I Got Nuthin’…

Well, not nuthin’ EXACTLY…

I have a scarf for myself almost done from the leftovers from my guy’s scarf and am halfway through SPNF #4. Just have lost a little steam as I’ve had to put on my Writer Hat for the last couple days.

To distract you from the lack of knitting, I give you – Valentine flowers!

Flowers from The Beau

Flowers from The Beau

Okay, also this slightly hastily taken snap of my scarf in progress. Seeing it like this should light a fire under my derriere to get it done and then get back on track with the other WIP-in-waiting.

My scarf - WIP

My scarf – WIP


Finished Objects And Book Pr0n

Had to charge up the camera battery! Here’s a finished photo of Scarf number three in my series and the beginning of number four.

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy III Finished

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy III Finished

This is in a periwinkle colour that I love, so a joy to knit. I’m using one of my own patterns, tweaking the stitch as I go and loving the result so far. Anxious to have these done and in the store. Anxious too, to get some of these older patterns written and formatted for sale. Seems an age since I had time, have been very busy with writing – my other favourite activity.

Scarves Plain 'N Fancy IV - WIP

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy IV – WIP

Book Pr0n! Almost as good as Yarn Pr0n. Interweave had a sale and I went a little mad, nice to see more publications about crochet coming out. I’m sure that just like knitting had a renaissance several years ago, as young designers discovered it; so will crochet. It does not aspire to be like knitting, it stands on its own and just needs the right combination of hook, yarn and good design principles to make something beautiful. The Finer Edge, Seamless Crochet, Unexpected Afghans and The Harmony Guides: Crochet Edgings and Trims, all look to be an excellent resource for my own designs. And because I DO knit more than crochet – The Jane Austen Knits magazine was irresistible, I think this is the third one. Some gorgeous knitting photography in this one, I could purchase just to look.

Interweave had a sale. Resistance was futile...

Interweave had a sale. Resistance was futile…

Last not least; another picture of my guy’s scarf. Shows the colours a bit better. It’s snowing here again, must finish the fringe so he can wear it!

My Guy's Scarf

My Guy’s Scarf

PSPRP is still very much under construction. Moving the old format (which was actually three separate blogs – thank goodness technology has evolved!) to WordPress is a time-consuming labour of love. I want to be sure all the old stuff is safely attached here. Bear with me as I add the galleries back and add new. I’m wanting to see the Reader Knits gallery get much bigger!

“Fibre Funnies” from the Blogger format, may again have its own page or will be viewable as a category. We fibre people have a great sense of humour 🙂 I added a Jargon / Terminology page for those who may not be as familiar with fibre-y blogspeak and for the difference between American and Rest Of The World knitting terms.

Pop back from time to time to see what’s been added if you wish 🙂

The Beau’s Scarf

Love how this came out…

The Beau's Scarf Finished

I will be adding more to the fringe to fill it out, hand-tying a loveknot in several to mirror the rounded stitch clusters in the granny stripes. This and a black leather jacket will look great!

What I didn’t like so much was the Addi “Swing” hook that I started this project with. I bought one when they first came out and took it out of the package with great anticipation. It may be because my hands are small but I found the design of the hook unwieldy and it is heavy compared with the Clover and Aero hooks I’m more familiar with. It seemed I was flinging my elbows about to counterbalance the weight and couldn’t find the smooth, minimal motion rhythm that crochet should be. I persevered through all three bands to keep the tension consistent but switched to my favourite Clover 4.50mm for the remainder.

It was the colour that inspired me with the design for The Beau’s scarf and colour or texture are the things that most often motivate me to use them for a PSPRP pattern design. Here are two colour pallets that I am working with right now. One from a paint manufacturer – love this soothing combination and the other a colleague’s hoodie – these are my favourite jewel tones and she graciously allowed me to take a snap so that I’d have the reference!

Colour Inspiration