A Change In The Air

I’m starting to think about Autumn projects, despite the very warm temperature here. There is a change in the air, folks getting ready for back to school, something that still gives me a little thrill. Nothing like new notebooks and pens. They always felt like untapped potential to me, even in grade school. We’ll be with a new school board this year – thank goodness!

Anyway… On to the knitting. I know. haven’t finished the test knit yet but… I have all this yarn and… and people wanting handknits!

That’s my story, gonna knit with it. These are in my queue for September:

The Beau would look good in this sweater. I’m thinking a cotton / wool for his in chambray blue.

New project for The Beau.

New project for The Hubby.

DSDitto has been wanting a scarf, so I’ll have to scare up something washable for him. I’m thinking a blue and burgundy variation of my denim waves scarf that I knit for DS. The girls can knit and crochet respectively, I’m thinking I should be asking someone to make something for me! I’m just about to the end of the blanket that DS requested.

For me, I am so diggin’ this sweater. Love Vanessa Smith’s designs. Modern, clean and with great attention to detail.

Sweater for me.

I couldn’t resist signing up for Stephen West’s latest KAL, Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2013: Colour Craving. I just purchased the pattern today and chose The Plucky Knitter’s Primo for my yarn. I am ridiculously in love with this stuff. It has been an absolute joy to work with for my test knit design – which will be finished by the weekend for sure.

And now… to the cloning facility so I can get all this done!

Happy 4th Of July Weekend

The Knitting Machine, 2005, acrylic felt knitted with excavators and aluminum utility poles

Gotta love 'Murrica - go big or go home!

Gotta love ‘Murrica – go big or go home!

Why yes I can say that! Although my branch came to Canada as Loyalists, during the American Revolution, some chose to stay. The Beau’s family has deep roots in Canada, so he puts up with my teasing :).

Ah yes, the knitting.

IMG_3089 IMG_3090

I’ve been working away on my  Tour de France KAL shawl, Natalie’s lovely Pere Lachaise and loving it. I expect I should have Chart D finished this evening.

And I leave you with a bird’s eye view of the really big “shew”.

See? Real men knit. They just like to use really BIG tools!

See? Real men knit. They just like to use really BIG tools!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh my! This week has totally got away from me!

Work has been insanely busy. Our communities keep growing and the need is huge for the medical equipment, etc. that my department provides but there is just a handful of us. I do go home every day knowing that I have helped my people and that means so much in a desk job environment. The Beau has been a little under the weather and the last week of school for DSDitto – lots going on.

It does mean that I was too darn tired the last few nights to plan my posts for here and for my writing page. Well, as planned as Miss Flighty Pants can manage anyway 🙂

So. What I got? An update on my Jubilee scarf. I love it so much more in the Ultra Alpaca Fine. The Blue Sky Alpaca is sumputous, gorgeous and I know it would be lovely in a different project but, the cables and lace really pop now and the mileage with the Berocco yarn is fantastic!

Halfway through.

Halfway through.

I’ve even got some Yarn Pr0n! Yarn diet notwithstanding…

Lavold and Koigu

I got a fabulous deal on these Elsebeth Lavold books – half price! The Art of Yarn in BC had these (getting hard to find) books and a great selection of Koigu. I couldn’t resist this colourway.

My Mini Mochi to finish up the Chameleon Baby Blanket arrived from Simply Socks in Fort  Wayne – I love this store – so although it’s no longer Yarn Pr0n, I’m glad to be able to get back at my blanket. I hate stall outs when I’m actually inspired to be working on something…

And with that – I’m out for now!


Wow! Middle of April already. Where does the time go? Seems just yesterday, I had made a commitment to resurrect this blog and my long-neglected shops and projects.

I can become a little too enthusiastic at times though and am suffering a dreadful dose of “Startitis”.

I’ve been dreaming of projects and waking in a tizzy to grab a hook or needles and some yarn. My home looks like an explosion in the Noro factory (colourful, messy and with lots of bits stuck in it, lol!).

I MUST finish something or my poor brain will spazz. There are times that I’m grateful to have ADD, other times I swear someone could find me in the textbook.

As all my projects are larger, I’m going to try to focus on just one part of one. The scarves really should have been done by now, along with the photos. My inner teenager has conspired against me on this last part of it though, the dreaded seventh scarf. Today I will finish.

Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single

Colour change. Hand dyed skeins have much more personality than commercial.

I know now that I will run out of yarn for  Chameleon, so setting that aside until I can get my hands on more of the contrast / border colour. No hardship to go and browse at Jimmy Beans! When starting the Blackwood Shawl, I knew that I would either run out or need to make adjustments. I calculated a mod but the more I looked at the scale and what the finished size will be, I really wanted to make it to pattern. Fortunately for me The Yarn Company had a couple skeins of this very limited colourway left. Their customer service was great and being in NY, it won’t take long to get here. Yay Roxanne! Zen Yarn Garden from right here in Ontario (where I am today) has grown so much.

Now must be off. This turned into the longest post ever, when meant to be more of a disclosure for incentive! There are many chores to be done before any knitting. The Beau should be here soon and I’m certain he won’t want to see what a crazy yarn lady I can be when he’s away!

Yarn Pr0n photo, before I have to hide this away with the rest of the stash. My Wollmeise score from Loopy’s last update:

Wollmeise Pure

Petit Poison Dark

Petit Poison Dark

Slightly better representation of colour. Deepest, darkest, Merlot with almost no variegation.

New Boots, New Baby Blanket

Finally destashing this beautiful Baruffa merino 2-ply lace. I’ve had it so long, I’ve forgotten what I purchased it for. Yes, sometimes I bought yarn with an actual intent to use it and not just add to my hoard!

Nine months! Oh snap... Thought it was nine YEARS!

Nine months! Oh snap… Thought it was nine YEARS!

I’m working the “Recuerdos de Infancia” crochet shawl or as I’m calling it “Baby’s Christening Shawl” I’ve down-sized the hook that’s called for as the pattern is written for fingering and I’m using lace weight. Likely, I’ll be doing more repeats to get close to the same finished size. Feels rather like working with spider’s web after all of those worsted weight scarves!

Third square for my Chameleon Baby Blanket is finished, six more to complete the parts of the centre panel.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

Third square in Chameleon Baby Blanket Finished.

SPNF#7? I’m working on it…

The Beau was off on a business trip and brought me back some cowboy boots. I’m thinking I may have found the inspiration to get the 3rd design for my dance-inspired sock series onto some graph paper. This will mean that my title of “Queen of Procrastination” will be up for contenders 😉