I Got Nuthin’

Well, perhaps a little some some… it IS WIP Wednesday so here’s a peek at a prototype. A very naughty prototype – math, yarn types, math, three false starts and math, made me think this one didn’t want to be made but it’s creeping along now:

©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

©Karin Bole Tupper & KeiB Designs

A little blue with the unmistakeable change in the air that signals the end of summer and the quick and inevitable transition to winter. Our autumn here doesn’t last very long or I might enjoy it more.

Sharing a collage piece,”Kei’s Five Beautiful Things” that I post regularly on my poetry blog, The Eclectic Poet from what was the last true week of summery goodness. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that there are always reasons to smile.

(In it’s entirety from the original post):

In this instant I am perfectly, completely happy.

These are the things that stopped me – if only for a moment – to really appreciate that moment, in joy, humour, wonder… Five beautiful things.

~ kei
2 September 2015


It’s That Time Again!

The nomination process for the 2014 Canadian Blog Awards have begun.

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It’s Mine!

Yay! Happy Dance! All that good stuff!

Panic! Mayhem ensues!

There was some last-minute back and forth with the Sellers and their agent yesterday, all completed by noon. From the bus on my way home / to the PO (mailing a yarn sale – thank you, thank you!) I saw the “SOLD” sign on my teeny tiny house. The call from my agent came just a moment later and it was hard to not start one of those impromptu flash mob dance things right on the bus!

There may be a little more blog absenteeism as things begin that “top of the water slide” teeter into the closing date. I am so excited (scared, happy, nervous, thrilled) to finally have a place that will comfortably hold all my shoes and yarn and children! Yay! A home base for the kidlets, for Yule Trees and barbeques will be wonderful.

Cheers all, wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and at least one dream come true.

Yarn Bomb Friday

Yes indeed, I like spring.

Spring is my thing. I like spring more than anything.

A little hint of spring would make my heart sing.

Please Ma Nature can Canada have spring?

I’d like to get out of these wooly things!

Poetic Yarnings by ~ kei

Photo by Daniel White, Staff Photographer of the Naperville Herald

Photo by Daniel White, Staff Photographer of the Naperville Herald

** The photo I posted last weekend was found on Pinterest and the source link to the Naperville Herald returned a “404 Error” which means that the orignal content is no longer available.  Newspaper stories do fall under “Fair Use” guidelines and with due diligence done, I selected the photo and posted. Unfortunately, the photo that I clicked was not the Herald’s photo but one that, among the thumbnails looked similar and was in fact, a private individual’s photograph. This being brought to my attention, I have gone back to find and post the photo that I intended to and through the Tin Eye service was able to source the exact article that it appears in. Do Enjoy!**

***Why the lengthy explanation? Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog knows that I always source and link appropriately. Regular readers are also aware that I am a writer, a designer, a long-time Blogger and a Law Clerk; very well versed in internet, patent and copyright. A fly by reader decided to make a negative assumption and leave a comment that was very condescending in tone rather than simply giving benefit of doubt, sending a message – the “Message Me” is right at the top of the page – or, heaven forbid! taking the time to read and learn a little about me and how I post. Like anywhere else that humans mingle, common courtesy is expected here. If you aren’t prepared to use it, don’t lecture others about its application and merit.***

Make It Monday

They are not quite made ~ I’m finding my weekends very full lately ~ but well on the way to it.

Jubilee scarf, my commute and work project is almost ready to cast off and one that is back from the vault, a KarinB cable scarf design that I am determined to finish. I set this one aside and forgot about it, but a recent stash sale inquiry unburied it and I’m inspired to get it knit and published.

Raw silk and visions of foreign lands...

Raw silk and visions of foreign lands…

I am doing final edits on another long neglected design for a crochet scarf and hope to have that completed, in PDF format and uploaded within a day or two. The publishing in general is going well. My fourth book of short stories is now available on Amazon.com and at Smashwords. com. The Barnes & Noble and iTunes versions should be online by the end of week *crosses fingers*.

Cozy, soft  alpaca to wrap up in.

Cozy, soft alpaca to wrap up in.

Cheers and hope your Monday is mostly painless!