Ringin’ Hellz Bellz

I had to!

LCC was in process for so long, I was glad to see the end of it when I published the pattern. This was just before I revamped my style sheets with a better layout, more visually appealing font and photos and what I hope is a better format in general to work from.

My BFF, has been knitting this as a store sample for our LYS and asked me for some clarifications the last time I popped in for knitting and sushi – make those sticks do double duty! Kidding :p

Based upon her questions, I opted to reknit the blasted thing, hence “Hellz Bellz” and you’re welcome for the ACDC earworm! I’ve wound up making some tweaks that I think greatly improve the pattern, specifically in how it reduces finishing a lot and I added a finishing option that makes this design Unisex as well.

The redux will be available very shortly (purchased updated automatically via Ravelry) and will include this variation “Plum Delphiniums” below and some updated photos of the prototype and test knit:


Les Cloches Cannelées Is Live In The Shop

Les Cloches Cannelées or The Fluted Bells scarf is finally available for purchase in  my Ravelry shop.

You can find it here: KeiB Designs on Ravelry Soon to follow on Craftsy and Etsy.

Les Cloches had different working names through the design and prototype phases but I think this one suits it best 🙂 The two culprits are pictured below:

Two Cloche Scarves for Patt

Eyelet Smocked Scarf ©Karin Bole Tupper



The Bishop's Sleeves ©Karin Bole Tupper

The Bishop’s Sleeves
©Karin Bole Tupper

If you do make one of my patterns, please be sure and post photos to our little group on Ravelry. I also have a tab way-y-y-y up top there under the “KeiB Designs” tab, to post reader’s knits, if you’d like to share them here.

I’m still sick as all get out but the enforced home time was good for a little productivity and it’s Hump Day! I’ll be going back to work tomorrow – ugghh – out of pace now but well fortified with cold meds for the battle.

Cheers all 🙂

I feel like there should be a drum roll whenever I finish something. It really does seem to take forever at times, so many other things to do!

Stitch detail.

Stitch detail.

Got the blues.

Got the blues.

Ironically, the prototype remains in the basket. I hope the yarn will arrive soon to finish and take photos.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Anaea and Blackwood Shawls Finished

They aren’t blocked but I don’t count that. I’m a Process Knitter.

Finished, not blocked

Finished, not blocked

I did a mod in the last row of the border. Very happy with it.

I did a mod in the last row of the border. Very happy with it.

And here is Anaea. This took just three days to complete! I did have three days off last week, so was able to work at it the way I wish I could with all the things I’d rather be doing. Again, not blocked. This one will benefit from that, the Blackwood with its heavy silk content, drapes in a way that the stitches are quite open without. This one  though will need a Soak bath and to have the T-pin treatment.

 Awaiting A Blocking.

Awaiting A Blocking.

And a little Yarn Pr0n to show. My March Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista selections arrived Friday. Maui and Cabo on the Springvale sock base. Springvale is a fingering / 4 ply, 100% Merino. I love that it has a nice, tight twist – gives lots of “spring” and great stitch definition and yet is still soft. Sad though, Sharon announced that this will be the last of her wonderful clubs. I’ll miss the exclusives but very glad that her yarns will still be available at some online stores.

Cabo and Maui on the Springvale base.

The last of this club from Three Irish Girls.

It Begins…

Operation “Finish DS’s Afghan” has commenced. I untangled the 7 skeins and am ready to get this done once and for all. I often set things down for extended periods, so many projects that I want to do but its definitely time to get this out of the house and off to The Boy. We need the real estate of that room!

Here’s how it looks now, at about the halfway point. Working it all in one piece, so as to avoid seaming. Avoiding sewing up knitted pieces is my specialty.

Returned to active duty.

Returned to active duty.

The colours are deep and rich, chosen by DS, back when this started. I think he’ll be glad to finally have it to throw over his bed.

Yesterday, my first instalment of Three Irish Girls “Sock Yarnista” club arrived. The February selection is a merino / silk blend and is just beautiful in person. Nice, tight twist; soft. The 20% silk adds a gentle sheen to the colours. I love it and going to try my hand at an “Ulmus” style shawl design, where both the variegated and the subtle solid can be worked together.

Club colourways for February 2013

Club colourways for February 2013

New room and, new addition, looking forward to that. Not decided on colours as yet but these combinations are speaking to me. The first is a traditional design, not as traditional colours. I find that very appealing.The second is a technique I haven’t tried before, it looks fun and versatile.

Baby Blanket

Bavarian Front

The above pattern suggests Art Deco to me – one of my favourite styles. Worked in Pink, cream and black, it would be so pretty and feminine with a bit of a twist. It would fit in perfectly with this decor:

Deco girls nursery

Guess I better wrap this entry and get on with the knitting!

Lanark County Scarf Finished

OMG! Could it be? Knitting and something actually completed?
Lanark County, Ontario is known for it’s maple syrup production and our maple bush produces a wonderful batch every two years or so – still tapping by hand and boiling down in sugar camp that is getting on for 200 hundred years old now!
The name just seemed to fit with this gorgeous “Maple Vanilla” springvale merino, one of the Pick Of The Knitter club selections from Three Irish Girls.
Slight mods for the worsted weight and the gradient colour shifts were built in between the individually dyed mini skeins. A fun, fast no-brainer knit. Best part? This stitch looks great on both sides. Gotta love it!
Hope everyone is having a great long weekend and Happy Easter to those who are celebrating…

ETA: Feeling so inspired, have cast on a 2nd “Ulmus”. First WIP picture is here.