Now THAT’S Bringin’ Sexy Back!

Josh Bennett (c) Deidre Schoo for The New York Times

Josh Bennett
(c) Deidre Schoo for The New York Times

The men of knitting. It’s wonderful to see men coming back to the fold – no pun – Sheep? Fold? Get it?

Fine. I’ll keep my day job.

This is a great article about Josh Bennett (click the photo or his name to view). His style, his method and how he recently shook up the knit world.

Things Knitters & Hookers Already Know

I often joke here about how sticks and string are my valium. Recently, I stumbled across a great article about the health benefits of knitting. If you’re already doing it – or any fibre craft, I believe, then you probably likely know many of things. This is it, all official-like to show to any scoffers in your life 🙂

Click the photo to read the full article – it’s really good!

My favourites, not listed: keeps me out of the bars, excellent boyfriend substitute, ensures you never need to share a seat on the bus/metro/tube, prevents reality TV watching… Kidding!

Knitfun kill bob


I will preface this by saying that I am as thin skinned as Fiona Apple.

Get it? Current events reference. I’m feeling very looped in.

What I don’t feel hip to is mean-spiritedness and so… Is there a point to the “Disagree” button on Ravely?

To disagree indicates that there might be a thought process behind an action. Disagreeing should engender discourse, the why of, countering points, constructive suggestion even. An opinion should be something that requires the conviction of it and not anonymity. For the record, preferring your colours of puce, chartreuse and shitbrickle brown and to disagree with a new knitter’s first proudly-shared finished knit is more indicative of one’s lack of manners. Opinion and personal taste should not be insulted – this is creativity, artistic expression. If we were all the same, the world would be a bloody boring place. Not to mention we’d all be fighting over the same skeins of yarn! It certainly is a shock to see so much cowardly ill-will displayed by fellow knitters.

Why doesn’t Ravelry rename it what it really is?

A “Vent your spleen” button”,  “I’m A Disagreeable Cow button”, I Didn’t Get Laid Last Night button”, I’m PMS’ing button” or most accurately; “Bully Button”.

There are enough ways that people can be unkind, rude and thoughtless in the world, especially in the online venue. I think Ravelry should consider removing this feature. It serves no useful purpose and only encourages cowards and boors.

If you have an opinion, state it – kindly and courteously. If you’re too afraid to type those words out, then you need to rethink your desire to click that button.

Just my opinion.

Educational… Interesting… Funny… Agree… Disagree… Love…

ETA: This vent prompted by the response to several lovely projects, in some cases there were many disagrees on one. I expected disagrees on mine – it is, unfortunately, a given with forum posts on Ravelry. My heart hurt for those who might be new or newly returned to the craft. They deserve nothing less than thumbs up and encouragement.