Cthulhu and Dragons and Slinkys ~ Oh My!

My Cthulhu Cozy has grown and is now dragon sized:

I hope to get down to HomeSense today and pick up a decorative dress mannequin. I think it’ll help with the pictures of FO’s and after some diligent research, they seem to be very well priced. If all goes well, I should have a photo to post this evening of the finished dragon cozy aka: Matinée ~ Peridot.

ETA: mission accomplished. The form has been purchased though it’s been established that I am not permitted inside any “value” type shopping places without a chaperone! Pictures to come…

I May Have Fibbed A Little…

For those of you who were looking forward to making a cozy for your own slinky… I’m afraid you’ll have to use an orphaned sock 😉

Green Blob / Blue Blob / Matinée, is off the needles and has morphed into a cowl.

Matinée is a necklace that is 56-58 (22-23 inches) long, usually single strand. “Semi-Precious” is so named because of the gorgeous colours in the YvieKnits Sock; tiger eye, turquoise and raspberyl. The bands are worked in Sundara ASM. The construction is unique: tubular, dimensional and at very different tension than expected, giving the look of gems on a strand 🙂 I’m super stoked to get started on what I’m calling the “Peridot” version, the test knit for the final design and some finishing variations. This will be another stashbuster, like “Semi-Precious”, in two Sundara bases.

The sand-coloured cowl is “Papyrus Columns”. I wasn’t crazy about the original photos, they didn’t show the cabled motifs very well. I like the “do-overs” much better.

With that, I’m off to twist up some stash 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Stashbusting And Prototypes

Shopped the stash to expand on my green blob / blue blob idea and came up with Sundara Aran Silky Merino and YvieKnits Yarns sock. They’ve been playing happily together and I have a lovely slinky cozy to show for my efforts 🙂

Slinky Cozy!

Slinky Cozy!

This prototype I’ll test knit in some Mrs. Crosby yarn that I broke down and purchased – had to see what the fuss was about – and hopefully, will debut as a pattern.

Make It Monday

Just a quickie. UCG Yorick is finished and “Blue Blob” has been beautified and is my new WIP of the week :):


Les Cloches Cannelées Is Live In The Shop

Les Cloches Cannelées or The Fluted Bells scarf is finally available for purchase in  my Ravelry shop.

You can find it here: KeiB Designs on Ravelry Soon to follow on Craftsy and Etsy.

Les Cloches had different working names through the design and prototype phases but I think this one suits it best 🙂 The two culprits are pictured below:

Two Cloche Scarves for Patt

Eyelet Smocked Scarf ©Karin Bole Tupper



The Bishop's Sleeves ©Karin Bole Tupper

The Bishop’s Sleeves
©Karin Bole Tupper

If you do make one of my patterns, please be sure and post photos to our little group on Ravelry. I also have a tab way-y-y-y up top there under the “KeiB Designs” tab, to post reader’s knits, if you’d like to share them here.

I’m still sick as all get out but the enforced home time was good for a little productivity and it’s Hump Day! I’ll be going back to work tomorrow – ugghh – out of pace now but well fortified with cold meds for the battle.

Cheers all 🙂

Things That Make Me Happier

Thank you for the lovely comments about the Snicket socks – the yarn (Vesper) was a dream to knit with and I liked the cabled smocking. I missed some comments that were a bit further down on the posts, just wanted to answer about the Spritely Yarn. It is wonderful! Very fine, lightly twisted and the yardage is great – 560y / skein. Just wanted to say hi to some of the folks that have stopped by to comment – It’s always fun to hear from new knitters and find new blogs that inspire :).

Friday, I made DH happy by turning 1 ton of that decorative white stuff into a useable front walk and driveway! And here, along with a cup of tea, is the perfect antidote to all that cold, blowy whiteness:

The Petals Collection by Sundara Yarn for February.

And, if you haven’t already seen / heard about it, there is a new knitalong starting up this month – next Saturday actually.

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What makes me VERY happy about this ? I just got word that I’m one of the designers! Yup, submissions way back in November, test knits, all sorts of stuff that the wonderful organizers had to do, and on March 10th, the competition begins :).