In The Parlour With A Rope

Clue two is a wrap! Now back at it with my son’s afghan to fill the hours between work – holy! I better get going, they like when you show up every day – and the release of the next clue.

Westknits MKAL 2013 2

ETA: The picture isn’t there yet and seeing as on the needle and the spare, it rather resembles a colour coordinated blob, there’s not much to be missed! I will post it this evening when I get home from work, just to be all official-like.

Come on Friday!

Deeper Into The Mystery

I am enjoying this KAL so much!

Behind the “Anti-Spoiler” avatar are my most recent progress photos on Ravelry, showing Section one completed and the beginning of Section two. I almost ran home after work last night so that I could begin Section two! I’m finding it flows more than Section one and the construction method is so engaging. Colour C is now in the mix and I’m happy with how all three colours are playing together. There would be a few different options even with just three different colours used. I’m thinking tonal shades of purple or black with brights for a funky look. Seems I’m already planning my next version of this one 🙂

I would love to be inside Stephen’s mind when he designs!

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013

The Plot Thickens

I spent the better part of Saturday working on the first clue of the Westknits Mystery KAL 2013. It was a rainy day and Moe Koffman and Earl Grey were good company.

I’m posting my progress on Ravelry and if you’d like to take a peek, just click the “anti-spoiler” avatar below.

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013

Feeling a little better today. Finally slept last night. A long walk after work to change up the routine and finishing up the chest of drawers – swinging a hammer is surprisingly physical work – seemed to do the trick. I am still “considerably rumpled up in spirit” but I suppose that’ll settle out in time.

Here is the big beast, finished and ready for duty. It’s nearly as tall as I am!

An FO of a different type

An FO of a different type

My Plucky Knitter Primo, for the Westknits KAL was in my mailbox when I got home last night. That was another nice boost. Three lovely coordinates: The first clue was released on Friday the 13th, Internationals like me weren’t to expect our yarn right on the dot but I expect catching up won’t be that difficult. I really must finish up Bee’s afghan first though. I’m trying to be a little more disciplined with my projects.

Here are my Colour Craving skeins:

For Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Color Craving

For Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Color Craving

Really excited about this too – I finally have an updated banner for my Etsy shop, KB Designs & Knits!

I had opened my Etsy in the early days of blogging and hadn’t established myself just yet as a “brand”. With many thanks to my friend and Cynthia Frenette for her talent with creating my caricature once again. Next project is to update my Cafepress shop, get the Ravelry group growing – I hope some of you who have knit /crocheted my designs will want to join there. Still really tempted to add “and plume” onto that tagline to get in my writing… 😉

A Change In The Air

I’m starting to think about Autumn projects, despite the very warm temperature here. There is a change in the air, folks getting ready for back to school, something that still gives me a little thrill. Nothing like new notebooks and pens. They always felt like untapped potential to me, even in grade school. We’ll be with a new school board this year – thank goodness!

Anyway… On to the knitting. I know. haven’t finished the test knit yet but… I have all this yarn and… and people wanting handknits!

That’s my story, gonna knit with it. These are in my queue for September:

The Beau would look good in this sweater. I’m thinking a cotton / wool for his in chambray blue.

New project for The Beau.

New project for The Hubby.

DSDitto has been wanting a scarf, so I’ll have to scare up something washable for him. I’m thinking a blue and burgundy variation of my denim waves scarf that I knit for DS. The girls can knit and crochet respectively, I’m thinking I should be asking someone to make something for me! I’m just about to the end of the blanket that DS requested.

For me, I am so diggin’ this sweater. Love Vanessa Smith’s designs. Modern, clean and with great attention to detail.

Sweater for me.

I couldn’t resist signing up for Stephen West’s latest KAL, Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Colour Craving. I just purchased the pattern today and chose The Plucky Knitter’s Primo for my yarn. I am ridiculously in love with this stuff. It has been an absolute joy to work with for my test knit design – which will be finished by the weekend for sure.

And now… to the cloning facility so I can get all this done!

Yarn Pr0n AND Book Pr0n

My Webs order:

Berocco Alpaca Fine and My Grandmother's Knitting

Can’t wait to start this project. The dark blueberry mix is for the vintage-style Concetta Cardigan by Ciriila Rose from the book, My Grandmother’s Knitting and the turquoise blend is for Norah Gaughan’s “Jubilee” scarf.

I’ll be casting these on just as soon as SPNF #’s 4 and 5 are complete… probably tomorrow now that I have this incentive.

I’ve recently become a fan of WestKnits – how did I miss these designs? – as much for the fact that he’s a guy who knits – and that is rather rare but also because he brings a more masculine aesthetic to his designs – they actually look like something a dude would wear! This sweater, “Drangey“, by Stephen West, really caught my eye for the texture and simple and attractive colourwork and the saddle shoulders – very wearable. I’m thinking a deep charcoal fleck with red stripes would look great in this pattern.

And-d-d… this is how my stash grows!