No Really – Crochet Me :)


Finished up the Boteh Scarf (from Interweave Crochet). This was a fun project – and another great use for sock yarn :). I worked it in Seacoast Panda from stash.

Have just about finished the 2nd “Porthole Rib” variation and was inspired to cast on “Friggin’ In The Riggin'” – 3rd and final in my Pirate sock series, I’m looking forward to having them finished.

Always running more than 1 project – I couldn’t resist casting on one of my dkKnits skeins. It was calling me, I swear! I’m improvising a crochet scarf with it – something that is a little more dressy, to suit the merino / tencel blend, and it is wonderful to work with.

And I finally cast on my Sockamania “Simply Cables” in some stashed GypsyKnits. The 3-ply “Sock It” is so soft, lovely for socks.
Flounder, Did You Borrow My Scarf? Simply Cables

Just Under The Wire!

“Simply Love” for Sockamania and SAM5 February – thank goodness it’s a Leap Year :)!

These are done in Lanas Puras Melosa fingering – “Passion” colourway – just a fluke – passion, simply love, February – I’m just trying to knit up stash.

I should be casting off “The Stole of Doom” in the next day or two – work has been INSANE the last couple weeks – I’m so stressed & tired, you might find me nodding off over the needles by 7:30 :).
I have been VERY spoiled this week with Yarn Pr0n. My Wool Girl sock club for February arrived – I can’t believe how each one seems better than the one before! And my silky merino fingering – this month’s selection for the Sundara Seasons club arrived yesterday. It is beyond gorgeous :).

Robin's Egg

Coming Along

Swirl Interrupted

Here’s the progress on my Sockamania socks, “Simply Love”. These are this month’s commute project and will do mulit-duty for a couple sock clubs, as I’m still knitting away on “The Stole of Doom”. That should be done in a couple weeks – I just have so little time to knit! I have some progress on my daily commute sock, now about half-way through the 2nd one. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa fingering – it’s like a fingering weight Malabrigo :).

Not much else, happening. A new position at work has upped the stress (in a good way) and the home front is “same as it ever was”. The bedroom wallpaper marathon is still ongoing – who’s the idiot who bought not-drystrippable paper?!

We are all on a “live with less stuff” kick (like the TV show) and I have been sorting through closets and files and piles and you name it. I had no idea just how much had accumulated over the years, the forgotten and the overly-sentimental. I really don’t need to keep all my concert tees, do I? Or tax returns from the 80’s? So, we are getting a jump start on Spring cleaning.

Just an observation – I LOVE Ravelry, it’s informative, fun and a great organizational tool. But, has it meant the death of blogging? By the time I do my thing over their, I really don’t feel like updating here at PSPRP or the sock club blogs (most of which are duplicated on the Ravelry site anyway). I almost never have time to “visit” friends’ blogs the way I used to, and I notice very few stop by here anymore. Anyone else finding same?

Yarn Pr0N, there has been some, most on my Flickr page, but here is the latest:

January Girl I Want Candy

And, the Not-yarn Pr0n:

New Dishes!

That’s it folks! Have a good weekend :).

November Roses – ETA FO Picture

I’ll have to post a picture later Here ’tis and there is one on Ravelry, if you want to pop over there. My Sockamania November socks are done. These are the “Ripples” pattern. It was fun to work, and would have been quick if I weren’t doing other knits. The yarn is Knitting By Zen’s “Spicee” from One Planet. I loved how the colours knit up in the pattern – even though I almost never mix a lace with a varigated. Sunray should be finished by tonight, and hopefully blocked on the weekend, and I’m still knitting away at the Vogue Trellis Stole.
I will have some Yarn Pr0n pictures later today. Here they are, the latest Loopy Ewe sock club and…

Loopy, Loopy, How Do I Love Thee? Wool Girl Sock Club Duets Lucky Lurker Club

It kinda felt like Christmas for the last two weeks 🙂 !

What’s Doin’ This Week

The Thumbnail
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about “Mr. Greenjeans“. He was a joy to knit, and fast too :)!

As mentioned on Ravelry, here is the first installment of the Graphic Designer Scarf challenge. DD wanted a specific colour, and has always been persnickety about softness, width, length, etc. of anything she wears :)! So, with the drop of a (beautifully knitted) gauntlet, I was off with some yarn and a graph pad, working out her latest scarf.

There are lots of discussions revolving around design, composition, colours and all that stuff in our house and I wanted this design to reflect some of what DD is always talking about.

So here ’tis. Graphic Designer I is the beginner version of this scarf. It’s the sketch of an idea, but already having “good bones” of design. It can be developed even further, and will be in Graphic Designer II…. As always, I only have one test knitter, so if you find any errors in the pattern, please let me know, and I love to see FO’s of my design, so if you make one – don’t be shy – send me a photo or link :)!

My October Booty Club package arrived this week, I finished the Chevron Scarf (finally!) and restarted my Sunray Shawl, and also started my Sockamania November socks.

Yarn Pirate Knitting Needles! Scout's Swag & Fleece Artist
Worsted Weight shawl
Ripples Socks

Psycho Knitter, Qu’est-ce que c’est?….

Anniversary Socks

Sockamania #1 Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, finished objects! (with apologies to my beloved Talking Heads)

Two more down for SOS ’07 and my first sock for the Sockamania knitalong (love this one). The green is my first sock from the Favourite Socks book – Anniversry Sock – and it was knit in this month’s Pick Up Sticks sock club yarn. The blue is “Spiralling Socks”, the spirals mirror each other on the left and right sock. This was done in J. Knits yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Love this yarn – it’s very fine and soft and the varigations are perfect (I’m not a fan of “pooley” and “stripey”, unless I buy a self-striping).

The second installment of Socktopia’s Mystery Sock came out yesterday, I’d just cast on the 2nd cuff – didn’t want to stop knitting with the yarn – so I’m anxious to get started on Part two today. And I finally have my Six Sox “I Love Gansey” started – this is coming out better than I expected, the yarn is NOT fighting with the design and that makes me happy :). I’ll cast on my “Shooting Stockings” for my commuter sock – nothing else is portable – what with charts and working from two ends of a yarn cake!

Mystery Sock Part 1Yarn Pr0nGansey Sock Yes – I probably need an intervention…

Oh! And this is totally cool….

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I was nominated by SMariek, who has some of the best (free) hat / scarf and “warshrag” patterns that I’ve knit – drop by for a visit :)!