So Far This Week…

The Mystery of the Fuschia Sock Socktopia Mystery Sock… revealed!

I made an executive decision to go ahead and finish these. I used a toe that Momma Monkey commonly uses, so hopefully they will be true to the spirit of the pattern. And, I needed the needles.

Sunshine Tank and Chevron Scarf are still on the go – a little more each week. I alternate these for my work commute.

I have started a lovely lace project that I’m doing for an online shop. Here’s a peek at the first bit. And I’ve been working on a new sock pattern for my little shop.

Vogue PatternsKB Designs
And the first of my September sock clubs arrived this week. Seems like the August ones just got here! Here are Zen String and Pick Up Sticks. Hopefully, the others will arrive soon – the mail seems to have been particularly unreliable lately.

The Zen of Reflection Serendipity The Gatineau Hills Captured

A Little Slow On The Knitting Front

Black Pearl cashmerePart 4 Completed
I picked up my most recent One Planet order at the post office yesterday. I couldn’t resist casting on the Black Pearl cashmere. I hadn’t actually touched anything 100% cashmere before that, and now am wondering why everything I wear couldn’t be cashmere :)! I’m knitting a dressy scarf out of the single skein I bought (Polynesian Plum colourway), it’ll be just a slight diversion from the other projects patiently waiting.

I did make an effort to complete the foot (Part 4) of my Socktopia “Mystery Sock”, this bit was released Friday and I’m hoping to keep up with everyone else. The (old) Sweet Georgia that I’m using is so lovely to work with, a very soft twist. Going back and forth between the two yarns, I really don’t feel a vast difference (believe it or not.

I have also been doing a little bit of photography work for the day I am on Ravelry. I’m not sure if I’m shocked, horrified, proud or pleased, but I have a sh**tload of yarn. I’m cutting myself a little slack here, as I’ve been knitting almost since I could talk, and I’ve saved and been the recipient of other’s stash clear outs. But when stuff is neatly boxed, stacked and effectively “out of mind”, you really lose perspective on how much those stacks can hold. I may actually post a photo – more likely two – of the former sewing room, where I can only walk straight in and back out, due to the overflow of yarn boxes. Of course, that will be the day that DH reads my blog!

They aren’t looking very different, just longer, so no pictures, but Chevron Scarf and Sunshine Tank are progressing. I am really pleased with my latest KB sock too, and hopefully DD will have time to put together the picture and title for me.

Life in general – good. DD was promoted to a “key holder” postition at her part-time job, DS has an interview for his first real job tomorrow and DH arrived safely home after a week spent in Portland OR and Vancouver (a quick visit with my brother). I have been training a new analyst where I work, a welcome nod, as I am still so new there. Lot’s going on, much like everyones’s fall routines I’m sure.

These are the other One Planet Yarn & Fiber goodies that arrived with my cashmere, and also my store-credit goodies from Loopy Ewe:

Sock & Scarf yarns It Was Burning A Hole In My Cyber Pocket
(You can click the pictures for details, if you’d like)

I Have A New Love…

Yarn Botanika - yummy! I can hardly wait to get home to work on this – the yarn is so nice to work with – I could be knitting potholders, it wouldn’t matter :). My “Sunshine Tank“, I hope there’ll be a few more really warm days to enjoy this in.

No socks. Gentleman’s Shooting might be done by the weekend, but I’ve only worked on it during my commute – and sometimes the “cheek by jowl” seating doesn’t lend itself to KIP.

I’m a little disenchanted with socks, sock KAL’s and sock clubs lately. They’ve been feeling more like a stress than fun, and my own designing and “real” knitting falls behind as the KAL guilt mounts. Some of the clubs haven’t lived up to the hype, some of the KAL’s are just not fun – I sometimes feel like I’m just talking to myself, and some are just too large and regimented to give me that warm, encouraging S’nB feel that I want. I am going to try to put aside that “rule-follower” part of my personality (yes, the punk rock rebel does have a little of that) and knit what I want – when I want and I’ll drop the not fun stuff.

The third part of Socktopia’s “Mystery Sock” was released yesterday – now this one, I love. I will be working on that a bit more this week. I liberated some old Sweet Georgia from stash for this, and do I ever hope that Felicia will come back from sabbatical refreshed and still wanting to dye yarn!

And what would a post be without some Yarn Pr0n?

Wooly Wonka Fibers Loopy Goodness The “Bee Fields” shawl kit from from Knitspot (am waiting on some Addi lace needles to start) and Fleece Artist (destined for a Chevron Scarf) and Yarn Love from The Loopy Ewe.

Speaking of buying yarn…. I just had one of the most positive shopping experiences and I have to share it. I often shop online at LittleKnits. I stumbled on this shop while searching for some obscure yarn and after experiencing Sue’s great service, prices (AND they offer Paypal), I’ve been a regular shopper since. A recent order incurred significant charges from UPS – and although I was surprised, and yes, disappointed, I decided to just pay and be done with it. Sue, however, had been made aware of the charges through the UPS email tracking and, unbeknownst to me, went ahead and made phone calls and sent emails and was able to have all the extra charges removed. I then received an email from UPS to let me know about the changes, and my duty-free yarn should be here today :). Is that not just the coolest? I’m so darned chuffed, I’m heading over there tomorrow and buy more yarn! Do go and visit – there is a fab selection of all sorts and kinds of yarns, needles and stuff and her sales on bag lots are unbeatable 🙂 – just leave some for me!

Psycho Knitter, Qu’est-ce que c’est?….

Anniversary Socks

Sockamania #1 Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, finished objects! (with apologies to my beloved Talking Heads)

Two more down for SOS ’07 and my first sock for the Sockamania knitalong (love this one). The green is my first sock from the Favourite Socks book – Anniversry Sock – and it was knit in this month’s Pick Up Sticks sock club yarn. The blue is “Spiralling Socks”, the spirals mirror each other on the left and right sock. This was done in J. Knits yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Love this yarn – it’s very fine and soft and the varigations are perfect (I’m not a fan of “pooley” and “stripey”, unless I buy a self-striping).

The second installment of Socktopia’s Mystery Sock came out yesterday, I’d just cast on the 2nd cuff – didn’t want to stop knitting with the yarn – so I’m anxious to get started on Part two today. And I finally have my Six Sox “I Love Gansey” started – this is coming out better than I expected, the yarn is NOT fighting with the design and that makes me happy :). I’ll cast on my “Shooting Stockings” for my commuter sock – nothing else is portable – what with charts and working from two ends of a yarn cake!

Mystery Sock Part 1Yarn Pr0nGansey Sock Yes – I probably need an intervention…

Oh! And this is totally cool….

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was nominated by SMariek, who has some of the best (free) hat / scarf and “warshrag” patterns that I’ve knit – drop by for a visit :)!

Warning – Fugly Sock Is Posted – VAYOR!

SOS #3 - FawkesSOS #4 - KB Design
View At Your Own Risk – SOS#3 – fugly sock AKA “Fawkes” sock by Momma Monkey at Socktopia and SOS#4 a KB Design in Zen String sock club colour “Lily”. (This is also my August sock for SAM4). Number 5 is on the needles, “Party Socks” from Favourite Socks in the July Pick Up Sticks club colour “Green Apple” Shelridge Farm yarn. I joined the Sockamania club and have cast on the August pattern “Spiralling Socks” in yarn from The Loopy Ewe (JKnits “Miami”) and am really enjoying this knit – after the fuglies, my eyes need a break!

I have also joined the Chevron Scarf KAL, and have two versions going. One is in Zen String Harmony, the “Chocolate Cherise” and a limited edition pink colourways, the second version is Scout’s Swag “Orchids” and Fleece Artist “Moss” – quite possibly my favourite green.

I am trying to break out of this sock-addiction, well, um-m-m… after I wrap up the eleventy-hundred sock KAL’s that I’m in. For inspiration though… I bought another kit from One Planet Yarn & Fibre. I am already a fan of Melissa‘s patterns and this one was too cute to resist, the “Sunshine Tank”. I’ve already downloaded the pattern – just waiting on the yarn – I’m going with the exact yarn specified, right down to the colour. Most of the KAL’s I belong to have voted on the August, August / September designs and I went stash diving to find some nice combinations. Here’s some of what I came up with:

Vintage Sock KnitalongSix Sox KnitalongSockamania
Here’s a picture of the Sunshine Tank:

And last (at last! Must go knit or this will turn into a blather blog) Yarn & Other Pr0n this week included:

YP Booty Club #1ZulugrassYarn Pr0nI did a mini update of my Pre-Blog knits (hard to find & scan all those “old” pictures)! You can see them here if you’d like.

And… I’m spent!! Hasta Tarde

ETA – The Camera Is Back!

Uzume pattern by Momma Monkey Yay! Second pair in SOS 2007 are done. I used Claudia’s Handpaints for these – first time I’ve knit with it, if you can believe that! Won’t be the last time though, great yarn, similar to Koigu. I wasn’t expecting the striping, but I rather like the overall effect. My third pair is also finished – that would be the fuggly “Fawkes“, but DD has run off with the camera for the weekend. The fourth pair is halfway done – this is a pattern of my own design in Zen String “Lotus Toes”, a club colour called “Lily”. You’ll have to take my word, they are pretty :). I did receive my July Pick Up Sticks club and it is nice – it included another fabulous Canadian yarn, Shelridge Farm and I couldn’t resist casting on (yet another!) pair, just to try it out. My Posh Yarns packet arrived too, and I can’t believe how gorgeous these yarns are – it almost seems a shame to make socks with it! I will update this post with the YP pictures as soon as the camera is back. SAM3 has almost wrapped up, my July socks were done, so I’ve signed up for SAM4. I’m pretty much keeping myself in enough socky-excuses to never knit a real garment again. DH and I went out with friends after work yesterday for supper at our favourite Indian restaurant – I am currently in a butter-chicken coma and am having trouble knitting over top of what was my waistline! Maybe I should go and poke about in the garden and burn a few calories – reminds me – Mama E’s “Karin’s Garden” is back in stock at The Sweet Sheep, for those who were asking the last time :). Cheers for now – piccys later…

Makes my heart go pitty patKB DesignsShelridge Farm
The Fuggly Fawkes (SOS’07 #3) broke the camera – OK, they didn’t, I left the mate at work! Can you imagine if that was my only project? Man there would be a rift in the fabric of the universe if I didn’t have some knitting!! I will post a pic soon :).

OMG – I Feel Like The World’s Biggest Geek!

The sorting hat says that I belong in Ravenclaw!

Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose intelligence is surest.”

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.
Notable residents include Cho Chang and Padma Patil (objects of Harry and Ron’s affections), and Luna Lovegood (daughter of The Quibbler magazine’s editor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created. 

Get Sorted Now!

I’m really not sure if this is good, bad or indifferent – I’m not well versed in Harry Potter lore. And it was pretty close – I came up as 84 Gryffindor, 92 Ravenclaw, 90 Huffpuff, and 32 Slytherin. I don’t think I could really like someone who didn’t have a little Slytherin!

On the knitting front, I am working on a Harry Potter-themed sock, “Fawkes” from Momma Monkey at Socktopia. The yarn is so ugly, it’s burning my eyes! Thank God it’s merino/tencel or I would probably bury it – it does suit the theme though, and I’m sure one of my nieces will find them bee-yoo-tee-ful! I am knitting a second sock at the same time – rewarding myself with a few rows of lovely for every row of fuggly – all in the name of SoS ’07. And in true startitis-style, I started another sock this AM – just for the hell of it…

I received a wonderful parcel in the mail this week, too. From One Planet, some beautiful Artesano alpaca Inca Cloud and a pattern by Jean Moss. Can’t wait to get started on this project :).

Artesano Inca CloudFawkes SockSOS #2, Miranda

If You Thought I Was Long-winded Before…

Brigit - SOS #1 Many of you already know about and are participating in “afghans for Afghans“, a ‘humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and socks to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan’.

I received an email this week from Anita B, who has started a home grown version of this wonderful charity. Anita asked if I would help spread the word here in Ottawa, and I said “Sure”! I am so happy to see a Canadian group started and I am honoured to have been asked. I will post the flyer that Anita has given me, on the National Capital Knitters home page. Please check it out, spread the word, and if you can, knit!

In knitting news… Go Team Koigu!! We defended our Socktopia Knit-off title against the worthy Team Louet and emerged victorious :). “Clementine”, the knit-off pattern, was supposed to be my first SOS 2007 sock, but unfourtunately, due to a technical glitch with my email, it is disqualified. “Brigit”, above, will stand in. I started it on the kick-off day for SOS, June 21st – celtic knots, moss colour… it all seemed to add up to a great Solstice Sock.

I have a ton of other WIP’s (what’s new?), the “Miranda” socks in some stashed Lorna’s, my Dream In Colour shrug – and there’s a KAL, and just waiting for my laceweight to arrive for the Mystery Stole 3 knitalong.

Another month means most of the Yarn Pr0n is of the sock club variety, both Zen String and Pick Up Sticks arrived this week. But so did my ZuluKnitty from Scout – OMG – the colours are so gorgeous, I could just frame this and stare!

Miranda Sock ZuluKnitty BFL

Dream In Colour Shrug

And the sock clubs…

Zen String June '07 Pick Up Sticks June '07
Tomorrow is Canada Day – I hope everyone is “getting their flag on” :).

Oh My Darling Clementine!

Whoa! Break out the ibuprofen – Socktopia grudge match is done! In March, team Koigu won the Socktopia knit-off, and team Louet wanted a rematch. So, on Friday at 1:30pm EST, a new pattern was released and we went into battle again. I was at work, and surreptisiously printed off the pattern (only one page, no tsking!) and did get a cuff done before the end of the day. Just wrapped them up an hour or so ago. (Click pic for details). Come on Koigu!
I was surprised at how my new shoes brought out the inner pirate in some of you 🙂 – I already have a first mate, who will hopefully post a photo soon. If anyone is interested, they are available at SofMoc (Canada) and they are Sketchers brand. DS has an awesome slip-on pair, same skullies in Freda Kahlo-ish print. Too bad he has size 10 feet!
Summer of Socks 2007 kicked off on the Solstice (21st) and I chose a celtic knot pattern and Fleece Artist merino sock in “Moss” for my first sock (well, actually my 2nd now I guess). I’ll post a progress photo as and ETA to this post later. Can’t post secret knitting, but it is coming along to. There has been Yarn Pr0n, but alas, not yet photographed. Blue Moon STR June kit, my June Pick Up Sticks kit, Dream in Colour worsted for a shrug from Sweet Sheep – so yummy! I’ll have them up soon. DeStash is now defunct, but I still have lots of stash to pass on to good homes, I can start a new page here, unless someone knows of a similar set-up elswhere in knitblogland?
National Capital Knitter’s continues to grow – it’s so nice to see, keep spreading the word!

Aarrhh-hh-hh – Yarn Pr0n Ahoy!

OK, enough piratey jargon :)!! Although I could go on, and on…. Yarn Pr0n first today – ’cause it’s also Shoe Pr0n – my other favourite. To the left is my SeeJayneKnit “Clematis” kona, my wonderful “Skully” stitch markers and my new favourite “skully” shoes. It doesn’t get any better than this. The kona is soft and squishy and dyed by Jayne – who I’ve known in Bloglandia for quite awhile now. She has gone from knitter extraordinaire to diva of dyeing – go check out her wonderful yarns and stitch markers. I’m in a piratey mood because I also got into the new Yarn Pirate yarn club, and I’m ecstatic about that (after missing out on three yarn updates this week, I was feeling a little hard-done-by). What else? Hiiumaas for the KOTR kal are just about done and then I have a little bit of secret knitting to do. Just in time to begin Summer of Socks 2007 and the Socktopia “Grudge Match” (go Team Koigu)!

DriftwoodSorted Into 2nd Years
HiiumaaL to R: Latest Zen String club skein, Hiiumaa progress, Harry Potter skein from Dharmafey