Well Now I’ve Got THAT Out Of The Way

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and I just went for my usual screening today with a bone marrow density scan thrown in for good measure. These old ballerina, former anorexic bones need early intervention loves.

Ladies: do it. Gents: you too.

I’m an equal opportunity nagger as I have a son, a dad and a brother and I think the last thing we need to do is get bogged down in any gender stuff. And as the crafting community is all about getting the word out in fibre and fun, here are some big, bold, boob-i-ful – I had to say it, alliteration issues, remember?? – craft patterns.

There’s something for everyone whether you favour one stick or two, are a guy, girl, survivor or supporter. Whatever gets the word out is a good thing. This is NOT just about the colour pink – beribbon your Facebook profile picture, buy a pink ribbon pin, or special lipstick all you want – just remember the human face behind all the froufrou. We want an end to cancer, not landfills in pretty colours or meaningless social media memes. A little bit of fun is a great way to get conversations going so… Voilà!

Breast Cancer Awareness

From Drunken Aunt Wendy’s blog.

Breast Cancer Awareness

From Craftsy

Breast Cancer Awareness

From Gingersister’s blog

For more information in Canada, here is a link that includes lots of events and ways to get involved: the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

If you’d like to share an information link for your own country’s national breast cancer foundation, please feel free to do so in a comment.

Here’s one more pattern, a little more subtle and for my crochet peeps. You can find this one on Ravelry as: Crochet Awareness Ribbon Scarf (Pink for Breast Cancer or other Causes). You can customize the ribbon colour (deep blue for M.E.!) and it’s free 🙂

Breast Cancer Awareness

Pattern from Naztazia

Mandala For Wink “A Creative Being”

One of the things I like best about the fibre community is how it pulls together in support at the times support is needed.
Please read this post over at The Grange Range and click through to see Wink’s lovely work if you haven’t before.
I’m looking forward to participating in the mandala project and hope there’ll be a huge response. #MandalasForMarinke
Take care everyone! K~xx

I know many of you joined the 2014 CAL with Wink and shared my sadness upon hearing of her stuggles with life and her final decision to bring it to a close.

Crochet Mandala for Wink

She was such a talent and an inspiration to so many of us, her blog called A Creative Being has such an apt title, it is brimming with gorgeous projects, even if you are not a crafter you are sure to be impressed by the colourful creations. It was a pleasure to pick up on this opportunity to show some hooky respect and pay tribute using one of Wink’s Mandala designs.

Crochet Mandala For Wink Yarn

I thought it would be quite fitting to use some of the remaining cotton yarn left over from the blanket made for my closest friend following the CAL on A Creative Being. All the patterns for each week are available to download so if you wanted to…

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WWKIPD ~ It’s Almost Here!

World Wide Knit In Public Day… Will you be there?

The official website, with information for all countries, signups for organizers and some neat swag is here: Click Me! There are 24 events happening in Ontario alone.

World Wide Knit In Public Day 2015

World Wide Knit In Public Day 13 June 2015

Be bold, be brave. On 13 June 2015, show the world your post-apocalyptic life skills – or just your knitting and crochet! This is the 10th anniversary of an event that brings knitters from around the globe together.

Now THAT is a tight knit community! 🙂

There are two weeks to get ready and feel free to share pictures of you or your group here or on the Facebook page: PSPRP On FB.

Cheers all, have a lovely weekend!


Bros and Rows: The Real History Of Men Who Knit | Carolyn Bucior

Here’s a great and ever so slightly tongue in cheek look at boys that knit. Interesting and funny.

Not mentioned in the article, at one time women were only allowed to spin.

I can’t help but think that having the right to knit is almost as good as being able to vote! 😉

Bros and Rows: The Real History Of Men Who Knit | Carolyn Bucior.

National Alpaca Farm Days – Happening Today

As mentioned earlier here is a link to one of our local farms participating in “National Alpaca Farm Days“.

Silent Valley Alpaca was also at the Almonte Fibre Festival that I attended a couple weeks ago.

Did I mention I love alpaca?

Today is a gorgeous, sunny autumn day for a drive. Anyone local should go out for a visit!

Yarn Bomb Friday

Usually when I post about Yarn Bombing, its all about the fun, funny or unusual.

I stumbled over this link early this AM and wanted to post it as much to say that perhaps if you’re local (Colarado – details in Liz’s posts) you could still participate but also to show the far reach of fibre enthusiasts. Of the many groups, clubs and activities that I’ve been a part of over the years, few have encompassed the true spirit of love, giving and support – even to strangers – that the online yarn family does.

Such a beautiful tribute

Such a beautiful tribute

Its hard enough to lose a  child, to lose one who you’ve held, nursed and watched begin their life’s journey… Is a pain that is incomprehensible to many. That this wonderful woman has been able to create something so positive and beautiful in remembrance of her daughter touches my heart and I’m sure yours too.

More of her story is here on her blog.