the interest of avoiding – hopefully – the dreaded ennui monster, I’m allowing myself to do bugger all “official” knit stuff today and am just having fun. Yay!

Keeping the Punk in Punk Rock… I’ve been popping these skully crochet things out like Reddenbacher’s:

I really do love crochet, it’s fast, fun and who can argue with skulls? 😉 I’m thinking that there may be an entire #UCG realm of possibility here for knit and crochet items. My daughter has inherited, perfected and is fearless in her Goth style and would be a perfect model! Now… if I could just stop fretting about what people think…

First and worst sign of aging = giving up the styles that make you happy for the popular perception! Why, why, why do we spend so much time encouraging our children’s creativity and freedom of expression, only to turn round and quash it in ourselves or others?

So, back to my version of colouring outside the lines in my blanket fort today. If anyone needs me, I can be lured out with dark chocolate milk and pop tarts! 🙂