Meet Morisot

I’m not sure what I’m doing right. Oh yeah! Staying off the computer and knitting 😉

I finished up my Morisot Sweater this weekend:

Morisot Finished 2

I love it and there are more photos of it here KarinB on my Ravelry profile.

I also managed to block another shawl. I did. I know! My Père Lachaise Shawl, the 2013 Tour de France project designed by my friend Natalie Servant, is finally wearable.

I wouldn’t normally pair a variegated yarn with a lace pattern but there was so much stocking stitch in this design, I thought I’d use up a little bit of stash.

Père Lachaise Shawl ~ Finished

Père Lachaise Shawl ~ Finished 2


I also made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and cooked up a ton of gluten-free fettucine to make my lunches for the week, as well as cheese omelettes for my breakfast. That and an evening out with a friend Saturday night to a local pub to see two really talented and entertaining bands made for one very good weekend. This in spite of a cold that kept trying to spoil my fun. Ha! Take THAT (swallows more Advil Cold & Sinus) evil cold germs.

I’ll spare you pictures of the food – that’s what Instagram is for!

In Keeping With The Tour de France Theme

This is a wonderful animated movie from 2003, a Canada / France collaboration. It tells a story of Champion, who lives with his grandmother Mme. Souza and her beloved dog, Bruno. Champion becomes a dedicated bicycle racer, just as his parents, under the tutelage of his grandmother, who is his guardian.

When Champion disappears during a leg of the Tour de France race, Mme. Souza sets out to find him and soon she is enmeshed in a nefarious Mafia plot. Befriended by the Triplets de Belleville, once famous entertainers of the 30’s, no fallen on old age and hard times, the story of how Mme., Bruno and friends is very entertaining and the music is wonderful!

It can be dark, I would not recommend this for younger children, unless you screen it first. It is however, a favourite in my family.

Happy 4th Of July Weekend

The Knitting Machine, 2005, acrylic felt knitted with excavators and aluminum utility poles

Gotta love 'Murrica - go big or go home!

Gotta love ‘Murrica – go big or go home!

Why yes I can say that! Although my branch came to Canada as Loyalists, during the American Revolution, some chose to stay. The Beau’s family has deep roots in Canada, so he puts up with my teasing :).

Ah yes, the knitting.

IMG_3089 IMG_3090

I’ve been working away on my  Tour de France KAL shawl, Natalie’s lovely Pere Lachaise and loving it. I expect I should have Chart D finished this evening.

And I leave you with a bird’s eye view of the really big “shew”.

See? Real men knit. They just like to use really BIG tools!

See? Real men knit. They just like to use really BIG tools!

Have a wonderful weekend!


My Tour de France shawl continues to progress, work eats up a lot of my knitting time but I’m pleased with it so far. I’m no longer questioning my sanity in pairing a variegated yarn with a lace pattern. There was method to my madness but in the early bit, I wondered if I wasn’t going too far out of my aesthetic comfort zone. Happy to say that now that I’m working the portion where there are long panels mostly comprised of stocking stitch, my reason for choosing the Malabrigo, I’m liking it better. I should have some photos soon, now that there is a pattern shift, it looks more like there’s been progress made 🙂


Day Three of the Tour de France KAL has Chart C completed and a good start on Chart D. I’ve been working some crochet squares in my Autumn Cascade and got the bones down for a new scarf pattern. I should have another sock pattern ready to go on Ravelry and Craftsy very shortly.

It was a busy and fun Canada Day weekend here and makes for a shorter work week, yay! I do have a few pictures to share but will update with those later today.

Have a good week everyone!

Tour de France KAL ~ Day Two

I’ve just completed the second repeat of Chart B and liking the malabrigo lace very much. It’s a single ply and a little rustic, so there are some variations in thickness over the length but nothing extreme. I’m finding the pattern very well written and easy to follow. This is something I’d heard about Natalie’s patterns and she is there in the Ravelry group to answer any questions.

So although it doesn’t burn nearly the calories or have any of the glory, I’m really enjoying my second day on “The Tour”.

After 2nd repeat of Chart B

After 2nd repeat of Chart B


Let The Tour Begin

Ready. I have my pattern on paper and on-line. The design is Natalie’s “The Père Lachaise Shawl”. I’m working the large size in Malabrigo lace, the “Whales Road” colourway.

Here is a link to details about the KAL on her blog and the group discussions are taking place on her Ravelry group.

Tour de France KAL 2013



Will any of you be joining in? Tour de France KAL 2013.

This is my friend Natalie of Natalie Servant Designs. Her patterns are so unique and I can’t wait to do my first KAL in forever!

The lovely model on the pattern is my BFF Francine of Fancy That. You’ll definitely want one of her exquisite shawl pins for your finished KAL shawl.

Tonight will be a Strongbow and Stash Surf night, sorry Beau 😉