Keeping the Punk in Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

I love Cons and wear them all the time. I’ve been going through at least a pair a year since I wasn’t “double digits”. My Dad’s fault, he wore “Army Go Fasters” as a kid and I thought he looked like the coolest ever, smiles. I found this article that is perfect for combining Cool and Geek in all its forms. Knitted Cons! This Etsy artist makes them to order as well. I think I want a pair with Thunderbird One on them…

Her Etsy shop is here: PrettySneaky  and if you click the Tardis sneaker below, it’ll take you to the article. There are some great pictures of other geeky sneaks that she’s made.


Crochet Geekery: Hooking Up With Dr. Who

What Would The Dr. Do?

What Would The Dr. Do?

I’m pretty sure the Dr.would love these:

Crocheted Doctors

Click the photo to take you to the original story. What a talented crocheter!

I love these! Check out how well she has captured likeness and expression – such skill and obviously a big fan.

Have to sneak in a wee bit of Whovian knitted geekery too, with these adorable knitted versions.

Pocket Doctor