Preparations, Purls and Patterns

Life goes on and this is a very busy week for which I’m grateful. I’ll be spending an afternoon with my Mum and Sisters – the l’il big Bro works shifts đŸ˜¦ – followed by wrapping up a crocheted crib blanket for my very first grand niece-ling. A visit to the dentist today – chipped a tooth! – as a former CDA, I’m mildly freaked about that. Thursday is official ‘Sit ‘N Knit’ at my LYS but I may forgo as Friday brings our departure for 2015’s Needler’s Retreat!

I can definitely say, this has been an excellent diversion. I’ll be vending in person, as opposed to selling on Etsy, et al and creating and updating my Seller’s ‘tool kit’ has been at the top of my list. My presentation will be very simple as the Vendor’s Night portion of the weekend is small, the bulk of the time being devoted to workshops. I’ll include an info stand with my Berroco interview in print and business cards, a binder with a selection of patterns and samples for those. Hopefully, I’ll create some new connections and broaden my customer base. I’ll be including the first of my professionally tech edited patterns and one or two of my friend Francine’s (of Fancy That) shawl pins. Verra excited đŸ™‚

On the homefront, I did a redux on my bar cart / microwave stand yesterday. It’s not my favourite piece, being from the ‘year of apartment living’ but it’s useful and so I thought I’d make it more presentable. The DK version of MatinĂ©e ~ Marbles is done too.

A little gallery of the knits, the Duct Tape Diva stuff and the last of October:

Countdown Days

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly the days fly by.

A scant two months ago, I began looking a for a place to call home. The immediate flurry of activity as rental and sales agents became involved has made much of the time a blur. The last three weeks of sale negotiations and the nail-biting stress of doing this on my own are fading quickly with the realization that it’s just over two weeks before I’ll be settled in my new digs. A good place, free of any hint of the ugliness that shadowed much of the last two years.

This realization put a burr under my saddle as of Friday past and I am now in full on packing and organizing mode. The Boy is coming back for a visit in three days too, note to self: men need more than snack foods! I’ve much still packed thankfully. It became apparent almost immediately upon moving here that it would be temporary, so only the things I’ve been using to be dealt with. An order of boxes arrived yesterday and I’ve working at getting the least used things packed, labelled and stacked. Next up this week is to find a small, private mover – beer, pizza and friends being all well and good but probably the same cost and to begin tying up all the account type things.


In between, there is a little knitting to keep me on an even keel. Jacaranda / Jose got a lot of love this past week, the back is now done and the fronts have been cast on:


Despite my – ahem – better judgement, I’ve decided to participate in the Sweet Georgia “Summer Of Socks” KAL. I love SG’s yarns and have some kicking around that really needs to be knit. A couple bordering on ancient skeins of “Boheme” colourway should do for this project. The Superwash Sock is thick, bordering on a Sportweight and I’m thinking my own “Japanese Lanterns” pattern would be pretty in this or maybe my original “Mad-tini” socks.

SweetGeorgia YarnsAnd with that, another work day calls – loud and grumpy, like an angry fish wife! – it would seem that again, I bought lotto tickets that aren’t jackpot winners. I’ll need to speak sharply to the sales clerk when I buy my next one!

Hope your Monday is gentle and if not that, productive.



Another Fake It Monday

My WIP’s are all progressing well and I’m really liking the first clue of the Unique Sheep’s Peter Pan Mystery KAL. I will need to try and push through some of these as I’ve committed to team Wabi Sabi in the Ravellenics coming up in just a few weeks!

Follows are photos of my latest scarf prototype, the Hanging Garden Stole, my Ridges and Ribs sock, and a stashbusting sweater, that I’m adapting from an old pattern:






A little uninspired the last couple days. Winter had abated for a day or two and is now back with a vengeance. The tinsel and champagne are long gone and now is that long stretch to spring with no major events to break up the routine. Hopefully, KAL’ing and planning the move of my workplace to a new location will shake off these blahs…

First Projects

I’ve begun the “Hanging Garden Stole” by Sivia Harding and am in love!

HGS after one repeat

HGS after one repeat

My portable New Year’s project is the “Ridges and Ribs” sock in Estelle’s “SockItToMe Bold”. No picture yet, I left my camera at my Mum’s on Christmas Day!

My stashbuster is “Wavy Scarf” a lovely crochet pattern that I’ve modified to use up a combination of bulky and fingering leftovers. Picture to come once I have my camera back. So much for leaving it in a safe place!

I’m not big on resolutions at New Year’s, I have a set of “ideals” that I am constantly striving for. One of my knitting goals this year is to learn continental knitting, just for the heck of it and I am going to strive to “shop my stash” as much as possible for my 2014 projects.

Wishing you all the very best with your goals or resolutions this coming year. Cheers!

Make It Monday!

Last one of 2013 and so I tried a little harder to have something to post. I’m so happy with the amount of knitting I got done this year. It’s true that the rhythm of the needles can provide music for the soul and mine certainly needed it. The last two years have been a little chaotic for me personally and knitting is an amazing stand in for a therapist at times!

And so, the knitting… I finished up the first Noro Bias Lace Scarf:

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Detail

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Detail

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Finished

Noro Bias Scarf ~ Finished

Although I love the pattern and the Noro Kureyon sock colours, it still feels like binder twine while being knit and that’s why this project kept getting pushed to the back burner for others.

I also finished another “Straggler” project, my Bellydance! Socks:

Pattern is a KB Design and worked in Turtlepurl's "Big Turtle" sock yarn

Pattern is a KB Design and worked in Turtlepurl’s “Big Turtle” sock yarn

Unblocked (of course! I wouldn’t block socks anyway unless gifting) and forgive the terrible lighting – I’ve just finished and it’s evening here as I do my update.

Calling It For An FO

I have half a pair of each project finished as of yesterday. Called it for a pair :). The mates for each are already in progress after a super productive get together with my BFF on Saturday. There is nothing like a sleepover, cider and knitting to solve all the problems of the world. Except for boys. Boys defy all reason at the moment and… they interfere with knitting.

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…

And… also progressing well is the medium length, colour reverse version of Undulation. I think I may still have leftovers of the Cascade when this one is cast off. Great mileage in this yarn.

Halfway finished.

Halfway finished.

The tail end of Christmas shopping Saturday and some very successful thrifting Sunday at Value Village rounded out a perfect weekend. I wish they could be just one day longer but back to the grind today.

Hope your Monday treats you well, cheers! đŸ™‚

Catchy Post Title Here

So… I couldn’t wait until The Retreat. I had to try these new Karbonz. Verdict: really like them.

They are light like bamboo, smooth like wood and the nickel plated tip has a perfect point. Smooth and sharp but not so sharp as to split plies. Warm in the hand and flexible which is a huge bonus as I have arthritis. The seam between the tip and the body of the needle is noticeable as had been pointed out to me but not enough to interfere with the movement of the yarn or the flow of the knitting. After a few rounds, I really didn’t notice it anymore. Just in time for Christmas, Knitter’s Pride has come out with a gift box of the interchangeable circulars – more temptation!

I’m using Kureyon sock and an old favourite pattern, Ridges and Ribs by Criminy Jickets. Other than the first colour shift is taking forever on these tiny 1.75mms, I am liking how yarn and pattern are talking to each other. Picture is a little dark, sundown comes so early now that we’re halfway through October.

Noro Sock Cuff

Noro Sock Cuff

New Pattern Release

Some of you may be thinking “Its about time.”

For “Flameco! Socks”, its true. The saga of what is actually the first in the Dance Socks has been long and tumultuous.


Flamenco! was designed as a sock club exclusive, to be kitted up for members only. As sometimes happens with smaller Indie Dyers though – there have been a few well known debacles on Ravelry – the dyer got in over her head and the brand, website and club were abandoned.

There was some hope initially that things would recover but promises made never came true and it left the couple of designers with a bit of a bad taste. I shelved the pattern, even though the second in series, Bellydance! Sock had been released to the general public.

I’m happy to say that Flamenco! is, at long last available for purchase.

There are links here on my KeiB Designs tab up above and it can be found in my Craftsy store and in my Ravelry store. Those links are on the right hand side of this page.

I hope you’ll like it. This is a top down style and all the Dance Series feature similar construction details, interesting patterns or cast ons that are somewhat unique. This looks best in a smooth surface yarn, one that won’t compete with the stitch pattern used. The sample was knit in a merino / tencel blend but a merino / silk, merino / bamboo would all work equally well.

Here is a detail of the "Little Flames" cast on edge.

Here is a detail of the “Little Flames” cast on edge.