Make It Monday

Just a quickie. UCG Yorick is finished and “Blue Blob” has been beautified and is my new WIP of the week :):


I Could Show You…

Knitfun favorite obsession

My black and white obsession, that is:

My knitting jags resemble a two-year old’s food jags 🙂 Come to that, my eating habits resemble same!

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The work move went exceptionally well with only a few minor glitches. No mean feat when you’re talking a Government office, healthcare records, electronic equipment and phones! I have been known to cry at previous moves – OCD and MAJOR glitches – and that was moving within our old building! Hat’s off to our IT guys and the movers. I had seven boxes to unpack. I couldn’t believe  that but was unpacked and moved in shortly before lunch. Being back to commuting via bus had potential to be a huge hassle but, even that is not bad. A single bus, virtually door to door and though I lose the exercise of walking, the timing is almost the same. Yay! Now, the task of catching up the previous lost week begins.

As to the knitting, some good progress on Stargazer:

Revontuli Progress ~1

WIP’s And Progress

I was beginning to despair of having anything fibre-related to post before the end of the week! Here at last though, the finished Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy (thank god I won’t have to type that again!) #7.

Ugly flamingo guts no more!

Ugly flamingo guts no more!

Now is lovely corded lace rib guts, lol!
Now is lovely corded lace rib guts, lol!

So happy to finally have this finished. There’s always a project that just hangs around like last nigh’s garlic :p

And that meant I can start something new! I’ve three projects on hold but they are all legit, I’m either out of the yarn or out of the right size pins. All of those have been ordered and should be here by the end of the coming week. I am trying to clear out my monstrous WIP bin of guilt though, so have pulled out a shawl started a couple years ago. I’ve long since lost my pattern notes so, I frogged and recaked it and am now working “Anaea Butterfly Shawl“.

These are the first few rounds:

Anaea (for the Peruvian purple butterfly). Purple of all shades and tints, is my favourite colour.

Anaea (for the Peruvian purple butterfly). Purple of all shades and tints, is my favourite colour.

I’ve since completed the core twelve rounds and on the 2nd repeat of the three-round main body pattern. Its working up very quickly in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport and in its currently still-slightly-rumpled-up state (I didn’t bother to soak it, just rewound) it looks like a happy, purple pansy sitting on the coffee table.