Project and Design Progress

I’ve no real FO’s at the moment, some hexipuffs in one of my favourite dyers, Yarntini. I’ve only to pick up the neck on my Julissa / That’s Not My Name but I just don’t feel like it at the moment. Very hot and humid and not surprisingly, a wool sweater on one’s lap isn’t very comfortable!

These in Yarntini, one of my favourite Indie dyers.

These in Yarntini, one of my favourite Indie dyers.

In going through my formidable stash, I came across some Cascade 220, four coordinated colours that I’d forgotten that I’d purchased. They have something of an Autumn feel to them and a little niggle of a design idea has been trying to gel for the last day. I caked the skeins this evening and will try and get a sketch or two done.

Chameleon is ready for piecing but it too is very warm to handle in this 40C and very humid week that we’re having. I do like the stained glass effect and it was fun to stretch beyond my colour comfort zone.

Ready to begin piecing.

Ready to begin piecing.

Parquet on the parquet it seems… 🙂 I’ve been having fun getting into Instagram, not sure that’ll I’ll use it much for knitting but with some very pretty spots in the neighbourhood, I’m finding lots of great scenery and floral inspiration. Even in the field behind a current construction project:

Beauty in the most unexpected places...

Beauty in the most unexpected places…

Make It Monday

Got these done. Yay!

Just one more square to complete before I begin assembling my Chameleon Baby Blanket. It’ll be nice to have that finished, mostly because other colour combinations are calling me. Two more sets of hexipuffs finished for the shop too.

Knitting By Zen and Natural Dye Studio puffs, 7th and 8th squares.

Knitting By Zen and Natural Dye Studio puffs, 7th and 8th squares.

I did a little more updating from my old Blogger blog format to here and you can see my Counted Cross Stitch work under the “Vintage PSPRP” tab up above.

The Knitting Content

Ugghh! It’s a wonder that I can type to create a post today… Who’s brilliant idea was it to have not one but TWO projects in cotton?!

Oh yeah…

I’ll save my “That’s Not My Name / Julissa” update for tomorrow, to be all official-like on Make It Monday. You can peek by clicking the link if curiosity is killing the cat, smiles.

The cotton – and ALL cotton, regardless of manufacturer or price point, pima or egyptian- begins to feel like #9 binder twine after a few hours. I made the executive decision to put up with that for my “Jose” by Jane Ellison because it’s cute and purple. I have NO idea what made me think that a crochet stash-buster out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece would be a good alternate project. I am happy that it is getting used up but holy lipton! It is just killer on the hands.

No photo of “Jose” – it’s just ten centimetres now instead of two but here is the beginning of a leftovers lap quilt in the Brown Sheep:

Orphans and leftovers of Cotton Fleece

Working these in a neat wave stitch variation.

A wee break is in order today. I have a shawl design that I’d like to sketch, a mosaic tea tray that I finally have all the items to get finished up and a pot of chili that needs to be simmering for company that should be here tonight. Any knitting or crocheting will be of the more fuzzy variety as I’m working on more hexipuff pairs for the shop.

These are a few that are ready to go:


Natural Dye Studios 100% British Blue Faced Leicester “Linden”


Yarntini: 100% wool superwash “Grape Fizz”

January Off The Needles

I feel like I can actually call myself a knitter again. I have two FO’s already. a third, planned WIP is well underway and I continue to crank out little hexi-puffs for my Beekeeper Quilt. Seems the year long hiatus of 2012 has lit a fire under me.

Scarves Plain ‘N Fancy started as an idea for working through one (one!) box of stashed yarn and its not lost its charm for me yet. I am a self-described “Process” Knitter and could care less if anything is ever actually finished. With a view to potentially restock my shops though, the impetus to “git ‘er done” continues.

The Stash Before
SPNF #3 ProgressSPNF #2 Finished Hexi-puffs month of January 2013

Here – Tempting The Gods of WIP!

Not the best lighting at 6:00am but this is the Impressions / Koala Stashbuster scarf. I’m using some elderly bits that have been hanging about in the bins for too long. So far, the combination of colour and texture is very appealing (to me!) and hopefully, this will be done in time to keep me warm here in the Great White North – minus 12C today!

Here is a couple hexapuffs for The Beekeepers Quilt. This is some leftover Fleece Artist Merino in “moss” and a very old Scout’s Swag merino sock in I believe, “orchid”. These are so quick and easy to knit up, exactly as the pattern says. And it’s true – just two dpn’s is optimal. I tried with three, thinking it would be less awkward on the corners… Not so. Take it from an OCD knitter, smiles.
I probably have enough odds and ends to make about sixty of these quilts, haha! This first one will be a “skinny” version – no stuffing. Mostly because I had none but the cushy nature of these double-sided puffs seems sufficient and looks great so far.